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New York - keno Smith experienced a tragic week in the New York jet fleet. This struggling quarterback, was fined for swearing fans last week, and this week in San Diego after the defeat, he was benched in the game midway, however it is reported that the meeting arranged in the game in the team last night he was absent. The team said on Monday that Smith's absence on Saturday night was a "honest mistake". Smith because the wrong time, at the end of the meeting after 5-10 minutes to reach the scene, but only review the offensive coordinator Marty mourning Ludwig and quarterbacks coach David Lee on record. It was Smith's first absent meeting, but he did not know what punishment would be punished by the team. New York daily first reported Smith's absence on Monday. ESPN New York station reported that Smith and some teammates were absent from the meeting because they did not return to the movie in time. Smith in answer to a question, from time to time appear restless, last week two even three things bothering him, his starting position is threatened, some of the fans and the media shouted Vic to replace him. And after losing 17 to 24 last week to the lions team in Detroit, when he walked down the court, he was returned to fight because of fans shouting at him. Although he apologized in time for the ga cheap nfl jerseys free shipping me, the League also punished him for $12000. Smith passed the ball 12 times in the first half of the match on Sunday. He succeeded 4 times, only got 27 yards and was copied once, but Vick didn't go anywhere. He passed 19 passes for 8 times, and got 47 yards successfully. The jet lost 4 games, and was the only one that didn't have a one - point team in the season. Though the coach about losing the game, but still mostly in the New York Smith Stadium against Payton next week will Manning and the Denver Broncos will start. He said, "this is not the reason why he is alone. He was not a person on the court and was not a problem with someone else. If you want to blame someone, that's me. Keno is still our starter next week, and that's the case. Smith has started five games this season. He has been taken 6 times to get 4 passes, 2 passes and 2 passes. He continued to play sixteen games as a rookie last season. He said, "it was a very sad part of me, and I didn't do it in the game. So what I need to do next is to find myself in the mirror, and that's what everyone needs to do in the dressing room. "NFL's official unemployment | invitation to ram: quarterback call me | rugby. former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard (David Garrard) local time on twitter Monday expressed the hope that the phone received ram! He wanted to let Saint Louis rams know that if the goats were going to introduce an old quarterback, he was interested in their effectiveness. if the ram has yet to call the Gaillard for a reason, and they don't call anybody. At least, this is coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) at a news conference on Sunday, confirm the team's quarterback quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) will be due to the left knee anterior cruciate ligament tear and season reimbursement. I heard that some people think we'll call the free - player quarterback, that's not true, Fisher said. It's not that we don't look for it, but we haven't done it yet. If the has not received the phone Gaillard ram, there are two possible reasons: 1. rams don't want to sign quarterback since 2010 did not pass a ball. 2. rams are actually very satisfied with the substitute quarterback Sean Hill (Shaun Hill) to lead the team forward. These two reasons seem to be very possible, and Fisher even mentioned second points on Sunday. Sean (Hill) is our first quarterback, he said. We signed him. He has experience. We have all the confidence in him. As for the first round of Garrard show in the 9 season for the Jaguars played in the starting 76 (39 - 37). The 36 year old veteran was abandoned by the Jaguar after the 2010 season. After that, he never came back, but occasionally he would say on twitter that he wanted to be invited by the NFL team.The official website of NFL | Aaron Rodgers believes the packers offense needs to speed up | football on Sunday with the Detroit Lions District rival game, Green Bay Packers can not play their own good beyond all expectations of the attack, was not lions defensive tightly bound, only scored 7 points, lost away. The biggest problem of packers is the lack of ground attack. Eddie Lacy, the main runner, has had a poor performance this season, and has never been able to recover the strong skills of last season. Eddie, At the same time, the conversion rate is low third, play 10 face three attack only 4 successfully obtained the first file. In the weekly radio program, the team quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said that the team's current attack rhythm failed to achieve the expected speed. Now we attack still not fast enough, the third conversion is very poor, the whole game we played only 51 offensive, not enough to outlast the defense group strength, coach Mike - Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) in the offseason target averaging 75 offensive, it is worse far away. We have a lot of meaningless catches, and I have a lot of bad passes myself. Rodgers said. but Rodgers doesn't worry too much about the wrapper's current plight, and he believes the team will rebound quickly and get back the way it should be. And in the face of the worries of the fans, Rodgers said, "I only use one word to answer, that is" relax, "the team will be better, not to worry.local time on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks held a press conference before the Super Bowl team. Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) was present at the press conference, but he seemed unpleasant because of some media questions. One of the questions is: Sherman and Darrel - Weiss (Darrelle Revis) who is the strongest corner guard in the alliance. on this issue, Sherman said: "I don't like to compare my matches to anyone. I can't give you a satisfactory answer to this question. My game is only about myself, and there is no match between a particular player. A subsequent question clearly made Sherman more unhappy, and a reporter asked, "do you still think that you are the best corner guard in the league?" did not know whether it was out of confidence or disdain, and Sherman stopped a small meeting before the answer, and then said, "I won't answer this childish question again. If you want to continue to talk to me, think of some more advanced, more meaningful questions. " This is Sherman, and he believes he will give the answer in the super bowl.

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