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The official website of NFL | star defensive end Bill was suspended for a game of rugby league | Buffalo Bill's star defensive end Marcel dareus (Marcell Dareus) will not appear in the team's opener, because the Alliance for his violent anti police punishment has come out. The League has announced that it will be punished for the 2 professional bowl team and will not be able to compete in the first game of the season against the Indianapolis pony. It is because in May 5th this year, the Dallas for routine drug inspection was arrested by police against Alabama, he will face the restriction of drug charges. The Dallas after being released to the public apologized to admit his mistake, and illegal behavior. He said, "I apologize to my family and teammates, and the apologies of the whole Bill and the fans. I will miss a match because of my mistakes. I will continue to work hard to contribute to the team. is not sure whether dareus will face further punishment from the union. If there is no problem, he will face new England patriots on September 20th in the United States time.The official website of NFL | tight end G Ron Kowski will most missing a week | football when playing in front of proximal Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon Sikorski in pain on the floor when each of the new England patriots fans worst nightmare come true. They do not want to see Marcus Kowski b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ecause of injuries. luckily, the close - forward knee injury actually didn't look so serious. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported and absent up to a week 'knee slight sprain gloon. running guard Duhem (Dion Lewis) Lewis (knee ACL) has the season, wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) (foot injury) have regular season games, wide receiver Danny Amendola (Danny Amendola) (knee) do not know how long the absence of cases, the Patriot cannot bear lose Gelon sikorski. quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) might accept the substitute and a group of receivers play but he cannot win in no circumstances' gloon. The proximal front has become the backbone of the Patriot attack group. In the official website of NFL Aigo won the documentary, coach Bill - Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) admitted that the biggest difference between the Patriots in the last season to win the tour and the failures of the past is Marcus Kowski's health. luckily, they don't have to play in the playoffs without such a matchmaking machine.NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) and Albert Brill (Albert Breer) local time on Friday reported that NFL players union players in voting after the alliance has approved new doping regulations. players union announced a new plan, the new regulations will be published for the first time the use of human growth hormone and management measures for before doping policy made a number of major reforms. League spokesman Greg - Hierro clarified late Friday to Rapoport that the final agreement to reach a new rule still had "a major obstacle". The players voted to appoint player union personages to reach an agreement with the alliance, but there is no formal agreement. But a statement issued by the players' Union on Friday night indicated that the two sides had resolved the biggest disagreement. Rapoport said that the one year ban on Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) from Brown in Cleveland will be reduced to 10. There is no special exception to Gordon. Under the new regulations, the 10 game is the standard penalty for the fourth offending of the alliance's drug abuse regulations. "this is a historic moment for our players and the league," Eric Winston (Eric Winston), the president of the players' Union, said in a statement. "Our collective by doping the new regulations will ensure that the game is clean and safe, but also for the players to provide a fair and transparent hitherto unknown. The players should be proud of their union for the best plan for the game. " is a key point in the new program: pastIn the base of | International Olympic Committee issued an invitation to the global | athletes to participate in the London Olympic GamesWhen entered the countdown 1st anniversary in 2012 London Olympic Games, International Olympic Committee (IOC) today formally invited the Olympic committees and athletes from all over the world to participate in the London Olympic Games. countdown 1st anniversary celebration in the history of the famous Trafalgar Square in London held International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge (Jacques Rogge) · a formal invitation to the national and regional Olympic committee. Princess Anne (HRH the Princess Royal), British Prime Minister David · Cameron (David Cameron), London mayor Boris · Johnson (Boris Johnson), International Olympic Committee Coordination Commission Chairman Denis · Oswald (Denis Oswald) and the 2012 London Olympic Organizing Committee Chairman Sebastian · (Sebastian Coe); a witness, International Olympic Committee the chairman of the symbolic to the part of national and regional Olympic Committee issued an invitation. to accept the invitation of the National Olympic committees in London: the Greek Olympic Committee (symbolizing the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the IOC China) (the last Olympics)) and the United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, and South Korea next several Olympic Games host country. Other countries and regional Olympic committees will receive an invitation from the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, in the form of mail. inviting the Olympic Committee to attend the Olympic Games is an important milestone in the process of hosting the Olympic Games, President Rogge said. For the organizers and athletes, this symbolizes the beginning of the countdown of Olympic Games 1st anniversary. For all those involved in the Olympic Games, this also means a dream and a step closer to reality. I believe that all the players who dream in London today are excited because their brilliant moments are approaching. I believe that every country and area's Olympic Committee and its athletes will be very excited. At the same time, I also believe that the great British people have been well prepared. They will welcome all the participants next year with the unique enthusiasm of the British. ·, chairman of the London Olympic Organizing Committee, said: as the sponsor, we are very proud of it today. According to tradition, the host city should invite global athletes to participate in the Olympic Games on the occasion of the countdown of 1st anniversary. Our preparatory work is going well, but there is still a lot of work to be done. 365 days later, the focus of attention around the world will gather in Britain. We will be fully prepared for this. There are two important activities in the ceremony, one is British Olympic player Tom · Daly (Tom Daley) in London 201〉

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