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The official website of NFL | beauty landing aircraft is the New York giants tight end | football at 11 a.m. on the morning of the US time, a Delta Air Force plane made a forced landing on the ice and snow runway of La Guardia Airport, and then rushed out of the runway. It had the Larry Donnell of the New York giant's near end, Larry Larry. luckily, all 149 passengers on the plane had no serious injuries and were safely evacuated from the plane. is worth mentioning is that the cover is from Tang Naizhi hand, he sent in his message said: I X Instagram! Look, I should stay at home. subsequently Donnell also said: if Beckham is good, remember that PS? He caught the plane in one hand!The official website of NFL | Brown: if McCain returned to training he will start | football Josh - McKoen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping (Josh McCown) is another step from the starting point. since last week suffered concussion after the match, McKoen Di this Friday a team to participate in training, coach Mike patten (Mike Pettine) that McCain will replace Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel) starting Sunday against the Tennessee Titans game. Patin said: "we've talked about it, and I think the key is to finish the training." If he can train fully tomorrow, then why can't he play. Brown is currently still tend to Yumaikaoen instead of Manzel Manzel, last week's game seemingly played well and finish his occupation career first touchdowns, but he also contributed 2 off the ball and 1 were steals.The chief of Kansas City continued an awkward record that their external relay had not been able to finish the game for 17 consecutive games. The arrival of Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin) did not help the chief of the team in the first week of the match, and the team looked forward to doing something in this week's match with the Denver Mustang. chiefs took over complete touchdowns last time, was traced back to the 2013 season. In December 29th of that year, San Diego chiefs against lightning, is registered as a running back, but it is outside the over - Mai clastres Patel (Dexter DEX McCluster) completed 2 yard touchdown catch. On the other hand, the team still has enough way of scoring even though the relay can't complete the array. In last week's match, the close - end Travis - Kelsey (Travis Kelce) and the running Jamal - Charles (Jammal Charles) completed a total of 3 hits. according to ESPN statistics, since the 2013 season, the team's foreign players in the red area have only 34 goals to pass, 23 times to catch the ball, and two data in the league. And Charles had 46 goals, 38 times and 15. Although the Sheikh has enough scoring methods, Mclean's line-up team still hopes to end the embarrassing record this week.The official website of NFL | Bowers: Butler is one of the best football cornerback | , the new England patriot Malcolm Butler (Malcolm Butler) has been selected for the career bowl for the first time. The two grade corner guard is eager to continue her little story. This week's patriots' opponents will be New York jets, and rival coach Todd - Bowers (Todd Bowles) also gives a high evaluation. Bowers said Butler was probably one of the best players in the league. He showed his ability to defend the best players. The Patriots failed to retain Darrel ray in the offseason Weiss (Darrelle Revis), which was once the second is regarded as the weakest team in the array, but it also gave Butler the chance to prove myself. He grew up to be the number one guard. This season, he took part in the team's 98% defensive numbers, contributed 2 times and led the team's 15 pass. according to the rugby scoring system, Butler's total score is sixteenth in the league's 116 qualified judges, while Lives can only be ranked thirtieth. Bowers stressed: his learning ability is very strong, is not only a person to cornerback, can adapt to cover tactics. He is full of energy, excellent skill, coordinated hand eye, can read the direction of the ball, and is willing to accept the challenge. I enjoyed watching his game very much.

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