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New Jersey show "Brazil" elements, as the host of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil will become the focus of the world in the summer of next year. The symbol of Marseille's blue and yellow green combination representing Brazil are on Adidas's new Condivo 14 series Jersey, emphasizing the similarities between Marseille and Brazil -- the warm climate and the same passion for football. attached: the club chose jeans as inspiration for the design of New Jersey, with the club because it has been advocating the concept is fully consistent. Marseille club has been advocating the integration of different races and cultures, and jeans that are widely popular all over the world are the most suitable carriers to convey this idea. the new season's Champions League blue jersey to 20 years ago the club in the Champions League in the great victory of May 26, 1993, Marseille beat Italy on the Olympic Stadium in Munich 1:0"who is this new one?" The teammates joked when Victor - Cruz (Victor Cruz) went to the training ground in the mini training camp on Tuesday. The veteran receiver was seen alone for training and training routes run the ball, but then he was sidelined in team training. This actually marks the first real traini cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng for Cruz since last summer. He has been missing 26 games in a row because of his knee injuries and calf injuries. but Tuesday's progress was an important step in the once famous takeover. "I feel good," Cruz said. I've trained. " Cruz promised that when the training camp started in July 28th, his "plan was completely retraining," he called this week "turning point." since October 12, 2014, Cruz has not been in the game. If he could stay healthy, can build up excellent foreign giants over the lineup, except for Cruz and the giant occupation bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) and the two round of the show over Stryn - Shepard (Sterling Shepard). But there is nothing to be guaranteed for Cruz.The official website of NFL | said the offensive team recovered the Patriot victory football chief | the new England patriots ushered in the first playoffs of the season. They sat in the final week of the division to face the last chief of the Kansas City chieftain. Eventually, the lineup has returned to the next few months with the healthiest patriots of 27-20 to win the emirate. It is worth mentioning that the Patriots tight end rob Gelon '(Rob Gronkowski) with complete battle record. After this game, the Patriots were able to enter the league championship. They leveled the Oakland Raiders' historical record of entering the League Championship for the five consecutive season. first began to attack the Patriots will usher in the ideal start, they all the way from the 20 yard line to start the attack by passing attack and ultimately by quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) cross found proximal Sikorski made up front front gloon. The retaliate chieftain was equally successful at the beginning of the attack, until they entered the red zone of the patriot and could not continue to advance, only by playing the ball. After entered the second festival, both sides were at a deadlock. But in the middle of the second quarter, chiefs once attack to the Patriots 37 yard line but failed, they had to punt let the Patriots began to attack from the 4 yard line. But Brady with a 42 yard pass to resolve the unfavorable situation, then the Patriots offensive again smooth, ultimately by their Brady 1 yards rushing touchdowns made. The Sheikh was successful in the next wave of attack and entered the patriot red area again, but the goal was still to be scored only by shooting. The Patriot entered the second half with a 14-6 lead. The second half of was first attacked by the chief, but their offensive ended by running off the ball. To get the ball back right after the Patriots did not miss this opportunity, Brady finally again cross found proximal Sikorski made up front front gloon. This is the 'eighth playoff career Gelon catching touchdown record in team history and league history proximal front playoff touchdown catch record. After losing 15 points, the chieftain offensive team finally got better. They combined all the way and finally got 10 yards by the quarterback Alex Smith (Alex Smith) and the outer receiver Albert Wilson (Albert Wilson). The chief chased the score to an array. but after the fourth quarter, the Patriots did not give the chieftain any chance to catch up. Despite the failure to achieve the array, the Patriots were scored in two consecutive attacks, raising the score to 14 points. Already in position in the Emirates fight to win or die through a wave of four files into the storm not after the attack from the end of the game and finally in less than two minutes to run by Weichakandelike - West (Charcandrick West) 1 yards touchdown. Then the Sheikh tried to gamble to win the ball.Due to the recent (Percy Harvin) - Percy HARVIN trading events, all kinds of rumors rampant Seahawks team, there is news that HARVIN was traded after the team because of different views and the transaction split into two factions. In order to quell rumors, this Thursday the core team quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) announced that he was happy to be in the Seahawks, no team is better than the seahawks. Wilson said in an interview: "there is no small group in the team's dressing room and there is nothing wrong with the teammates." Everyone is growing up and doing their best to maintain the atmosphere of the dressing room. I have no doubt about the friendship between my teammates. I believe my teammates are struggling to win, and we are still a powerful competitor to the super bowl. This is my team-mates, not as it said in the report. " When asked about how to deal with Halven's deal, replied, "Wilson and I are very similar to him. They are all people who are always demanding on themselves and are eager to win all games. We all want to be able to create everything with the ball in our hands. I don't know why the media always have to make a mess of things, and I guess that's what the professional players have to face. As I have always said to others, you have to ignore the sounds. "

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