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The official website of NFL | all star occupation bowl, Erwin to win | football team the first section of the game started, started by the Erwin team offense, starting quarterback from Dallas cowboy Toni Romo (Tony Romo), he led the team to advance to the opponent's 14 yard line. Finally, the Erwin team shot the first 3 points. The Carter team back from Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) leadership, Clark swept the playoffs 5 decline, 5, finally a 17 yard pass found tight end Greg Olsen Calero from the black panther (Greg Olsen). The Erwin team then changed from the Detroit lions quarterback Matthew (Matthew Stafford) - Staffordshire, Staffordshire, the first shot is a 60 yard pass to find himself in the lion's team mate Gordon Tate (Golden Tate), second shots to complete a 10 yard touchdown. But the additional points are not kicked. At the end of the first game, the Carter team 13:9 led the Erwin team. second season, Staffordshire a 46 yard pass showed his arm strength, and this season's hottest rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Bechham) has completed a very difficult pass. Finally, Staffords cheap nfl jerseys free shipping hire passed the ball in the end zone from the New Orleans saints tight end Jimmy - Graham (JImmy Graham) completed a touchdown. The latter also completes a button against the goal. ?????????????? ??3-???????Drew Brees???????????? 21 yard pass to find the oasis Bay Packers wide receiver Jodi Nielsen (Jordy Nelson) completed a touchdown. Before the end of the half, JJ watts (JJ Watt) from Houston Dezhou completed a copy, and the Carter team took the lead at 20:19. At the beginning of the second half of , Watt was able to return the ball to Staffordshire. Bracey passed the ball to Olsen and finished the game again. Erwin team Staffordshire did not feel the hand, and Bracey's pass in the red area was also copied. The two teams are put on the three or four of their point guard from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) was first array, Mark Ingram Saint rushed the ball, Ryan finally give the ball.Jed (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney knee surgery again. , the Houston Dezhou man, had an arthroscopic surgery on his left knee after the team's season. He feels good after the operation. this is a small operation, but because the operation clowney injury history concern. He received arthroscopic surgery on his right knee during the rookie season. injuries hampered his performance in the first two seasons clowney career. He made progress this season and did well after moving from the outside to the defensive end. , the former top player, started 14 games in the regular season and 2 playoffs this season, with 6 capture and 55 capture of 10 passes and 1 copies. In the first playoffs of the Dezhou people, he destroyed the attack plan of the rival Oakland Raider. with J.J. watts (J.J. Watt) expected to return to the next season, Dezhou people may have the most dominant defensive frontline of the league. Klauni, Moshe Ruth and Whitney watts (Whitney Mercilus) the combination will make the opponent quarterback and offensive coordinator at night.The official website of NFL, bears quarterback Sanchez hurt his knee in training camp, football comeback nest because of an unfortunate minor injury, the Chicago bear made news at the quarterback. this offseason to join the team of Mark - Sanchez bear (Mark Sanchez) on Tuesday closed a knee injury in training period. He is expected to miss the rest of the offseason training and mini camp, but should be able to prepare to participate in the training camp. originally bear team on Tuesday intends to give up quarterback Connor Shaw (Connor Shaw) to make room for signing Victor Cruz (Victor Cruz). In fact, before Sanchez was injured, the bears had announced the abandonment of Shaw, but they had to withdraw the decision. Shaw will continue to get training opportunities in the absence of Sanchez. , of course, Sanchez and Shaw are unlikely to be the first quarterback at the beginning of the season, so the change in quarterback position will not have much consequence. The starting position to the Mike (Mike Glennon), if getting his performance in the preseason is very bad, so Mitchell Chubisiji (Mitchell Trubisky) will become the first. but this news reminder that NFL didn't care in the offseason, the bears quarterback position will never lack of news. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Mustang expect Manning to play one more year to | football legend looks like Payton - Manning (Peyton Mannin) is looking at the 2015 season and is likely to go further. ??????NFLy?????????-????????? Insider Rapoport?????????????????????????????????????????????? At the start of next year's training camp, the Denver wild horse quarterback will be 39 years old. as Labobote reported, the only explanation although take a super bowl as he made this decision, but as a legendary player, his goal has been in retirement can be the union of all passing records are included. , and Manning's plan obviously will bring a series of reactions to the whole alliance. It is likely to affect the coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) and offensive Coordinator (Adam - Gus) fate, and this is currently the most popular League coach. In the same way, the Denver Mustang would also make a bigger sprint to the super bowl a year later, or to postpone their reconstruction for at least a year. but on the other hand, it's a good news for the majority of the fans. Manning has become Denver's biggest spot in the past two seasons because he is one of the best attacking teams in the league.

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