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The official website of NFL, the Seahawks linebacker to tonic, increasing depth, rugby wo Seattle Seahawks in a free market crazy part. At present, they have already bought three old line guards. According to the correspondent in Seattle recently, the Seahawks signed Terrence Calvin (Terence Garvin), former West Virginia state defensive team members (Seahawks linebacker Bruce Erwin [Bruce Irvin] former teammate). The 2016 season of Calvin in Washington to spend, he had spent three years in the steelers. The other two new lines in are Arthur Brown (Arthur Brown) and Mike - Will Holt (Michael Wilhoite). Calvin can not only supplement the depth of the line, but also be able to play in the secret service. Calvin, 26, has played 59 games and started one of them. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.l cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ast year, 49 of San Francisco's defensive end Justin Smith (Justin Smith) retired after 14 years of occupation career. recently revealed that the veteran was going to return but did not want to return to the 49. If Smith chooses to make a comeback, 49 people have the right to leave him, perhaps this will affect Smith's final decision. The best example is the attack cutting front Anthony Davies (Anthony Davis). if Smith really decided to come back then it was unlikely that the 49 would be able to deal with him because he was 37 years old. over the past 14 seasons Smith has completed 613 escapement, 87 escapement, and 5 professional bowls.Denver wild horse Demaryius de Marius (Demaryius Thomas) still has not signed a contract with the team until July 15th. Neither side showed any signs of approaching the contract. The Denver Post reports that Thomas wants to pay the same level of salary as Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) outside the Detroit lion. It won't happen. Even if Thomas is an excellent relay, he and Calvin Johnson are not a level. Even Johnson is not worth the salary: he will occupy the salary cap space of lions over 65 million dollars in the next three years. The lion may either ask him to accept a pay cut or cut him off before he fulfills all the contracts. so if Thomas isn't worth the salary of Calvin Johnson at this level, is he worth it? According to the report, Thomas felt hard to accept less than $40 million in security income, and the Mustang did not intend to give him so much money. means that Thomas and Mustang may not reach a new contract, and Thomas may have to fight for a $12 million 800 thousand privilege label contract this season. The question is whether Thomas will sign the contract this month and label privilege to participate in training camp on time, or he will strike over and in the absence of the coach Gary Kubiak to pre-season training (Gary Kubiak) the new system for the new season under attack. If the latter is a reality, the wild horse will find their best offensive player to catch up with the team's progress in the start of the new season.The official website of NFL | Philadelphia Eagle "Drake - Graham" | Rugby is a famous face sometimes is a very pleasant thing, sometimes is not good. Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Merkel Kendricks (Mychal Kendricks) - many people have said, and he said that he and the famous Canadian rapper Drake - Graham (Drake Graham) like. Kendricks said, "so many people say that, I'll let them make a choice." In any case, it is clear that two people are not related. In fact, Drake and Philadelphia singer Mick (Meek Mill) - mills has been feuding, so we Kendricks revenge opportunity to come, he suggested that Drake should stay away from Philadelphia recently. related reading: The 2 Beijing tigers baseball | Homer engulfed Jiangsu huge horse! Baseball League points lead bowling | Diego back, Jiangsu TV sports channel "challenge champion" is recorded in | Video: the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling grand opening! |2017 men and Women Handball handball World Championships host | only European countries | pending bid for Chinese hand Co bowling | Chongqing honglink bowling alley in June 2016 third week tournament player Cui Jie 1348 points to win the hands curve! bowling |2016 national bowling championship in the northern section of the north, Jiangsu winning team champion | Shanghai the Bund Longmarch Bowling bowling bowling tomorrow officially opened! The official website of NFL | Aigo trading malette | backup quarterback football | China tour's first stop squash squash ended Wang Weicong Li Dongjin to win a The official website of NFL | Toni Luomoyin back briefly left | football

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