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even-even soccer equipment network Nike company in England City Club launched a new 2015-16 team season second Away Jersey, Manchester City is now in the world of football growing status on the world stage, and constantly compete for honors, a history of the New Jersey indispensable inspiration comes from the club, the team made the memorial the low level league in the epic victory.San Francisco 49 full guard Bruce - Miller (Bruce Miller) was released last week, was arrested because of the implementation of domestic violence. local police in the day showed Miller's record of domestic violence cases. after 49 officials said, "the 49 people's related organizations will pay attention to t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he behavior of players including Miller, and we are sorry to have received such a news report." Miller release came at a time when the 49 began to record players past misdeeds, last year they faced ray Macdonald (Ray McDonald) the domestic violence cases, then because of his rape investigation and completely surrender. Miller is the seventh round draft player. He has completed 3 touchdown in the past 2 seasons. His main responsibility in attacking group is to stop and believe that the team's tolerance for him is limited.NFL's official website, Bill - DELL card quarterback Jones graduated from the Ohio State University, Waterloo Rugby The Buffalo Bill quarterback card DELL Jones (Cardale Jones) graduated from Ohio State University on Sunday. Jones told the media that he returned to university this spring to finish the remaining two courses, and now he will receive research degrees from African Americans and Africa. He left school ahead of time in the NFL draft in 2016. Bill selected him in the fourth round. in 2012, Jones pushed the meaning of class on twitter, which caused national attention. In the push, Jones said, "if we're here to play, why do we have to go to class?" We don't come to school. Class is meaningless. Jones then deleted the text, and the school issued a statement to remind students not to release anything embarrassed to make themselves, team members, universities, family members, other groups, organizations or individuals on social media. last week, when Jones was about to graduate, he sent the screenshot out of the screen. Jones led the national champion at Ohio State University in the 2014 season. He finished the NFL debut in the regular season of the season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.just a few days ago by the Green Bay Packers cut near end Brandon Bostick (Brandon Bostick) - did not lose too long, because the packers with rival Minnesota Vikings for shelter. Bostic is mainly engaged in special teams in the Packers' work, and as a substitute for a proximal frontal attack, but really make people remember Bostic or united in the final last month he missed the deadly gambling play, it is because of that error, the Seattle Seahawks broke into the packers Super Bowl winner. In 2013, Jamie Kao Finlay (Jermichael Finley) injured the packers in a position near the front end, so Bostic got the opportunity to represent the packers. But last year, the packers chose a more potential Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers) at the draft conference, and Bostic's position in the team declined. The two season with the packers, Bostic a total of only 9 receptions for 120 yards, but won two touchdowns.

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