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is Dalton's Tigers time is coming! It is reported that the Cincinnati tigers have agreed to renew a new 6 - year $96 million contract with the main quarterback, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). According to the well-known media reporter Laporte (Ian Rapoport) disclosed that if Dalton can achieve the contract's playoffs index, the total amount of the contract will be as high as 115 million. Then the tiger team officially confirmed the news. in the contract after the completion of the tigers boss Mike - Brown (Mike Brown) is a good mood, "he (Dalton) in our body under a heavy note, because we believe that he has this ability." On the contrary, many tiger fans said they couldn't understand why the team spent a great deal with Dalton. Most people think Dalton's biggest problem is his weak arm strength and unsatisfactory playoff performance. In his first three playoffs, Dalton had only a pass, 6 times as high as the team, and the team did not win a victory. may be between the two, and Dalton is not really a top quarterback. But the current situation is that the tigers can't find a more suitable substitute. It is not so much as to believe the player who has brought them three times into the playoffs. In Dalton's contract, the most controversial is the full guaranteed, which is worth 17 million of the season. When the team and young players renew their contract, they usually do not give them such a high guarantee. although Dalton's renewal is controversial cheap nfl jerseys free shipping , it is undeniable that Dalton will be the main quarterback for the tigers in the next few years. The tigers have the youngest and most potential attacking players in the league. Dalton can grow with Green (A.J.Green) and Jones (Marvin Jones) as an indispensable force in the league.NFL official announced last week, China United player linked list on Wednesday, the League of nations here by the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Bryant Mendez star (Dez Bryant) was elected, Bryant in the battle of beautiful data key last week and the Philadelphia cowboy in the ball 114 yards and three touchdowns, almost single handedly. The second explosion defense, but also help the cowboy - Ultra Eagle occupy the first place in the NL east. The recent abnormal hot New York giants wide receiver Odair Beckham (Odell Beckham) although the game ball 143 yards and three touchdowns last week the data better, but because of lack of Bryant only finished the game gold after. American League player is no doubt by the Cincinnati tigers rookie running back Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill) was elected, he in the match against Cleveland Brown 25 times and scored 148 rushing yards and two touchdowns, help the tiger 30:0 away to beat the rivals. below is the other player award: AFC defensive player: Denver Bronco - Weiaqibu Taleb (Aqib Talib), last week he contributed 8 tackles and one interception, and 3 pass failure, help the Mustang away win San Diego lightning. united the best special teams player: Kansas City stadium punt returner de Anthony - Thomas (De Anthony Thomas), a game last week his 8 punt return, total return yards to 156 yards, including a 81 yard touchdown return. National League defensive player: Detroit lions safety Glover Quin (Glover Quin), he had three tackles and steals last week, a 56 yard return. the NFC special teams player: Arizona Cardinals kicker Chandler Catanzaro (Chandler Catanzaro), a game last week 4 shots hit all points scored, all cardinals, help the Cardinals away win the tough opponents.To return to the training field | football official NFL | saints quarterback Bracey after operation summer four New Orleans saints quarterback Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) because the psoas muscle missed two squad training injury. He was on the NFL website reporter talked about his injury: I recently had pulled my left psoas muscle, it certainly can not rush back on the court, otherwise the situation will worsen. I want to make sure I'm fine, after all, it's only in the early August. I don't want to watch it on the side. Of course, I still have to be careful. two weeks ago on the left psoas muscle after surgery in Beijing on August 17th for the first time Bracey attended the whole team training. since 2006 Bracey came to New Orleans for the first time because of injuries and missed the opening game, Bracey plans to Beijing this Sunday to participate in the third saints preseason game against the Indianapolis colts. Bracey said he could take part in the pre-season match against Titan on Friday night. Because the match was leading and finally won by 31-24, Bracey got extra rest instead of playing. Sean Payton (Sean Payton), the coach of the saints, believes that the more time Bracey gets, the more favorable for the team. does not participate in training, does not mean that Bracey is not improving. In fact, he spends a lot of time watching videos from different angles, including listening to defensive coaches arranging tactical commands for team training.The official website of NFL | Houston Dezhou will impact the next super bowl? | football After the end of the road to the championship in the team watched the Dezhou Yankees loose attack, Obrien Dezhou team coach Bill (Bill O'Brien) and the team general manager Rick · Smith (Rick Smith) in the offseason to upgrade the team this cumbersome group has begun to attack. The draft before the arrival in the free agent market burst operation, Dezhou people are not only likely to win the AFC South champion again in the next season, and in the repair of neat offensive group support, they become an overnight have the ability to represent united in one of the fifty-first Super Bowl team. Under , there are three reasons for the great expectations of the Dezhou people who have been overhauled by the overhauled attack group: 1) Bullock Oswald (Brock Osweiler) is a privileged quarterback (franchise quarterback) that surrounds the building of the team. Although Mr Wheeler did not have enough in NFL first experience (only 7 starts occupation career experience), but there is no doubt that in the Denver for the past four years is a huge upgrade for quarterback Obrien Dezhou people. Height 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm), weighs 240 pounds (109 kg), vhailor than Blaine (Brian Hoyer) together more talented, sports ability, and ability is more offensive than T.J.; at the same time he Yetesi (T.J. Yates), Brandon (Brandon Weeden), Louis Vuitton (Keith Keenan Case Keenum), Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) the people of Dezhou in the past two years other quarterback used show stronger abilities. The doubters might point out, the 2015 season of Aus Ville's data (in the 8 game, passing success rate of 61.8%, averaging 245.9 yards, 10 touchdowns and 6 steals, 86.4 QBR) and Heuer (the data in the 11 game, passing success rate of 60.7%, averaging 236.9 yards. 19 touchdowns 7 steals, 91.4 QBR) and neck. But the four year veteran Oswald vhailor's superior fitness coach Obrien will make use of the tactics of the fearless. from the 7 games last season, the first Mustang Wheeler on behalf of the video you can see, he can put the ball accurately to any place on the court. He can always get the ball to the outside over the ball, especially in short. He in the shotgun (shotgun) can also show good palm 〉 formation

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