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in this era of passing pass, most teams are eager to have excellent offensive cut-off to escort their quarterback. However, New Orleans saints, on the contrary, have excellent cutting edge combinations, but they are very puzzled on attacking fronts. This season the saints' four - point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) has accelerated the speed of his hand, much more because of worries on the inside of the ball rather than the outside. This last season with the saints have been last season to be quite different, the opponent after blasting in the left Jiefeng position, but the ball inside the protection efficiency as high as 80.8%, ranked sixth in the league. Tackle combination this season the saints were better, Taryn Amu Stride (Terron Armstead) and Zach Streiff (Zach Strief) season scores were +1.9 and +3.5, in the pass protection have given Bracey enough help. But the inside protection is miserable. So far, the passing pressure of the inside side has been nearly 40 times more than that of last season. The pass to cover efficiency has dropped to 76.8%, which can only be ranked in the twenty-fifth place of the league. The main reason there is the star guard Jia Li - Evans (Jahri Evans) the state of landslide, after he scored for each season, prior to the 2014 season, his career has come to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping score +47.6 points, but this season his score plunged to -17.6 points, in the League all guard last first. The inside pass weak protection for passing attack damage more often, if not timely adjustment and improvement of the saints this weakness in the future in the South with battle and the playoffs will be in great danger.NFL's official website in second weeks on Thursday night, vs jets football nest saibier came to the second week of the regular season. After the first week of the kill war, the first night of this week came to the eastern part of the United League. The New York jet will come to the challenge of buffalo Bill. The first round, two teams were in a defeat to eat, in any case the game will be the first victory of the season to get 1 teams. So, which team are the fans more optimistic about? Buffalo Bill in the offseason still retain the last season with excellent offensive line. Although the offensive frontline is good, Bill does not have a stable scoring weapon. The four main points of Taylor de Taylor first game played poorly, only from 111 yards. The main movement of LaShawn - Mccoy is also the state average of 16 red ball 58 yards and 1 touchdowns, and this is also the first game Bill touchdowns only one touchdown. Sami Watkins and Charles clay is the general state of. Bill's attack must be a bit of a start in order to win the new season at home. looked back at Bill's defensive team, which remained high in the first few seasons in the new season. Although the veteran Mario - Williams and the team outside linebacker Jerry part company each going his own way, but Hughes demonstrated a very good competitive level: 6 tackles and 2 sacks, to the opposite side of the Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco great pressure. And the veteran jel Michizawa Hirol from the jet is also playing. The whole team Bill had 4 shots and 9 four - point hits, and the impact remained. On the season cornerback Ronald Delpy continued his excellent play, the audience has breached two times pass, after Bill had become one of the most robust. Bill wants to win at home, the attack needs to be better, especially four point Taylor need to find the state of the game as soon as possible. At the same time, the defense has to remain stable, and the jets still have a lot of weapons compared to the ravens in the offensive. New York jet was killed by a tiger at home. There are different levels of problems in both attack and defense. Four Ruian - Patrick Fitz and the jets in the offseason after passing or stay in the big apple, but the first game of the play are just passable. In the audience did not have much pressure, he 35 passes only 19 successful, get 189 yards and 2 touchdowns, and 1 interceptions, passing success rate is low, the jets several attacks can only rely on the important reason for the ending shot. The offseason jets signed from bears can run double Matt - Forti played well, rushing the ball and the ball scored a total of 155 yards, though I didn't get a touchdown, but the ball and run the code number to punch the ball are for this team up. External Gemini Brandon Marshall and Eric Dekker because of physical condition has not been restored to 100%, so play 〉with the breast cancer month of October, the League allows players to wear pink spare parts. Pittsburgh Steelers running back de Angelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) mother in May 2014 because breast cancer died, he hopes he can not only in October to commemorate the year wearing pink parts, his mother. reported that the alliance gave no answer. People are very puzzled about this. The pink month of October is a show of the alliance. Obviously, the alliance does not want Williams to wear pink spare parts for several months to ensure that he will not get any benefit. as a matter of fact, Williams's 4 aunts died of breast cancer, and last season he avoided the alliance by dyeing his hair.The official website of NFL | Boston College retired Matt Ryan and Luke Jikeli | Rugby Jersey Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) and the Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Jikeli (Luke Kuechly) in the new season will be at least two times against, but they will be on the Boston College football team in history to occupy a space for one person. Boston College announced on Tuesday that they would retire two players' shirts in the new season. Jikeli jersey will retire in October 22nd the team game against the Syracuse University, Ryan's jersey will retire in November 19th game against the University of Connecticut. stands for Boston College and Boston College fans everywhere. I want to congratulate Luke and Matt on winning this deserved honor. Brad, Bates, director of school sports department (Brad Bates) said. Matt and Luke are the best representatives of intercollegiate sports and show the principles of Jesus. The two people completed a wonderful college career and continued to succeed in NFL. It's hard to find two people who are honest, disciplined, generous, and friendly outside of rugby. They make all of us proud. lane is in Boston College in all of sports lottery pick the highest player, and he will become Jikeli school history is one of the few retired or retired numbers of players.

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