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The official website of NFL | before 49 linebacker Gabor Treeby Capet Nick | football seriously Colin Capet (Nick Colin Kaepernick) hit will be more and more, linebacker San Francisco 49 people recently Bill Romanov Chomsky (Bill Romanowski) said Blaine (Blaine Gabbert) with BOT in video learning more seriously than Nick Capet. Romanowski said: before we talk about Capet to Nick it, how much time in the video game depends on a lot of things, in fact, before the time to see the video with BOT is 4-5 times of Nick Capet. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-???? Tyrann Mathieu??????????????????????????? Just third weeks after playing against 49 people, Mathieu once said Capet Nick's route is very good. The prediction is good enough to predict, so it has made 2 matches in the match. , since Gabot's debut, 49 men have been more threatening to pass the offensive. Gabot has completed 3 touchdown in 2 matches, while Capet Nick has completed 6 matches in 8 games. The most obvious thing about is that Capet Nick's chances for 49 are getting less and less, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping perhaps the last season. news: Bauman talks about returning to the injured place in Seattle,kicker Connor bas (Connor Barth) returned to Tampa Bay pirates. pirates announced on Wednesday that only hours after being cut off by Denver Mustang, Buss agreed to sign a contract with the team. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), a NFL official, said the contract was worth up to $2 million 750 thousand for two years, according to people familiar with the news. Barth has played for the pirates between the 2009 and 2013 seasons, and he is the team's privileged label player in the 2012 season. has been one of the most accurate kicker of the league in the past 5 years. His free kick hit 85.3%, reaching an additional score of 100%. is currently playing Patrick Murray in Pirates (Patrick Murray) in the first two preseason missed 2 kicks and 1 touchdowns additional points after the bath should be considered more likely to win the kicker position.not only did the new England patriots and the Indianapolis pony meet a one-sided game when they met in eleventh weeks. The Patriots tight end rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) 'in a touchdown in the Patriots offensive pony safety Sergio Brown (Sergio Brown) launched from the floor of a road outside, his behavior was the referee whistled to throw yellow. after that game, he said, "only he can say this." he threw Brown out of the game after Brown was throwing rubbish. The patriot's near end was fined for the foul. This review leads to Brown later regret on twitter said he is "how to swing" Kowski glycopyrronium before the attack. Before , the most important United States League champion on Sunday, Brown talked about his idea of being out of the field in the November game. "I mean, it's a bad defense. It's a tough defense. I mean, I'm not annoyed about it. I was even more annoyed when he said, "throw me out" after the game. We just lost the ball. Ah, you're angry, "Brown told the new England media. "This is the game. I know him. He knows me, too. I mean, I'm very tough, too. " this time Brown wants to back Gelon Koski he threw out action. "Of course I hope," he said. "But you know it's just a game. I am a very aggressive player and I want to be able to perform well. " Kowski is a patriot Gelon success this season. The patriot's record is 11 wins and 1 defeats when the near end front takes more than 40 yards, including playoffs. When he takes the number of yards or less than 40 yards, the Patriots only get 2 wins and 2 defeats (he loses the match's score is 0 to 1 negativity). if Brown and his defense team friends can limit Gelon Koski - even if they have data completely sealed him away upset the pony again -- the possibility will increase.The official website of NFL | chiefs tight end Cares is the most underrated players in the league football | Kansas Emirates became the most heated team in the League since they lost their first game to the Tennessee Titan in the first game of the new season. But in the past 7 games and did not rely on over win over a touchdown after we got 6 win. but besides Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles), how does Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) pass the ball attack? NFL media analyst Mike Mike (Mike Mayock) gave the answer on the NFL broadcast column with the chief defense coordinator and the manager in depth understanding of the most underrated attacking players in the league. His answer is the emirate's two grade near end Travis Cares (Travis Kelce). at the Emirates team ball number and code number, being slightly inferior to Dwayne Bao Wei (Dwayne Bowe), but with 4 touchdowns to lead the team. According to professional football focused websites, Cares is the most efficient one in the Union's current near end. , who was a quarterback, had only 2 years of experience in the near end, but he had a monster figure and strength, and his 40 yard score was 4.61 seconds. Two years ago he even graduated from Cincinnati when he was brought in with Jason Witten (Jason Witten), Heath Miller (Heath Miller) of these alliances outstanding tight end, but since August this year the "alliance" around the broadcast has said that Cares is a movement of the less able kousky gloon. because of his injury, he played less in the first season, but Cares showed great potential. With Charles and Smith, he became the most appreciative nuclear weapon in the league.

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