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In the absence of for Achilles tendon injury after training, Patriot quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the name appears in Wednesday's injury report, but many reports said he would play the game on Sunday. Brady Thursday return to training, but restricted in. The injury of the Achilles tendon needs to be taken seriously. Otherwise it may be like the Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) that, in the game in the season of Achilles tendon rupture. due to tight end rob Gelon 'sickness absence training on Wednesday (Rob Gronkowski) will return to training today. Near the end, Bennet Feng matru (Martellus Bennett) (shoulder and hamstring) did not participate in training on Thursday.are you passionate about rugby and want to be involved in this passionate movement; do you want to be a leader and an initiator of the local Rugby career, and dedicate to the promotion of rugby sports at home; the opportunity is coming! The application channel of NFL flag football game sub area has been opened. The open application of the 2017 season is not limited to the city or the region. As long as you have experience, strength and enthusiasm, you can participate in the application of sub area. interested parties please send the application mail to: co cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nsulting phone: Beijing time on Friday October 13th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL sixth weeks of the regular season game kicks off on Thursday night game. The main character of this week's Thursday night game is the two 4 - 1 team - the Carolina Panther at home to the Philadelphia hawk. From the historical record, the two teams only 10 games record, 6 wins and 4 losses in a stroke above the eagle. Interestingly, the two teams had met at 8:30 in the past three times. Their recent hand took place in the Sunday night of the 2015 season, when the well - state Black Panther defeated the hawk at 27:16's home. more ahead of the game, please click here first attack Eagle attack group looks quite well: in the face of gear, quarterback Carson Wentz (Carson Wentz) calmly shot in his pocket, passing the first round of the 2015 show to find Nelson Aglo (Nelson Agholor), the ball 24 yards. After running Weile Garrett Blount (LeGarrette Blount) also rushed the ball 11 yards. The first half came to the Panthers 35 yard line, to replace Ryan Johnson (Lane Johnson) appeared on the bench right tackle, wave tile - wattai (Halapoulivaati Vaitai) is the Black Panther veteran Julius - peipers (Julius Peppers) - a push by Julius Carson, Wentz peipers sacks and dropped the ball, the ball was the Panthers defensive tackle Cavan - Schott (Kawann Short) to pick up. The first attack on the hawk's attack group ended. This is the 37 year old veteran Julius sacks - peipers occupation career 150th. quarterback Newton (Cam Newton) - cam attack group under the command of the Panther could not get out of first attack, three. Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz just re debut, was cornerback James Brad, (James Bradberry) captured and killed. However, then Marcus Johnson (Marcus Johnson) took a 16 - yard ball to get the first attack. The Panther into half, Le Garrett Blount punches the ball forward 14 yards. The final kicker Jack Elliot (Jake Elliott) hit a 50 yard long free kick to break the deadlock, and the eagle was leading the black leopard in 3:0. Black Panther's two round show, Curtis Samuel (Curtis Samuel), caused the foul of Jielun - Mills (Jalen Mills) to interfere with the pass, and the Panther got 21 yards. Since then, in the face of the raid, Newton emphasized cross found wide receiver Calvin Benjamin (Kelvin Benjamin) 11 yards. With kicker Graham Janot (Graham Gano) hit a 39 yard free kick, the score became 3:3. even though the hawk took over to alshang Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery). "defense wins championships", this sentence any fans could hear the ear cocoon. Is this the case at the end of NFL? In fact, a lot of people inside is doubt, especially when the witness Tom Brady and his patriot bowl to get soft. but if you have seen this year's playoff division, I think you should be able to agree: defense still wins the championship. Tom Brady once again came to touch the edge of the super bowl. But except for the Patriots, the quarterback of the remaining three teams seemed to be looking for the new host in the summer: Blake - Boteersi, Nick Fowles, Keith, tim. In addition, based prejudices have a strong 2017, the other two wind assessment and had no difference still. does not consider the possibility of dropping the bottle to the toe, and at least one of the three people will lead the team out of the player's channel in the super bowl. If the Jaguar does the patriot, then Bortel J will occupy another place. quarterback is unbearable, the three teams win by blood defense. Even if the patriot, after the season's early downturn, the defensive team is the first awakening, the team dragged out of the mire. although the quarterback attracted most of the spotlight, but still dominated the defensive alliance. however, the top defense is not the absolute guarantee for the bowl, not to see the wild horse. The Vikings, the eagles, the jaguars, they were weak, but their attack group was tough enough until the defensive team tore the opponent to pieces. It's not super giant , but this season he played like a super giant as mentioned above, the three look next season will not work in the name, it's only a super giant played quarterback of the season. Vikings quarterback Bridge Voight has been, even 16 years from the start of a game without him; quarterback Sam Bradford is the first choice, the ill fated former champion, this season and it wasn't long before he hurt; then Kinam, wandering in several team last season, was swept out of the ram lost quarterback. People didn't get too much hope for him, just hoping that he could make less mistakes and make the defensive team not so hard; however, Kinam finished the figure. The first 15 games out of 22 touchdowns, only 7 interceptions, his score ranked seventh in the league. After such an excellent season, has reason to believe that the big team will waving a large checkbook to pursue the three or four - point guard. After all, his contract is about to expire about 2 million of the year, and the Vikings can't sign the three quarterback. Before came to the Vikings, it's in the rams played 14 games, 7 wins and 7 losses, then the team was forced to the bench top.

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