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Real Madrid has released a new Adidas stadium shirt for the 2013/14 season. The jerseys were inspired by the success of the club in 30s, 40s and 50s. It can be said that the success of this time also laid the status of the most famous club in the world football. Real Madrid is a long history club. From the mythical Estadio Chamartin to Santiago - Bernabeu. Many years later, Real Madrid became one of the most successful clubs in the world, attracting numerous giant stars to join the Legion of white clothes. Such as Gento, Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas, Zidane and stars such as the achievements of today's real madrid. After 's new home shirt, Adidas and Real Madrid wanted to create an inspiration from the retro style. The royal blue and white color combinations mimic some of t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he glorious time of the 30s, 40s and 50s. The light orange color shows the connection with the home shirt. has used the cotton "mixture" fiber for the first time, helping the shirt to appear more antique, without losing the latest technology of Adidas. Fans can buy new passenger shirts at the royal official website, Adidas official network and most retail outlets.tiger news June 15th lightning; this offseason will be defensive from 3-4 to 4-3, the Joey (Joey Bosa) for barbosa...... It seems to have nothing to do with it. botha said earlier, the new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) system and their previously at the Ohio State University is more similar, but he does not think it will have much impact. "when I was in college, I was playing the 4-3 system, and from 3-4 to 4-3, the impact was not that big. I think it's going well now. " said the ultimate goal of their Barbosa, has not changed: catch quarterback. lightning must be love season Barbosa, presumably they would want to change too much barbosa.after a long wait, the 2014 season of the first game against the Green Bay Packers home court battle Seattle Seahawks game began. In the second half of the first section, had an unusual attack and defense performance, which eventually led to the array. was the ball on the packers here is fourth 15 yards, 26 yards and the second half of 4 minutes and 44 seconds of the end of the first quarter, the Seahawks in the 3 to 0 lead. Tim - Mather (Tim Masthy) punt 38 yards to the Seahawks half 36 yards, the Seahawks running back Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) and caught the ball but was the packers Deng Fu - Moorhouse (Devon House) behind the hit and led off the ball, Moorhouse was Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) the barrier, the ball was Clinton Dix (HaHa Colinton-Dix) grab in Seattle 34 yards. didn't foul the whistle, because there was no foul. Moorhouse, the destroyer of the football player, was stopped by Sherman. So he didn't commit any fouls. Since there is no foul, it is a perfect turn of the ball. the referee did not obstruct the process of the game, no whistle interference, after they gather the business discussion and take back the Yellow flag. This is a great and fair judge of the referee! After the six block offense, the packer finished the array with a 7 - 3 lead.The official website of NFL |NBA star Durant will receive the red ball | football game for us, this is a big surprise, NBA star Kevin - Durant (Kevin Durant) is the D.C Stadium (Washington's home court name) loyal fans, he was born in Maryland, Rockville, and grew up watching his love team there. On Sunday, was invited to watch red skin's 41 - 10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguar. He was wearing Griffin Sans's shirt to cheer for the red skin, but one scene was not noticed in the picture. On Thursday, Durant showed red leather owner Dan Snyder presented his red ball match on his Instagram, and printed his name and the match to watch. in fact, Durant is not only a red - skinned fan at the D.C stadium, but also a baseball fan. On Thursday he released a picture of his own big league shirt.

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