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The official website of NFL | and patriot Kowski reconstruction contract | football gloon and the new England patriots tight end rob Gelon (Rob Gronkowski) kousky agreed to rebuild the contract, this shows that the team will continue to ensure that he immediately left the team for a long time. G Ron Kowski, the original contract required $10 million bonus options at the end of the 2015 years before the Patriot League, this is actually the guarantee between Kowski and Marcus over the next four years and the contract between the patriot. If the team chose not to enforce this bonus option, Gelon Sikorski can become a free agent. In view of his contribution and the importance of the team's offensive team, the Patriots will not let such a consequence happen. but not patriots soon make the decision, according to informed sources, the team recently reconstructed the contract, they will pay $4 million in bonuses' Gelon training after the end of the camp, only a $6 million bonus for payment at the end of the league. The reason patriots do this may be just to reward a high level player, or perhaps a cash flow management approach. The salary cap team will not affect this decision, also has no effect on the future contract, but that any team will perform the bonus options -- even if speculation is unlikely to happen - dormant.The official website of NFL | Peterson appeal hearings held to determine the | football next Monday Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's appeal to the alliance in the list of the president exemption hearings have determined cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to be held next Monday, the alliance spokesman told NFL media Ian Labobote confirmed. NFL on Monday submitted to the Alliance players union emergency Peterson restore qualification appeal. In November 4th, Peterson pleaded guilty to his reckless offenses and was sentenced to probation, $4000 fines and 80 hours of community service. Then he said: I'm sorry about my behavior. I love my son more than you think, and I'm looking forward to and longing to restore the relationship with my son. I am very pleased with the end of the case, and I can leave it behind and continue to live with my family. Rapoport on Sunday morning NFL match of the day also mentioned in the regulations according to the alliance of personal problems, Peterson will face the League six match ban. At the moment, it seems that the punishment for him may be shorter because of his loss after a penalty from the court to a penalty before making a penalty. Rapoport said the biggest problem at the moment is the controversy within the Vikings. Their executives need to confirm whether they need Peterson to return immediately.As an important part of the expansion of NFL's overseas market, has become a fixed event for NFL in recent years. The first London season of this year coincides with the golden week of national day, and it also makes it difficult for Chinese fans to enjoy the NFL dinner on Sunday night. The match will be a civil war in eastern United States. The Miami dolphins (1-2) who visited London for second consecutive years will be at the "main stadium" Wembley Stadium to fight against the New York jet (2-1). maximum view: whether the dolphin Deluxe defense front can capture offseason dolphins spend lots of money from the lion poaching of the league's best defensive tackle Damm en Su - hole (Ndamukong Suh), plus the team alliance first-class military rushed Cameron Vick (Cameron Wake), originally expected them to get several sacks, did not expect the first three weeks of the dolphins team only 1 times sacks, and is completed by the bench. They want to be able to break the famine in the overseas arena. It's not a simple task to face the jet attack line that has been killed only 2 times in the last three weeks. dolphin attack group vs jet defense team in addition to the renewal of new generation quarterback Ryan Hill last season in Tanzania, made thousands of code running back Lamar Miller, the dolphins also introduced before the saints receiver Kenny Stiles, coach Greg - Jennings Philbin jioubu, former Brown winger Jordan Cameron near the end of many other offensive weapons. In passing, although was sacked 7 times and a reported 3 interceptions, Tanzania in 5 Hill 882 yard touchdown pass to the success rate of 61.6 is still a good level of external hand - made Mathews shad and the second grade he A new force suddenly rises., Jarvis Landry had 200 yards receiving, tight end Cameron the ball 151 yards. But in the run, Miller was affected by the ankle injury, and the 30 shot was only 105 yards. It was a former patriot Jonas Gray who had a single 200 yards of the game last season, and it was good for 49 yards in the last 9. The road and the foiled attack sent 7 sacks shows dolphins offensive front to play well, the game Jiefeng main left Albert is likely due to a hamstring injury can not play, obviously they will encounter more trouble. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|?????????3? Compared with dolphins, jet off-season signings is pole effect. Defensive attack three beast - Harrison rookie Williams Wilkerson can make trouble for anyone, whether they are running or anti punching pass is the strongest alliance in front of 3-4 overall. The defensive line "island of King Lives and old partner, Gil Crist, grams of Rome with last year's first round pick Pryor per capita steal money. Compared to the defensive frontline and guard, the central line defence team has a few players, but veteran David Harris.The official website of NFL | Jonny Manzel: not the first disappointed me | football has been beset by quarterback problems in recent years in Cleveland. Brown Hoyer, the main quarterback, has been depressed in recent weeks, and has been repeatedly copied for Brian Hoyer. Heuer's bad performance has also made more and more people propose to make rookie Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) take the lead. Last week, Manzel played in the last training time of the match, and was active on the court and contributed to a touchdown. But Brown coach Mike Pettine (Mike Pettine) in the starting position after the game is still said Heuer would not be replaced, which makes a lot of fans and Manzel I feel disappointed. Manzel said in an interview this Wednesday, "from the team point of view, I understand the coach's decision, but as a player, I am rather disappointed about not being able to start. Last week I proved that I could at least adapt to NFL's attack and defense. Of course, I support the coach's decision, he is thinking for the team. As the team leader of the alliance first tackle Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) also expressed full support for Pettine decision, he believes that Brown is currently 7 wins 5 of the negative record is still eligible for the playoffs, in the last month of the regular season temporarily enable rookie quarterback risk is too big, when you are not in the training should be rookie quarterback the. Thomas also claimed the Pettine is in the squad and veteran discuss after Heuer first decided to retain the qualification. Heuer is now well aware of their own pressure on the shoulders, this week Brown home court against Indiana colts, Heuer said that if they can not quickly into the game it is likely to be the home court fans have their deafening boos, psychological preparation. At present, the biggest problem is that Heuer Josh took over for Gordon (Josh Gordon) over reliance on Heuer's interception number soared in after Gordon's comeback in the game he repeatedly forced to get Gordon the ball, but Gordon and as a result of poor communication can not always have a tacit understanding, nearly two weeks at least 4 times interception occurred in the pass to Gordon. Heuer wanted to get rid of the downturn and have a chemical reaction to the number one offensive weapon in the shortest time.

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