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???? February 28th Beijing time, today is the deadline for the Super League, Dalian took over a team of Wanda Group, great attention of every signings they have led to the fans after the white. ??? After the introduction of von von, Callas and Gaitan, the work of the Dalian side was shifted to the complement of domestic players. According to reliable news, Tianjin Quan Jian has reached an agreement with the Dalian side to prepare a loan to Dalian's centre fullback Yang Shanping. Yang Shanping can return to Ma Lin, the next season. ???? and this came another message, the team can get to play U23 player Li Shuai also confirmed to stay in the team, which also highlights the Wanda signings in their efforts, strong in the team after they stopped, some domestic players transfer. ??? Before Wanda's entry to Dalian, Li Shuai has been deeply involved in the transfer of Jiangsu Suning. Last night, Li Shuai updated his micro-blog. Li Shuai come on! Don't forget the first heart! " The micro-blog content appears to be that Li Shuai will decide to stay in the Dalian side for the new season's Premier League. ???? it is reported that, b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ecause Li Shuai had been following the Suning training, the return of a party he failed to catch up with a large force of training content, but the characteristics and role of Li Shuai in recent seasons are reflected, coach Ma Lin does not need to carry out the investigation, in U23 the player new season, Li Shuai the return is a good supplement. ???? domestic players, Callas and Gaitan, because of the big two offensive players to join the team in midfield who has reached full position, the team midfielder Han Xu also chose to join a new army in the Meizhou Tiehan club to continue in a battle league. ???? it is understood that the Dalian side will end today directly went to Shanghai to prepare for the super opener in South Korea with three foreign aid has been determined not to travel to South Korea, they went directly to the Shanghai road to meet with the team. According to the Chinese Super League rules, the new season allows the introduction of four foreign aid, and there can be three foreign aid on the field. ???? one of the remaining places will be generated in the previous in the team of foreign aid Mu Xiekui and horses lash the two, there is news that Jose Xie Kui has arrived in Shanghai, due to several large reinforcements are midfielder, Mallet J U team became uncertain.The official website of NFL | ponies David Brad Shaw was put in the injured reserve list | football The injury crisis has once again affected the career of Ahmad Bradshaw, who runs AMAD Brad. Indianapolis pony put the old runner in his injury reserve list on Monday and ended his season. He finished 31 shots in his 6 games. Brad Shaw injured his wrist in the team's victory over Tampa Bay pirates. Enter the injured reserve list in Brad Shaw, pony signed back running back long - Joel Tipton (Zurlon Tipton). Brad Shaw has never been a key member of the pony attack team, but he has been doing well and has provided another option for the team in the late season at a poor performance of running Frank Gore (Frank Gore). Brad has been in the three season of the season to end the season on the injury reserve list, and may have arrived. The team can not ignore the fact that he can't play the whole season's problem. 's Dan Herron, signed by the pony last week, will improve his position in the lineup and become a major substitute for Gore. Gore did not perform well in the last month, and the 83 shot was only 2.5 yards on average.The official website of NFL, a new era of pictorial cover - Colin Capet, Nick football nest , one thing we have to admit is that the Colin quarterback of San Francisco's 49 member, Colin Kaepernick, has been standing up for singing the national anthem. It has become a landmark event that affects the speech of American society. though not everyone agrees to use American football as a platform to express their ideas, it does create a brand new topic for the whole American society. in addition to sports protests and singing the national anthem, many other industries have been affected. The times pictorial released on twitter in the US on Thursday, wrote: the new era pictorial cover, the dangerous protest, how Capet Nick led the protest to the National Anthem ceremony. we all know that when you are able to choose the cover of the time pictorial, it means you have become one of the focus of the whole social speech at that time. now Capet Nick is 49 people's substitutes for the quarterback, the team is 1 wins 1 negative, last season is bad. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its it was expected, the San Francisco 49 team activated their interior guard Navarro Bauman (NaVorro Bowman). But Bauman didn't take part in the team's training on Wednesday, but in fact, he didn't plan to train this week at all. According to coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh), he hopes Bauman is more likely to take part in some strength training during the transition period. at the same time, rookie center Marcus Martin (Marcus Martin) and Steven Johnson (Stevie Johnson) were injured in the match with Oakland Raiders last week, but also did not participate in training. Last month, Anthony Davis (Anthony Davis), who was concussion with New York giants, did not take part in all training contents. Last week, Chris, Clif and Chris Culliver were also injured. San Francisco 49 teams will be held this weekend away to the Seattle Seahawks for the injury ravaged them is definitely not easy.

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