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The official website of NFL | tiger running back after the return of Bernard Hill should receive more | rugby ball , on Wednesday, local time, Cincinnati tiger Giovani Giovani Bernard returned to training. He will have the chance to play in the match with Houston Dezhou people this week. The attack coordinator, Hue Jackson, said he was not sure who would be the first runner this week, but he was sure Bernard would return to the game. Jackson said: for me, I want to simply say, 'let's believe him and let him start again.' It's a very difficult thing. He's recovering, making progress every day. We will continue to observe his progress and confirm whether he is ready. He is very good in the training and we need to see what is going to happen in the next few days. has his own ideas about Jeremy Hill (Jeremy Hill), who has been the most prominent player in Bernard's lack of war. He thought Hill was suppo cheap nfl jerseys free shipping sed to get more rights: he had more opportunities to match, and Jeremy did well. He finished the match in the right way, and we have no doubt about his ability. In November, Hill led all the running guards with a 361 - yard ball. He has delivered 556 yards to the end of the season, better than any new rookie.The official website of NFL | rams and eagles starting quarterback football | swap on Tuesday announced the Philadelphia hawks team and the Saint Louis rams quarterback swap, with starting quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) and the fourth round of this year and next year's second round pick trading champion quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford), and the rams fifth round pick this year. Brad Ford for the past two seasons due to a serious knee injury played only 7 games. And his salary will be $13 million in 2015. The agreement, if Bradford is unable to play on the first position, the Hawks will be back next year's second round pick. Fowles got 27 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions of the results after the outbreak of last season's 8 game mediocre in the 2013 season, and this year is the last year of the hawks and his rookie contract, can only get $1 million 500 thousand. in Bradford traded after the rams next year to seventh round pick from Dezhou in exchange for the Houston team's quarterback Keith Kenath (Case Keenum).The official website of NFL | dolphins linebacker: beat the Raiders not worth celebrating | football many Miami fans were eager to vent their triumphs after a Sunday dolphin victory over the Raiders. After the bad defense to the extreme, after the coach put these problems on the quarterback header last week, the victory of can make this chaotic phenomenon calm and calm. At least one of the players in the Miami dressing room, however, did not think it was worth celebrating to beat the Raiders. I love the Raiders and the player does not have any respect but in recent years they did not succeed, linebacker Philip Weller (Philip Wheeler) by local media said, the 2012 season he played in Oakland, for me, I don't think we need to be more happy in this thing. Weller's view was well adopted, and the dolphins won a bad team and suddenly cut off their coach, Denis - Allen (Dennis Allen). There have been plans this season American League East title for Miami, with the 2-2 team record following the division champion of Oakland beat so catharsis is stupid.The official website of NFL | Bill consider re signed Percy HARVIN | Rugby last week with Buffalo Bill wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) completed a 3 year contract. Although last season because of injuries HARVIN completed only 5 games and because on the sidelines and did not get the contract should pay in the injury during HARVIN who broke the news about retirement, but Bill clearly wants his 2016 season return. The general manager of Bill, Doug Whaley (Doug Whaley) - on Monday expressed the team for HARVIN's plan, as far as I know, health is the key to ensure your body well, HARVIN weekly training efforts, but has not reached a certain level, which makes him very puzzled, he question your ability, with the injury he into the injury list, he may learn more, at least for now he wants to come back to play, rather than retire. 27 year old HARVIN in the past 4 years, completed only 28 Games from the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle Seahawks and the New York jets until now to stay at Bill, he was one of the league's most dangerous player, the 2015 season he finished 19 catches for 218 yards and 1 touchdowns, after being injuries, but should pay attention to 16 times the ball which is in the first three games finished.

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