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From the official pictures released by the Spanish people, Super Girls's famous talent show Super Girls will become the Spanish team's breast advertising on Bernabeu stadium. This is the first time the Chinese television station has been on the chest of the five major European League teams.Alex Fra - NFL media (Alex Flanagan) Nagant gap in the race for seventeenth weeks in San Francisco reported 49 people and the Arizona Cardinals defensive end Justin said 49 people - Smith (Justin Smith) is likely to retire at the end of the season. The was selected for the three time occupation bowl veteran had said he cheap nfl jerseys free shipping would consider his retirement in early this month, he did not talk about the matter on Sunday after the end of the game, he is expected to formally announce his future in today. but the attitude of the teammates does show that the possibility of Smith's return is very small. In the interview, Dan Skuta said, "the performance of the team has disappointed me this year. But some teammates including Justin and Smith are always fighting for victory in the field, which is a great inspiration for me. This match was probably the last game of Justin, and we were happy for the end of this week, Tampa Bay pirates ranked the bottom of the league, which means that they are very likely to hold the top of the list in next year's draft. The fans hope that the team will lose the remaining 2 games, so as to ensure the number of the number 1. But coach Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) said this week, the team not to deliberately lose dplace. Smith said: "as a football team, as a professional player and coach, we are here to win. We will show the best performance in every game and never lose the game intentionally. We will go all the way in every game, whether the score is 12 - 2 or 2 - 12. The problem is not what we should consider now, nor the purpose of our game. " The remaining two rivals of the pirates will be the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans saints. In fact, even if the pirates go all out, their chances of winning are still very small. But as the coach, Smith has to stand up to his position: "as a coach, I can't stand out to tell my players: 'winning is not important. We can't decide the result of the game, but we can decide our one will say that Aaron Aaron (Aaron Rodgers) is due to training reasons, resulting in 2015 season's performance is not satisfactory, but he will not let this happen in the new season. recently, Mike McCarthy, a coach of Green Bay Packers, said, "I want to say that Rodgers has been training very well in the off-season season, and he will be amazing next season." Mccarthy, Mike. He's in the best body, and I've never seen his figure so good. " reported that Rodgers took a weight loss to 218 pounds, and he had weighed 217 pounds when he entered the league and once reached 230 pounds. Rodgers told reporters: "I just want to keep healthy. I have discussed with our nutritionist many times, and many friends have given me many suggestions to help me keep healthy and extend my career."

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