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Our football equipment network is the largest and most complete and the most authoritative football shoes, football equipment website, to provide learning and knowledge search platform for the football fans of football equipment.Baltimore striker Loti crow defense Kazakhstan n'gatta (Haloti Ngata) a year left on his contract. The 31 year old will take 8 million 500 thousand dollars in the basic salary from the team in the next season, and will have a 16 million impact on the salary cap. The alliance has entered the 10 season striker defended was involved in doping incident in the final stages of the regular season, but obviously this will not affect his performance on the pitch. this week, Baltimore media broke the news, hope to crow in the offseason n'gatta restructuring cont cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ract, so as to reduce the pressure on the team salary space. At the same time, the media said the Raven would not exclude the possibility of retreating Ngata if the double hair could not agree on a restructuring or even a pay cut. Over the past few seasons, crows have repeatedly agreed with players on restructuring contracts. They hope to keep Ngata in the same way and enhance their competitiveness in the free market. is reported to be in contact with the brokers of the crow recently. As the crow, win defensive core cornerstone team will want to continue and n'gatta cooperation. Insiders revealed that the crow plan and advance contract signing gold Ngata, increase the proportion of bonuses and, as the team make payroll. Ngata himself has not yet expressed his views on this topic.Jordi - Nelson (Jordy Nelson) is still considered unlikely to be the Warring States Championship. According to , the Green Bay Packer may be able to fight against the Atlanta falcons but not very much, according to people familiar with the matter. 's insider reconfirmed that Nelson had not suffered a serious internal injury but said Nelson was difficult to come out only two weeks after a ribs fracture. In fact, people familiar with the matter said that most players had little chance to play in such a short time after injury, but he said, "Nelson is different from most players." packers announced Nelson's absence against Dallas Cowboys last week. Chief manager Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said on Friday that Nelson did not get a doctor's permission and he would be examined again on Monday. Mccarthy did not say what this week was about Mccarthy's plan. last week, Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said he wanted Nelson to return to the national championships. In the game against the cowboys, Rodgers Nielsen in the absence of still pass 356 yards and 2 touchdowns. In the regular season, Nelson ranked the number one in the regular season (97 times) and the number of catching (1257 yards) in the . He won the 14 time to catch the ball, ranking the first in the league.The official website of NFL | Broncos Jordan Norwood for anterior cruciate ligament tear | Rugby Tournament Denver wild horse Jordan Jordan (Jordan Norwood) ripped the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of her left knee in Wednesday's practice, and regretted the best comeback of the tournament. at that time, Norwood was about to catch Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) from the sideline ball and the impact of touchdowns, but was to grab Houston Blanton - Harris (Brandon Harris flanker) block. Norwood fell badly, was finally carried out site. Norwood has had four teams in five rounds of layoffs throughout the season in cold-shouldered. But there are five years of occupation experience of Norwood is Denver's most adhere to the spirit of the punt returner, he will strive to be a good catcher role. Before the season's opener against Seattle, Norwood has a 20 yard punt return yards and 34 touchdown catch performance. now, Weiss - Welker (Wes Welker) to replace his position as chief punt returner, bench rookie rookie Isiah - (Isaiah Burse).

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