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The quality of the New Jersey is not flattering Beijing time October 28th, in today's Jinzhou champion's home games against Washington Wizards, at the end of the second quarter, Bradley Bill and Germany Raymond Green conflict, Green's shirt was ripped off. in the first half the distance over 19.5 seconds, Bill ball breakthrough to the basket to shoot, but was Green on a cover, Green beat to hit the ball far away, this time has been re wizards players control the ball to start the two attack, but Bill and Green have fought together, even two people fell out otc. When two was opened, Green behind the clothes have been torn. Then two people were sent out. saw that the shirt was rotten again. I'm afraid the NBA player, Nike, is going to have a headache again. This is not the first time this season shirt torn. During the preseason, the Lakers player Ennis's shirt torn, Ennis and I didn't even know what to feel. In the season opener, Lebron James's becaus cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e of a simple pull and rot - 23, "2" and "3" rotten a crack. The torn shirt was sent to the auction and the price of $45000 was taken. is more exotic, the Wizards Wall in the game, actually appeared the problem of the shirt. Wal was wearing a red and white wizards, because the sweat was soaked in the red part, and the white part of the underneath was dyed red. then, Nike executives began a comprehensive review of the reason for the tearing of the shirt. But at present, the problem has not been solved, which may be related to the new technology and new materials used by Nike for the New Jersey. Nike's New Jersey component contains recycled polyester. It is reported that 20 recycled plastic bottles should be used for one shirt, which is good for environmental protection, and can also increase jerk and air permeability of the Jersey. (goo) statement: Sina Net exclusive manuscript, unauthorized reprint!The official website of NFL | Vince wilfork to show off his horse | football Vince wilfork (Vince Wilfork) race on the rise, recently the veteran defense spike to show us his new race, called the Elysee world (Elysea's World), from the cover we can see this new horse and wilfork has been as high as. wilfork general in the offseason will participate in horse racing, this interest started 7 years ago, he was a member of the new England patriots, he was attracted by a Brown story, it is a horse that won the Kentucky horse racing champion jockey, later in the Belmont horse crashed. in 2012, William Fokker bought her first horse, Great Minds, which has won the first prize in 2 games in the past 15 games. for Weil Falk, maybe after leaving the rugby court, he can continue to fight in the racetrack, but horse racing itself is a gamble. It has no guarantee money. wilfork knew this, he said in an interview: I know the horse is a gamble, but I can use another form of money on this project, I can give the money to the horse, or can I never see them play, it is also very interesting.The official website of NFL | Tucker would not win I will play a football | Moore of the Oakland Raiders outside linebacker Theo Moore (Sio Moore), the team did not lose is good news, because once the team loses, he will probably be teammate Justin - Tucker (Justin Tuck) after a meal. why is this so? The reason is here: in the less than 1 minutes of the game, the Raider 24:20 leads the Kansas City chieftain, and Moore successfully killed Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith), which resulted in 13 files of 4 gears. But then Moore and his teammates began card Lille - Mark (Khalil Mack) to celebrate drunkenly, completely unaware of the game is on, then the chiefs quickly ready to kick off, once sent the ball, Raiders will be offside foul. Fortunately, Tucker eye quickly motioned suspension, and on the spot to Moore was severely reprimanded. After , Moore said to Tucker: don't do this to me at the. But Tucker doesn't eat it completely: I want to play with you. It doesn't matter to others. This is my own. I really want to hit you!The official website of NFL | Harry Kaine dreams of the future in the NFL | play football Harry, a Tottenham Hotspur teenager, recently said that once his football career ended, he would join NFL as a football player. Kaine Harry Kaine finished his 31 goal in a single season, and the first four games of the new season have not been scored. He said he had no plans to change his football career, but his dream was to go to NFL one day. , the 22 year old young general, said: "all of this is decided by my football career time. After that, I will be delighted to go to NFL, even if it's just a match. It's a plan for the future, but I really start to think about it. Kaine also said: NFL team has come to our training, I can be as high as they play, but my foundation is not good, this is what I need to train.

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