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me football equipment network PUMA company in Mexico Monterey Club (CF Monterrey) jointly launched the 2017-18 season the team the new away shirt, black, mysterious and elegant, with "STEP OUT" as the theme, adhering to the "no fear of the shadow, light game" concept, the black jersey into the gray show novel elegant new club image. introduced Puma's new design trends, gray and black jersey into fashion, gorgeous irregular effect, stylish shoulder jersey circular dot down arrow composition pattern, and extends downward to the cuff. The club badge Jersey chest, chest and shoulder PUMA "cat" trademark using silicone resin with laser reflective coating, both delicate and beautiful shape and internal body comfort, when the player cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is in the spotlight, will send out a gorgeous colorful light. The main ad High performance fiberHouston Dezhou's four point guard Sean Watson (Deshaun Watson) weekly pass data continues to refresh the history of NFL. on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks game, his passing again shocked the world. the game with one of his team's top receiver de Andre - Hopki (DeAndre Hopkins) 72 yard touchdowns as his nineteenth touchdowns, also became the first NFL history of occupation career before 7 games to finish 19 touchdowns players, ranked second in the legendary four quarterback Kurt Warner (Kurt Warner) 18 touchdowns. In addition to , Watson has become the first player in history to perform more than 400 yards pass in a single match, more than 4 passes, and personally completed 50 yards or more.even-even soccer equipment network England Bristol City Club official announced the team's 2016-17 season new home court Jersey next season will be wearing a red shirt, red shorts and red socks match, as the team in 1965-1971 years and at the beginning of the twenty-first Century season. There is a "The Robins TheThe official website of NFL | rams Coach: the team will reuse better state running back | football in the seventh week of the game, the Saint Louis rams running back Mason Taylor (Tre Mason) to complete the outbreak, the 18 time he rushed out of the ball 85 yards, and one touchdown harvest. The rams also got beat the Seattle seahawks. Mason's performance made him far ahead of the other competitors in the first run of the race. The goats announced Zach - Stacy (Zac Stacy) as the starting point before the game, but the result was that he only played 1 Games in the game. Byrne - Corelle (Benny Cunningham), the 2 red ball just completed 3 yards. The guest running back Austen tahon (Tavon Austin) 5 chance to get run, eventually harvest only 16 yards. to this, coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said the team would reuse the better running guard in the game. He said: as for first hair, this is a matter of decision that needs to be made every week. Zach could have made at least 25 shots in the game, but something happened earlier last week, which made us make a decision. The problem is not what he did, or what he didn't do, it was just a state problem. He has been a bit sluggish in the past few weeks, but he is still a good player. In the position of the runner, we have a strong lineup. has been plagued by ankle and calf injuries in the past few weeks, which has led to a sharp decline in his state. Although Mason was not involved in passing and passing the ball in last week's game, he was still the most trusted player in the current run - back. This week the goats are going to be the chief of Kansas City, and Mason is likely to start his first career. In his career, Fisher did not like the rotation of the running guard. Mason needs a better performance to consolidate his position and get more opportunities.

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