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I am proud of my pride - a letter from a NFL player's father to edit a letter at 18:43 on 21 09, 2005, September 11, 2005 to sports editor: the life of our family has changed forever in April 22, 1995. That afternoon, my son little Ted Johnson was selected by the new England patriots. It was my 56 birthday. We don't know what kind of life we have. morning, Ted and I in the Texas town of Tangmubao we live to play golf. We want to use golf to kill the tension before the draft. At that time, ESPN only broadcast the first round of the ESPN2 draft, and then continue to the following round broadcast. Because Ted was not prepared to be selected so early, we moved from our home (without ESPN2) to my restaurant to see the results of Ted's draft. , when new England called the name of Ted, we were all very happy, especially after our son was later received the new England patriot coach Bill. Pasael's call, and welcome him to the Patriots. I joked that because it was my fifty-sixth birthday, he might wear the No. fifty-sixth shirt, but my son pointed out that Andre Tippett had been arranged for that number. Ted then chose No. fifty-second shirt. at that time, my son knew little about new England. He said, "where is the new England? Where is the fox?" we took out a map to identify the place where he was home for the next ten years. I can't tell you about Ted and our family, watching him in the Patriots career is so excited! Even if you have to watch him play for many years, when he entered the stadium, I am still very excited, full of excitement. Duri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ng his second or third years, I drove him to the stadium and the fans drove in a row on the street. When Ted saw the fans wearing his fifty-second shirt, he said: "these fans are hard to write. They're the best! "" these years, Ted made many good friends, including Elaine and Bob cabinet wearing, patriots fans and season ticket holder. When he first came to Massachusetts, they took care of Ted. He established profound feelings with coach Bill passail and coach Al Groh. It was they who brought him up from a young player. Ted and patriots owner Robert clough developed a special relationship. Clough increased contact ted on occupation football affairs. Our family is always grateful to Charlie - Amy. It was Amy who discovered Ted's talent and persuaded the Patriots to choose him. many great players have never been in a super cup. Ted took part in four times and won three championship rings. One of the champions was in Houston, our current home. New England fansNFL official website | Wilson on potential | football occupation baseball Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) has second consecutive years in the Dezhou Rangers training camp. , no doubt, one of Wilson's hobbies is baseball. That's why he moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina in 2011, because his coach didn't think he could play football with all his heart. Now, Wilson has appeared on the 2 Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he will give up his baseball dream. Wilson recently made an interview and said: you can't kill the players who want to do amphibious. I'll play it all the time. that's a wonderful way of saying, but who can believe that a single season of 22.9% is going to finish 2 games at the same time. It is impossible for him to fly from Seattle to Dezhou after the NFL game, which is unworkable at NFL's team. so Wilson's best choice is American football, which does not affect his status as a baseball player in a minor league. Maybe it's Wilson's own way to express to the team that I have other options besides rugby. This is a question related to money. we believe Wilson is a smart player and he knows what he should do.sports field of those in desperate situations reversed the score, this story has long talked about us, so the story in the football field is the "whistle lore", on the basketball court is the "buzzer", while the American football game, has "Hail Mary (AVE Marie)". The full name of Hail Mary is Hail Mary pass. The literal translation is "Wanfu Marie pass", which means a long pass thrown by the quarterback when it's difficult to win in rugby match. Only by the successful catch of the external contact and array, can be called "Wanfu Marie". is usually ave Marie is close to the end of the state in the game, gambling make attempt to attack, so once completed it will turn the tide. The word first appeared in the 1930s of ancient times, when it was used to describe the cooperation between Elmer Layden and Jim Crowley in the four knights of University of Notre Dame football team. The original "Hail Marie" refers to the tactics and performance of a successful variety of desperate circumstances, but with the passage of time, the word has become specialized to describe "at the end of the game before the end of the first half, the team offensive position far away from each other in case of a long distance, low success rate of passing attack". Because of the small probability of tactical success has a "divine manifestation" feeling, so called "Hail Marie" religious sense of the name. This word has been limited to the competitions of the University of Notre Dame and some other Catholic universities for decades. really "Hail Marie" this word is widely known, is after the 1975 playoffs the Dallas cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings game was spread, so this game before the end of the hail Marie, dubbed the "The Original Hail Mary" in the name of. In December 28th 1975, the Minnesota Vikings met the Dallas cowboys at the stadium in the stadium. The two sides went through a tough fight, and the Vikings took a 14 - 10 lead at the end of the game. The clock was only 1 minutes and 50 seconds left, and the cowboy team finally got the chance to launch the last wave at 15 yards. The attack was not going well at the beginning, and the cowboy still didn't push the 20 - yard line for a minute. just cowboy fans have started to despair, the miracle began: first in the 4 file 17 codes, Rodger Staubach and Drew Pearson pass over the connection is successful, not only to get the first file, will also be cowboys offensive position advancing to the midline, the game with 37 seconds left. Staubach in the first tranche of the next, fast running back Preston Pearson threw a short pass to the center of the field, but did not catch the running back. At the start of the second clock is only 32 seconds, Staubach stand again in the shotgun formation after the kick-off after.The official website of NFL | China Football League game to watch football | Author: 10 Yards with NFL opener started in CenturyLink Field the Seahawks home court, like American football fans finally look forward to the 2014-2015 season. For Chinese fans, the coming of the Chinese Rugby Union (AFLC) is coming to be their greatest gospel. This AFLC is divided into 3 divisions, and 4 teams in each area must definitely have a visual feast for all the City fans. Close to 10 Yards, let's count the profile of the various races. eastern section - the focus of strong dialogue team: Shanghai Warriors Shanghai Nighthawks Shanghai Titans Hangzhou Ospreys Overview: the division division is our most attention division, the reason is of course two veteran Warriors and Nighthawks, since contact football, two teams off the field to meet again in the league, will definitely make the crowd the heart rate. Compared with the two predecessors, the performance of Titans is much lower, and we are somewhat expected. They were assigned to a group of three Shanghai teams. Ospreys seemed rather passive. Despite the rapid development of the team, the competition experience is still short, and the outlet is not very optimistic. The southern part of - Hongkong has the advantage, Guangzhou has a potential for team: Hongkong Warhawks Hongkong Cobras

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