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Black Panther near end front Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) is expected to return to training next week to test the effect of the foot operation. Olsen was able to play at the first 11.26 games against the jets, but he was able to return to training next week. Olsen was put into a list of injuries after third weeks of fracture of the foot. "I'm doing well," Olsen said. "I hope to get back to the field next week to do some training. Everything is getting better. "for quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) and the New York giants signed a new contract deadline gradually approaching. And he is getting closer to the new contract. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the matter, reported that the two sides made significant progress in the long term negotiations, and the two sides are optimistic about reaching a consensus before the giants start the new season on Sunday. before Manning just told the media on Tuesday morning. "I don't like to negotiate the contract during the season, and I hope I can sign it quickly if I can sign a new contract." Manning once said he wante cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d to make a contract renewal in the team training camp or before the training camp started. Though Philip and Rivers Ben (Philip Rivers) and Rothlisberger Ben have received huge contracts, they did not develop as Manning hoped. over the past few months, we have heard Manning's brokers mention some of the additional values Manning has. Rothlisberger and Rivers don't have to play in New York. They don't have to deal with multimedia interviews like Manning. Rivers and Rothlisberger have single-handed rescue team, also do not have in coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) and the team manager to help the team between the smooth transition of responsibility. no matter when Manning gets a new contract, it will be a big contract. If Manning can do well for second consecutive seasons, the best team can make a new contract before the start of the first game.Materazzi insulted Zizou content exposure newspaper In the 2006 World Cup final in 2006, the French superstar Zidane was a classic with the top of the head against Italy defender Materazzi. The day before in an interview, Materazzi finally revealed the truth of the dusty past, it revealed that he was in the end of what Zidane said. "when I pulled him on his shirt, he told me that if you wanted my shirt that way, I could give it to you after the game." Materazzi recalled, "at this point, I said a sentence that made Zidane go crazy." I like your sister better than your jersey. Then he came to me and hit my chest hard with his head. I don't think he would do it, but what I want to emphasize is that my conscience is innocent, and it's not uncommon to say a hard word in the football field. A lot of media said I abused his mother, absolutely not, I was very young when I lost my mother, I would never tell the mother of others. " (Wang Wen) Author: Wang Wen this article comes from: Oceanic Network - Guangzhou daily editor of responsibility: Wang Xiaoyi _NE0011Liaoning female hockey | failed to achieve three consecutive games! The veteran coach will leave Liaoning hockey players Ren ye and children share medals. Wang Guannan's On the afternoon of 28 , the Thirteenth National Games women's hockey finals at the Tianjin Tuanbo Sports Center, the defending champion Liaoning hockey team against Sichuan, the two sides after 60 minutes of fighting the battle 1:1. Then on penalties thrilling, Liaoning hockey was lore opponents, the final 4:5 defeat opponents, won the silver medal, failed to achieve three consecutive games. manager and several veteran will leave In the finals, the Liaoning team took the lead in scoring. Then the Sichuan team equalized the score until the end of the fourth quarter. The score of the two sides was still 1:1, and had to win through the 23 meter ball. when the Liaoning team won the three championship, many people thought that the gold medal was there. Everyone is going to celebrate it, but this is the competitive game. Until the end, anything will happen. Finally Sichuan defeated Liaoning and won the championship. as the domestic women's hockey supremacy, Liaoning hockey has even won the two national championship, the team has many players, competition experience, some older than thirty year old veteran persist in the game, after the game the Liaoning hockey fans who stood up for girls with applause. Liaoning Holland hockey coach Bonet in the games after leaving the Liaoning team, with a silver medal good-bye, his eyes full of regret, "yes, I'm going back to Holland, so we try to prepare for this session of the National Games, now I want to take a rest." And Bonet was ready to leave, there are a few old players, hockey stick down, could not stop the tears flow out. in Bonet's view, this is a convergence of many different emotional game, "the players family are sitting in the stands, a few old members will retire after the games, the game will become their farewell ceremony, a lot of players after crying badly, some members of the red eyes in an interview, I can understand their emotions or let down." has gone through three games, Bonet believes that the Liaoning women's hockey team is the best team, the structure is more complete, "but when you have a chance to get the third consecutive Games champion, three times the temptation will let you bear more pressure, the players might never play, because they want to win, because of the pressure here. five war games 38 year old veteran did his best to Gao Lihua, born in 1979, was the women's song of the present whole movement.

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