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even-even soccer equipment network after the release of 2015 football shoes in new 100-lun brand, America launched a Chilean League club club O'Higgins 2015 jersey. O Ekins officially became the first team to win the new 100-lun sponsorship of the football club. New 100-lun warrior is the parent company of 2015 will take over all the warriors sports sponsorship contracts, including Liverpool, Oporto, the city of Storck and the club of Seville. The 2015-16 Jersey in Liverpool had been out a few weeks ago. O Ekins's 2015 jersey with a traditional design template based on a classic warrior, although the Jersey is displayed on the sign of the new 100-lun. 2015 home court template O'Higgins uses light blue navy blue shirt and white collocation adorn advertising sponsor logo color design for Liverpool Away Jersey based on 2013-14. Located in the chest using a black new 100-lun sign.The official website of NFL | Eli Manning said the rumor he had never thought to take the first paid football | long ago a reporter broke the New York giants quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) was proposed to renew the contract must be paid to the League first team, in the circle caused a h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eated debate. In the local time on Wednesday in an interview with Eli Manning looked disgruntled that the truth of the news, claiming that in contract negotiations never asked for it, he said: never said (to get the high salary, this kind of words) never say it out of my mouth. , the two most valuable player in the super bowl, entered the contract year with a basic salary of $17 million. Tom Condon, his big agent, has been negotiating with the giant management. But the giant Condon John Mara has said on Monday that there is still much difference between the two sides. insists he and Eli Condon didn't ask the first salary. He said to communicate his occasionally and Condon, but never expected the negotiations will progress more quickly. Eli said: I told him there was new news to call or send me text messages, that's all. also said Eli very helpless to get the salary of a press, his father came up and asked him what in the end, this Eli was very innocent, he said: everything about the contract talks things I have to Condon, so I do not know what, also don't know Kang meal provided what, and I don't want to know. Condon also said he had never said that, just admitting that it was the highest goal of our dreams. I'm obsessed with flutter in the training, those reports are not true, I do not know the source of their information is where you come from, I feel very funny.Handball | penning went to visit Ningbo | attention Kim Cao development primary school handball | hand Association Luca on February 4, 2010 to 5, in order to understand the basic situation of handball handball, promote the development of national primary and secondary school, hand curved rod base center handball minister Peng Ning Yao Feng went to Zhejiang, Ningbo Yinzhou Jin Jia Cao of primary school. in the study of Jin Jia Cao primary school buildings, stadiums and handball, definitely the gold minister Peng Jia Cao primary school in small ball development achievements and contributions, pointed out in the present Zhejiang province did not set up a professional sports team handball situation, Jin Jia Cao primary school is an oasis in the desert, Peng the minister hopes can start a prairie fire, sparks of fire, to achieve through the development of Jin Jia Cao primary school handball handball, promote to carry out in the Ningbo and Zhejiang. during the inspection, the relevant leaders unit of the Ningbo Municipal Sports Bureau, the District Education Bureau and District Sports Bureau and the local people's governments together accompanied the expedition, we how to promote the further development of small ball movement in Ningbo to discuss, have said they will continue to support the development of Jin Jia Cao hand ball primary school, and try to handball development as Ningbo characteristic sports project. (Paul) related links: a brief introduction to the development of handball in Jin Jia primary school in Ningbo, Zhejiang Zhejiang Ningbo Jin Jia Cao primary school is the only provincial handball school in Ningbo. In 2004, the first hand team of primary school pupils was set up in the province, and the national primary school handball championships were held many times, and excellent results were achieved. At the same time, to carry out the construction of campus culture of the school handball handball, knowledge contest, class handball League, handball and handball baby named family games and other activities held regularly; 2009 special arrangement of school handball exercises, become the school class-break setting-up exercise -- one of the sunshine independent exercises; creating their own school hand team song "witness" and for the school anthem; small ball project through the provincial project and so on, handball quickly became popular on campus and students' favorite games.In the end Brandon (Brandon Bostick) - Bostick need to start looking for a new job. On Sunday local time, the Vikings in Minnesota announced the remission of Bostic. Because each team alliance reduced personnel list in September 1st local time, Bostic is also expected to leave. The name Bostic was well known by the players from last season's National League final. The final stage of the competition, the Seattle Seahawks try to play gambling, then the Green Bay Packers player Bostic ball off the Seahawks to regain the ball, eventually reversed the score into the super bowl. At the end of the season, Bostic was naturally discarded by the packers. in addition, the Vikings also laid off run Joe Banyard (Joe Banyard). The 26 year old runner has made 18 appearances for the Vikings in the last 2 seasons. Last season, he finished 21 times, pushed 88 yards, and provided an effective help to the team in the back of the game.

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