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congratulated the Texas A&M University on becoming the only team in the United States that can officially use the "Twelfth person" sign and logo in the United States. NFL a few years ago by the Seattle Seahawks team to Dezhou A & M trading to buy the right to use the slogan, and now the Seahawks tried to use a new way of expression, the new slogan is now "home court 12" (Home of the 12S). we still believe that "Twelfth" sounds good, but the Seahawks hope to get unique slogan, plus the Shanghai Eagles fans but the NL west best, they don't want to share with others what. And Dezhou farmers' fans believe they are looking forward to the right to use their home team slogans for a long time.New Orleans saints added a kicker. veteran Josh - K cheap nfl jerseys free shipping obe (Josh Scobee) announced on his face book that he had signed a sign with the saints. Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), the NFL official, reported the contract for one year, and Kobe would get a bottom salary for the old man. Rapoport also said that Kobe's injured buttocks have recovered completely. Kobe, Pittsburgh Steelers through the transaction after the introduction of spent 4 games disaster in 2015, in his 10 free kick shot missed 4 times, also shot missed 1 additional touchdowns in 7, after he was laid off the steelers. Kobe's career as a free kick was 80.1%, with only 60% last season. The saints' kicker position in last season was also a mess, and the team cut Zach - Kerr (Zach Hocker) in the middle of the season. Take out Kai forbath (Kai Forbath) is currently a free agent. Can look forward to the next will be increased to the saints kicker in the offseason competition through the selection of the best.The official website of NFL | general manager to Woodson's eighteenth season | football for the Oakland Raiders safetys Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) for the new season of the general manager of the team but his big fan. Reggie Mackenzie (Reggie McKenzie) said on Wednesday that he would like to see the return of Woodson finished eighteenth, occupation career, and the Raiders coach Jack - New Delhi Austria (Jack Del Rio) expressed the same idea, Mackenzie said he will hold talks next week and Wood Sen. Mackenzie said his body is in good condition and his ability is well suited to the new coaching team. I'm going to convince him to get him back to the team, and of course it must be 100%. , 38 years old, is eye-catching in the season of 3 wins and 13 losses. He has completed another career peak. He has 113 tackles and 4 copies. The peak appeared in the 2011 Green Bay Packers.Houston, Dezhou quarterback, Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) hopes to clean up her bad performance in the regular season with the performance of the playoffs, and to write a great ending for Dezhou people. this Saturday, the people of Dezhou will face the new England patriots, last week against Oakland Raiders game is considered to be the best performance of the season, a game, so the team to 27 to 14 victory over the opponent. but between him and the team finished 4 in the $72 million contract team needs him more of that, but so far the entire regular season, Wheeler blocked, passing success rate of only 59%15 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, scoring only 72.2 quarterback. , but he is going to face the next playoffs. He said in an interview: "I don't think any NFL season is totally without adversity. I'm very excited that I will write a great history for the team again." , but such a speech doesn't make any sense. Aus Ville's performance in the first season is like a disaster. It can't give the fans confidence. He can lead the team to defeat the Patriots. So it can't prove that he will continue to become the team's quarterback player next season. ?

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