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original title: how does the Kobe shirt retire NBA translate his feelings into a super business? , Beijing, December 19th. During the game against Jinzhou warriors, the Losangeles Lakers held the retirement ceremony for the legendary star Kobe ·, Bryant's No. 8 and 24 jerseys. Why do we need a sense of ritual? As a generation of legendary giant stars, how much is Kobe's influence and significance to everyone? NBA how to build the Kobe shirt retirement business? The central Guangzhou "crown red man Pavilion" is for you to deeply analyze the things behind the retirement ceremony of the legendary superstar of NBA Kobe. Kobe's No. 8 and No. 24 Jersey was hung high on the Staples Center Stadium 1, focus on --" Mamba out! " the NBA legendary superstar Kobe's retiring ceremony pays attention to , according to Tencent sports reports, in December 19, 2017, the L cheap nfl jerseys free shipping akers played the warriors at the Lakers. During the interval, the Lakers held the ritual of Kobe's retirement for the team. 8 and 24 were always sealed in the Lakers. Kobe became the first player in NBA history and retired two players. when the Lakers and warriors play the whistle for the interval, the fans of the Staples Center shouted Kobe's name, and the retirement ceremony of the Jersey began. Kobe, wearing a black suit and a white shirt, walked up to the center of the court with a smile. The Lord of the rings NBA" " Bill - Russell, Kobe, Odom, former teammate O'neal Fisher, German - George, Caron Butler, Lakers legend Jabbar - West and Jerry, Voci and Kobe, the same as the 96 generation of super giant on behalf of Iverson, are on the scene to witness this moment of glory. first, the Lakers legend, President of basketball operations " magician " Johnson said: " you make us feel unbelievable moment, countless miracles, 5 rings, 3 belong to 8, 2 to 24, you can have a really happy. We've been lucky to retire your two shirts at the same time. There won't be another Kobe again. There's no more such a player who can hit 60 points in the retirement. When you come to trial that year, West told me that this is the best performance of the trial, he said to. Our country needs to be united, and you are the bond of unity in this city. For 20 years, we thank you. " " magician " Johnson spoke to Kobe for then Lakers boss Jeanne bass went to Kobe to pay tribute to him. " we decommissioned two numbers, because the achievements of the two shirts are enough to get into the basketball hall of fame, " Jeanne said, &qu〉A Super Bowl winner news Wednesday through Seattle favors the big horn, but the lighter players in the offense have more advantage over the attack. so the "bad news" from the National Union west area: the birds of prey here are very light, young and will never disappear silently.Miami dolphins running back rahmad Miller (Lamar Miller) because of a shoulder injury leave on Sunday against the San Diego team in the game of lightning. 's Miami Herald reported that Miller's shoulder injury was not too serious and was diagnosed as level 1. The dolphins will not his status report "every observation, and substitute Daniel Thomas (Daniel Thomas) Detroit lions defensive group ready this week's top league away. Miller, the remaining main runner of the Miami dolphin, conducted a restorative training on Tuesday and increased the possibility of coming out of the week. Miller 8 game of the season at the ball 106 times and scored 518 yards and 5 touchdowns, completing 21 receptions for 144 yards and scored 1 touchdowns.Bowling |2013 Shanghai good bowling March match Zhang Jiong won the championship 2013 Shanghai posed bowling cup in March last night in a good bowling finish in the first match ended last week in Yang Suiling to 685 first temporarily, Zhang Jiong yesterday in the second game to two consecutive all can counter ultra score under the condition of withstand pressure continuous hit 3 all down in the last game at last one, the final 694 to win the championship! Zhang Jiong has been doing well in his recent status as a star player champion Zhang Jiong champion Zhang Jiong third floor after Yi . slow action decomposition winning time, all the attention! the first runner up in the competition good one month champion Ge Qing in the March competition bowling players all and Jingjing

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