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The official website of NFL | Dalton will be the next Payton Manning? | football 2013 successful season led the Cincinnati tiger into the playoffs for the third time. Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) lost to the Santiago team again because of his poor playoff performance. But Dalton's career in the first three years is still very successful. He wears the legendary number to lead the team into the playoffs every year, all of which happened after Dalton was selected by the tiger. talking about everything from the tiger to the end of the season 4 wins and 12 losses, even when the tigers finished an embarrassing ten game losing streak, the team lost quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer), took over the top check (Chad Ochocinco) - brother Aoqiesike and Terrell Owens (Terrell Owens) and a leader in tackles Deng Haini - Jones (Dhami Jones), the defense of all star Jonathan - Joseph (Jonathan Joseph), the introduction of new offensive coordinator Jean Gruden (Jay Gruden), and rookie quarterback Dalton and rookie wide receiver A.J Green (A.J.Green). in the 2011-2012 season, Dalton led the tigers into the playoffs with 9 wins and 7 wild card game second qualification, this season he completed a total of 20 touchdowns was 13 steals, passing success rate of 58.1%, although the playoffs lost to Houston in Dezhou, but he is still a rookie performance to prove himself. 2013-2013 season, Dalton won more opportunities, regular season he led the tigers finished with 10 wins and 6 losses, and again outside the second place playoff qualification Truck cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Racing cup. This season Dalton completed 27 touchdown passes by, steals 16 times pass completion rate of 62.3%, at the same time as the weak offensive line he captured killed 46 times. It is worth mentioning that he led the team to win three consecutive wins, one of which was reversed in the fourth quarter. This season is also the first time that the tigers have joined the back-to-back games in the playoffs since 1982. Dalton also became the third NFL player to pass the ball for at least 20 times in the first three seasons of the history. Before that, it was Dan Dan (Dan Marino) and Payton Manning (Peyton Manning). However, they still lost second playoffs to the Dezhou people. 2013 season can be said to be Dalton's best performance season. He led the fierce tiger to win 11 wins and 5 losses. It has 33 touchdown, 20 times, 20 pass, 61.9% pass. Because of the team's bad defense, he had to make a reversal in fourth of the three games in a row. The tigers stayed at the Paul Brown stadium for 8 consecutive wins, butwants to know how to separate men from boys? Throw them into the rugby field of January. Last season we had in the wild card round, and the Vikings in Minnesota against January. 6 degrees below zero, cold wind. only played a few gears, and my goggles were covered with fog. I could hardly see anything. I only know: my counterpart is standing in a small spot in the field where it can shine. The rest, whether the code or the far side, are all shrouded in the shadow of the stadium. After the kickoff, I feel close to me over the outside then quickly put me away, I know from experience that this is a short screen. I tried to look at the quarterback, but I couldn't see anything. In addition to the mist on the goggles and the projection of the sun, I was almost blind. I just looked straight at the curtain wall of a pure ice. However, in the mist, through a mask at the bottom, I can see the outside over the legs, he was dressed in white and purple stockings legs enthusiasm on the pitch, jumping. Video game I saw many times such a screen pass, my mind raced, the ball flew over time is probably... now! so I stretched out my arm and grabbed the outside hand. the perfect time. When I reached out, the ball just arrived, and he couldn't finish the ball. failed to pass the ball. I remember so clearly because the ball was really hard. Basically, I couldn't see and had to rely on other instincts and preparations before the game, which made me see through the passing tactics and seize the opportunity to destroy the pass. but the most difficult thing is not the fog or the sun, but everything that happened before it. I often get the same problem from the media and the fans. The frequency of such a problem is not so high as the average: 1. what is the most difficult part of your duties? 2. except you, who is the best corner guard of the league? 3. who is the hardest to defend? I understand why people often ask me these questions, but I always do not answer well, because they are difficult to explain in a short audio frequency. Many parts of my duty are very difficult, or anyone can do it. But when you compare different players, you have to respect the unique and personal qualities that separate them. It is these abilities and qualities that make them great. , you won't be able to vote for Lebron James three points, but Stephen Currie said that Curie played better. You wouldn't say that AI is greater because of AI's change to people. There are many nuances in this discussion, whether it's basketball or rugby. More attention should be paid to the players in the same position, such as the corner guard. so if you ask me, or want to ask me the three questions that I mentioned before, read it. The answer to the question.The official website of NFL | kousky safetys glycopyrronium blasted opponents: I threw him out of | football in last week's new England patriots in the 42-20 win of the Indianapolis pony, the Patriot Rob Rob and Rob Gronkowski and Xiao Ma Wei Wei Brown Brown conflict. In the Jonas Gray (Jonas Gray) that finished the fourth single shot of a single attack, he had been putting Brown out of the field. The conflict between the two can be described by a line in the The Blind Side: it is time to drive him home. Afterwards, Gelon kousky also at the time of their behavior are explained: the game he always talk downright nonsense in my ear. So, I decided to throw him out of the field. Two disputes from the field continue to the next field, heard the explanation Gelon Sikorski, another party Brown is no concession, he said he was not afraid of the opponent in the social networking platform. actually, in 2010 and 2011, both Ge long and Brown worked for the Patriots. But the two for the former teammates totally ruthless. In the game, the behavior of the grand finsky was sentenced to 15 yards of fouls. The alliance will study details again in recent days to decide whether to impose a fine on it.The official website of NFL | 4 years 40 million saints linebacker Jonil Galet locked | football NFL's official website on Wednesday local time report pointed out: the New Orleans saints and choiniere - Galet (Junior Galette) has a value of 41 million 500 thousand for 4 years, including 23 million new contract guarantee agreement. The report also pointed out that if Galet could get 12 shots in the new season, the total value of the contract would rise to 48 million. After signing the New Testament, the 26 year old Galet will continue to play for the saints for the next 6 years. played an important role in the defense system of Rob Ryan in the last season. He won the 12 career and 40 catch of the career, and made 1 shots. In the PFF rankings, Galet's total score was ranked twelfth in the league's 3-4 outside line. for the saints management, it is no doubt a wise move to renew the contract with Galet in advance. Galet is gradually improving and showing his talent. There is no doubt that he can learn more in the future and improve his strength. Now, by Galet and Cameron - Jordan (Cameron Jordan) consisting of a combination of biography full of vitality, they can be in the short term to make the team a butterfly, disadvantage to advantage.

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