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Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) is a sentimental person. The foreign player has been in Indianapolis for 14 seasons, and has won 6 professional bowls and three times in the first lineup. However, the team has decided not to give him a new contract, so he is already a free player. on Friday, Wayne wrote a letter to the fans: When the thirtieth were selected in 2001, the pony decided to give me a chance to wear the shirt that represented the glory. Of course, this show is also a dream of my childhood. In the 14 years in the blue and white shirt, I am very grateful for the time. Every player is the best, and we work hard together to get a championship every day. When was in the pony, Jim Irsay and his family made me feel that I was their family. Jim's door was always open to me. So I'm very grateful for all this. I'm grateful to have the chance to call myself a pony person. Jim coach Mora (Mora), Deng Ji (Dungy), Caldwell (Caldwell) and those I have been familiar with in college time, coach Pagna (Pagano) and his team always help me to achieve the best condition. You made me a player and you made me understand the trust and the team. for all the teammates, although the pony career or will be over, but sincerely thank you! We are successful, because we are unselfish and United, a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nd we trust to be loyal to each other. for people in Indianapolis, especially you, thank you for making me feel that it is my home. As a child in Louisiana, I was very confused at first, but you made me spend the time happily. So with the growth of time you are my friends, I will miss every "REG-GIE" cheers, because it is a blessing to me. The goal of every game is to make every one of you feel no regret. I don't know how to thank you and thank you for your support. thanks everyone for the pony! Reggie Wayne, #87the top inside linebacker combination Nawoluo - San Francisco 49 most proud of Bauman (NaVorro Bowman) and Patrick Willis (Patrick Willis) this season received injuries, Willis has confirmed this season because of toe injury claims, and Bauman since last season and the League of nations final injury has been at rest. And this week, Bauman finally started training, and it seemed to be a little away from the return. Bauman tore both the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament in the NBA Finals last season, once thought to be hopeless this season. As the top inside defender of the league, Bauman's return will be a great complement to the 49 defense. At present, the midway defense of the team is supported by one of the rookie Chris Poland Chris. Last week, it made 11 tackles in the match against New Orleans saints last week, and it made a decision to decide the outcome of the match in overtime. The goal is to win the game in New Orleans. In addition to the end of the ban Al - Smith (Aldon Smith) will soon return to the second half of the season, so 49 people will be many solid defense.NFL's break season is going to happen all the time. last weekend, the Jaguar runner in Jacksonville fell to the pool after falling asleep on the wheel. The Louis Murphy of Tampa Bay pirate took part in the museum after attending the friend's wedding ceremony in Lewis. learned that Murphy had taken part in the wedding of his college teammates and drank a lot of wine. After that, he woke up in the local museum yard. He had to break the window to attract the attention of the police in order to get out of the locked Museum. Murphy himself said, "this is really unfortunate. No one was there for me. My only option is to break the window and get the phone for help. Now I am working for the museum to make sure everything is not broken by me." The good news is that Murphy was not prosecuted and not involved in the crime. Murphy as a 7 year career veteran, spent two seasons in the pirates, completed 41 passes and 2 touchdown, he was selected in the fourth round of 2009 by Oakland Raiders.In the second | Capital University softball Slow Pitch Softball Championship teams from the opening |25 opening ceremony October 12th, the capital of colleges and universities, the second Slow Pitch Softball Championship and the 2015 national health activities to win the slow pitch softball finals in Beijing District tournament in foreign trade university opened, with a total of 25 teams from Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Institute of Technology, North China University of Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, University of foreign economic and Trade University entry. team this competition is approved by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing College Sports Association, Beijing College Sports Association Baseball Softball club and softball Committee of China Softball Association hosted by University of International Business and Economics. China National Sports Association consultant Li Minkuan. ??????????????A????????????????????????????????????A??e???????????????????????????1?????????????????????????????A??????????????????????????????????????? , vice president of the University of foreign economics and trade ( ), the welcoming word Yang Changchun, vice president, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He welcomed the participants and coaches of the school on behalf of the school, introduced the sports development of the school, and wished the match a complete success. address , Secretary General of China Softball Association, Minister of softball and softball center, , State General Administration of sports Secretary General Yang Xu said in his speech, in recent years, students in slow pitch softball developed rapidly, more and more college students love the sport, the tournament was held to further improve the students in Slow Pitch Softball Tournament level, promote the slow pitch softball movement to a positive role in the development of the campus. China National Sports Federation consultant Li Minkuan announced the opening of Beijing University Student Sports Association Secretary General of baseball and softball branch, Xu Yong, presided at the opening ceremony , the National Sports Federation consultant, opened the event and opened the ball with many guests. this competition will last for 4 days. It will be held on October 12th, 18, 19 and 25, respectively, in the track and field of the University of foreign trade and economics. 25 teams can be divided into university group and social group.

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