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even-even soccer equipment network outlook premier journey, Adidas released Mabulun Ford 2015/16 promoted the Premiership season Jersey suit. Let's go close and watch the latest suit. No matter the shirt is's usual guest team always faces difficulties such as the boos of the home team fans, but the patriot of the Sunday night race is an exception. A considerable number of Patriot fans came to the lightning stadium to cheer for the team. In this regard, the Patriots coach Bill - Billy (Bill Beliichick) chick thanked. , "a large number cheap nfl jerseys free shipping of patriotic fans are sitting behind our bench. We can often hear their gigantic cheers, which is not a common sight on the road." Billy in Boston to accept the global time chick said, "feeling like at a neutral venue at the University League games, fans of both teams each occupy one side of the site." The great enthusiasm of fans from the east coast to the west coast, coupled with the low rate of lightning at home, is the main cause of the scene.The official website of NFL | rookie quarterback Jones thought: a call from Bill is a practical joke | football may not be selected in last week's NFL draft. It is more excited than the former Ohio State University quarterback, DELL Jones (Cardale Jones). Buffalo Bill picked him in the fourth round. but Bill's call was not the first call that Jones received on Saturday. He said this week that he had been telephony during the draft. I'm so excited, he said on a radio program on Monday. I don't want to lie; I haven't told the coaches this thing: I thought their phone was a prank at first. Because I got a strange number all day. I'll pick it up and they hang up. Jones thought his friends were playing a trick on him, so he didn't believe it was Bill's call until the news that he was selected was announced on television. so I didn't believe it until it was displayed on the screen, he said. I stay in my room to watch the draft. When I walked out of the room and watched the draft with my family, my name appeared at the bottom of the screen. I just refused to answer the phone, this is crazy.Chongqing hong'ao bowling alley in January 2015 second week game player Zhang Yu won the women's arc! | Bowling Chongqing honglink bowling alley, the second week of 2015 at 19:00 last night at the 2015 second week tournament players on the track are full play to self level, in the fierce competition in the game in the end by the first woman player Zhang Chongqing arc with 1215 points to win the game, from the top six for the award, first name: Zhang Yu (arc ball) second: Mou Jinsong (arc ball) Third: Li Jun (arc ball) Fourth: Chen Anjian (straight ball) fifth: Ruan Zhaoju (linear ball) sixth: Zhang Yue (Fei Dieqiu )

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