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The official website of NFL | lightning coaches of Perryman are not satisfied with | football Denzel - Perryman (Denzel Perryman) your coaches are looking at you! Rookie linebacker the San Diego lightning missed this week's training camp, because of his foot injury problems have been lingering, but you know him to do? He went to the team's charity activities, together with the kids playing dodge ball, it can be on your foot is not good oh. The lightning team coach said in an interview that the question will be discussed, and that's what I'm going to say. I've talked to him about this problem, and I told him that you need to do something here to do something else. no one will be dissatisfied with Perryman's participation in charity, but the reason for your absence is the injury, so it's not the same.The official website of NFL |NFL, CFL cheap nfl jerseys free shipping announced jointly organized the training project of | football referee The national rugby union and the Canadian rugby union announced the establishment of a NFL-CFL referee training program today. , from the beginning of this season, some NFL referees will have the opportunity to play the law with the referees of CFL in June and July's CFL preseason and the regular season matches. Then they will start their NFL season at the end of July in the NFL's annual law enforcement evaluation project. digital CFL will then participate in NFL's referee training project, which aims to train top judges in all aspects of NFL enforcement. The contents of the project include participation in NFL Mini training camp and training camp, law enforcement pre-season match, and the experienced NFL referee to study videos of specific locations, study law enforcement skills, and rule differences between NFL and other leagues, including CFL and college leagues. anytime, our new referee can get more enforcement time on the court. These practices in training or competition will make them better judges. The Dean Blandino, the senior vice president of the referee, said Dean Blandino. The cooperation with CFL will certainly be good for us when we are preparing for the 2016 season. We look forward to welcoming our CFL referees to join our training program later this year. in the CFL NFL law enforcement referees will mainly as a linesman and referee, this is to be the two league rules to minimize the impact caused by the different. The of this historic cooperation can make two League referees have the opportunity to participate in training activities and in the occupation level in the game have played more time to polish their technology and law enforcement to get better, Glen CFL senior vice president in charge of the competition affairs Johnson (Glen Johnson) said. We are glad that some of our referees will be active in the NFL training program and now we have a formal path to cooperate with them in the future.GAME LOGPASSINGRUSHINGDATEOPPRESULT CMPATTYDSCMP%AVGLNGTDINTQBRRATATTYDSAVGLNGTDSun 12/31W 34-.68.85442261.184.42-1-0.500Sun 12/24W 44-33213024270.08.07442187.0102.4331.031Sun 12/17W 25-23314338172.18.86541089.5106.8000.000Sun 12/10W 26-.610.12611167.692.25-3-0.640Sun 12/3W 15-.37.92330166.782.4482.080Complete Game Log ?The official website of NFL | ertz: if Graham is in the rare opportunity to play football | Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach young - ertz (Zach Ertz) at the beginning of the season short after the outbreak, now once again caught in the doldrums. Coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) on Wednesday local time to explain why ertz performance decline. Kelly believes that the time is the key to the problem, but will be another tight end Brent Sailaike (Brent Celek) is not fair on the bench. Kelly said: Sailaike very well in the cover, I think he should be in the League when it has done the best tight end. According to the PFF (Pro Football Focus) statistics, in all 61 tight ends, the cover of the fourth highest scoring Sailaike. For this reason apparently unable to persuade ertz, he is trying to pass a ridiculous reason to refute kelly. Ertz said: no disrespect meant, but in my opinion, Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) is a catcher mainly proximal front. But for our team, our attack is based on the ground, and if Graham is in our team, he may not be able to get a lot of chance.

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