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According to the official website of NFL media celebrity Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported earlier this month by the Houston Dezhou people laid off running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) on Tuesday to visit Miami dolphins. Forster was still recovering from the rupture of Achilles tendon in last October's competition against dolphins. After being cut off by the Dezhou people, Forster has not been dynamic. Dolphin is the first team he visited so far. According to Rapoport, though Forster's physical condition is enough to pass the physical examination, dolphin is still planning to wait until he is fully recovered. The meeting between the two sides on Tuesday is largely an introductory meeting. , the four professional bowl runner has been able to start jogging in January. Recently, he has been doing rehabilitation training at his brother's training base. His brother revealed to the outside world that Forster had recovered quite well. But Forster will also focus on the injury recovery, as for the new host's problem will wait until the body is qualified to consider. dolphins in the team lost the main runner Lamar - Miller (Lamar Miller) after the team only left the two grade student Jay Agayi (Jay Ajayi) a runaway. Dolphins also do not shy away from their needs for running and defend. They pursue CJ- Anderson (C.J.Anderson) and Chris Johnson (Chris Johnson) in the free agent market. Unfortunately, they fail to get what they want. But even if Forster finally cheap nfl jerseys free shipping joined the dolphins, it is estimated that the team is likely to continue to complement the position of the runners at the show conference.NFL saints fail! The lion took away the victory from New Orleans saints reversing failure Beijing time in December 22nd, NFL fifteenth weeks ushered in the last match, the male lion challenge the Emirates. The lions began to grasp the initiative in the game from the game, leading the way to win this game of no importance. The score of the whole game is 35:27. In the first section of , after a trial, the lion took advantage of the saints' mistake of abandoning the kicks to get the opportunity to start the attack at the 40 yard of the saints. Matthew Stafford (Matthew Stafford) a cross to Gordon Tate (Golden Tate) won the 1 yard touchdowns. Before the end of this section, the saints set the score of the first section on 7:3 with a free kick. the second quarter, just the beginning, Staffordshire is a cross with 4 yards passing touchdowns, the ball is Michael Bolden (Michael Burton). Saints punt, lion's Staffordshire and continue to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, connect again, with the lion, 5 yard touchdowns for a 21:3 lead. Although the saints came to the 1 yards of the lion before the end of the half, the 4 - gear and 1 - yard attack did not succeed. Unfortunately, it was 18 points behind in the half. In the third quarter of , the lion who took the lead in attack was expanded to 28:3 with the 15 yard touchdown of Amir Abdullah Ameer Abdullah. The saints did not finish the first battle in the middle of this section until the middle of this section. Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) long wing Brandon Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) got 27 yard touchdowns. Three zhanba, the lion is still leading 28:13 to the saints. fourth, the saints opened with a free kick, followed by Bracey's second touchdown and reduced the difference to a round. The catch was Marquez - Kirsten (Marques Colston). Fortunately, the lion promptly responded, Joe - Baer (Joique Bell) and Ike midway suddenly finished 1 yards rushing touchdowns. In less than 2 minutes in the game, Bracey got another one, and Benjamin Watson (Benjamin Watson) received the pass. But the saints play gambling is not successful, can only swallow the defeat. The final score of the final match was 35:27.The official website of NFL, NFL, easy to think rookie training in Alabama football nest August 6th news we generally believe that the higher the professional level of rugby games means: faster rhythm, more tough confrontation. But if you get into NFL from University of Alabama, there may be other ideas. is a red two round show from University of Alabama. Anderson Anderson is evidence that he has recently said that NFL training is far from Ryan. ???????????????????????????????22???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????NFL?? what he said is not unjustifiable, and NFL and NCAA have been reducing the number of training and reducing the severity since 2011. But the extra exercises in Alabama did help the players to be physically strong and hit the next stage. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.| squash Championships ended Kunshan squash matches throughout the year ending a successful mission The chart is: all the athletes and staff members of the national squash group championships have a photo of them. (photography Wu Peng) Luca in November 17th 2011, the national team squash Championships in Jiangsu Kunshan ended. Shanghai Institute team swept the first national squash Championships male and female champion. Jin Hongwen, the two deputy minister of the ball management center of the State Sports Administration, said: the team tournament ended, and the task of the squash was completed successfully throughout the year. in the men's final game, Shanghai stadium team player Wang Junjie 11:4, 11:6, 11:4 scores of 3 game winning streak against Shanghai, a team of players will be the new generation of Karakal; Shanghai Institute's Shen Jiaqi 11:2, 11:6, 11:7 scores a victory over Shanghai team players Karakal Chardin Jun, Shanghai Institute team won the men's team champion, Shanghai Shanghai, a caracal team won the runner up Hongkou team won the runner up. in the women's final game, Shanghai team player Li Dongjin Institute in 11:3, 11:1, 11:2 score score of 3 game winning streak, the Kunshan team beat Jiangsu team player Ma Lu; Shanghai Institute of Gu Jinyue to 11:5, 11:3, 11:1 results easily beat Jiangsu Kunshan team player Cao Qiumei, Shanghai Institute of Jiangsu Kunshan team won the women's team championship team the Guangzhou team won the women's team, high second, third. Jin Hongwen, the two deputy minister of sports management center, said: with the curtain falling of the national squash Championships, the squash event has been successfully completed. This year's national championship is held in the form of team competition for the first time in the club. The club has entered the competition very enthusiastically. The successful holding of the National Championships indicates that we have gained popularity in recent years and popularized squash. Jin Hong said: on the basis of now, next year we also preparing for additional youth national competition, hope that through this platform to further promote some events, young people can actively participate in sports to squash. (Paul) 2011 national Squash Team Championships Men's results: 1, , the first Shanghai Institute of Physical Education 2, second Shanghai Karakal a team of 3 and third Hongkou, Hongkou, Shanghai 4, fourth Hangzhou squash meeting 5, fifth of the first team of Nanjing Sport Institute, 6 and sixth Kunshan, Kunshan, Jiangsu 2011 national Squash Team Championships women's results: 1, first Shanghai 〉

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