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The second grade NFL website | Jaguar running back: I can become the league's top football | Jacksonville Jaguar two grade Denard Robinson has been a new force in recent three weeks. It has become one of the hottest news in the recent alliance. It has become the only highlight of Robinson. nickname laces in seventh weeks Robinson was appointed as the team's starting running back, in the past three games Robinson 57 red ball 329 yards and two touchdowns, number than the bursting of the demak - Murray (DeMarco Murray) more. Robinson find the willingness and ability to tackle the gap between people by surprise, NFL official website expert Greg - Rosenthal (Greg Rosenthal) in the program that the style of Robinson and Jamal Charles who ran the Emirates star (Jamaal Charles) are very similar, have the ability to find and drill small voids. Robinson in the University era is basically pure speed, and has worked as a quarterback, runner and handwheel. The uncertainty of speed and location has prevented many team managers from taking part in the draft. But the Jaguar has transformed Robinson's speed and skills perfectly. His excellent ability to stop and start is always able to find defenses which are not easy to be noticed by defensive players. Robinson also said, "it's natural for me to be patient in running ball. Now I can always be patient and look fo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping r gaps, and know where to run and then run. Dave, Dave, general manager of Jaguar, thinks Robinson still has room to improve. He said, "Robinson is still learning and looking for Dave" now. He can run so well that he has just become the main force, and he has great potential in any way. He is sure to meet some setbacks and difficulties, but he is progressing and he is expected to continue to grow. Robinson himself is also confident about the future, he said: I think I can be the top runner in the league.The official website of NFL | Miami dolphins interim coach Campbell leave | football After 13 weeks as a temporary manager of Miami dolphins, Dan will not stay in the team to witness another coach's position in the Dan. NFL website reporter Ian reported that Campbell left Monday at the dolphin and are looking for other jobs. Campbell took part in the team's search for the new manager, but the dolphin top selected Adam Gass (Adam Gass) as the next manager. Campbell still has a contract and needs to end his contract with the team in order to find other jobs. team boss Stephen Ross (Stephen Ross) introduced him to the news conference, saying he wanted Campbell to stay, but let her new manager decide. Campbell has the wisdom to have other ideas. Only to leave the dolphin can let him strengthen his resume in order to attract other teams to be the manager in the future. The dolphin was 2 - 0 at Campbell's coaching, but then slipped and scored 3 - 7 in the last 10 games. Campbell has made many new mistakes and has exhausted the energy of the team at the beginning. Obviously, dolphins still need to improve their tactical design. Campbell has been the close - end head coach of the dolphin since 2011, where his next stop is worth paying attention to. He has never been an offensive coordinator before, and this position is a reasonable next step for a coach with a master's ambition.Dave Casper, nicknamed "ghost", is one of the greatest near - end fronts in the history of NFL, 1974-1980 years for the Oakland Raiders. This man, who has been playing the 5 playoffs in the playoffs at the end of the season, has devoted too many wonderful performances to the NFL history. Casper that wonderful deep post after the top catch, the success at the last minute to help the team get the opportunity to shoot the game into overtime and win the most famous. And the catch has a more famous name - Ghost to the Post! 1977 on Christmas Eve December 24th, the three quarter time after a fierce battle with 31-28 leading pony raiders. When the game ended less than a minute, the raider's coach John Madden called a pause. In this time of suspension, the Raiders offensive coordinator Tom Flores arranged a pair of external ball tactics, and told the quarterback Ken Stabler must have Casper perform post tactics, must ensure that the team can get the depth of the attack at the last moment has shot to send the game into overtime, and that all such a logical place. returned to the field, and the attacker team kicked the ball. After Stabler got the ball, a long long pass passed through the arc. The goal of catching the ball was to run Casper on the post route. a beautiful and great over top catch, Casper did it! The successful 42 - yard catcher contributed to the later equaliser shot, and the kicker Errol Mann successfully shot the game into overtime. and in the second overtime of the next 43 seconds, Casper again received a 10 yards pass from Stabler, and finally ended the fifth time race in NFL history. Dave Casper the game is very efficient, 4 catches for 70 yards and 3 touchdowns got, with remarkable efficiency. And we have another hero of the nickname "snake" Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler shortly before death, and death did not enter the hall of fame. He also can not help but sigh. Author: Zhang EtamThe end of the |2017 National Men's Bowling Championships in the National Men's Bowling Championships in Liaoning 2017 National Men's Bowling Championships competition rules for TG's team selection competition in Liaoning province 1. Host: Liaoning Sports Bureau Liaoning Sports Federation two, undertaking unit: Shenyang tigers Bowling Club Co., Ltd. three, competition time and place: Shenyang tigers Bowling Club Co., Ltd. four, competition project: men: single player five, registration fee: 100 yuan / human six, competition method: 1, the competition is divided into four stages, each stage 6 games, a total of 24 games. The top 5 +1 names (92 years later ) was born) a total of 6 people participated in the 2017 national Bowling Championships on behalf of the Liaoning Tegel bowling team (North Division). 2, competition draw the road, cross cycle way. No subtraction of 3, in the game, the score of the same race 1. 4, if the first 5 athletes abstain, then the next player in turn. 5, oil drop standard: (1, 2, May) 12 chief oil, (3, 4 May) 12 short oil (with national championship oil type) seven, competition award on behalf of the Liaoning provincial tiger bowling team participated in the 2017 national bowling Championship (Northern Division) athletes in During the competition, transportation fee, accommodation fee, clothing fee, registration fee and fixed ball game are provided free of charge. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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