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The official website of NFL | safetys veteran Ryan Clark announced his retirement | football Effect of alliance 13 years veteran safetys Ryan Clark (Ryan Clark) yesterday announced that he would end his occupation career. Clark is the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006-2013 years, the back of the mainstay, and another safety Troy - para Maroo (Troy Polamalu) together constitute one of the league's most stable second tier defensive combination at. Clark started 109 times in his career, completed 448 grappling and 12 times, and helped the team win the Super Bowl in 2008. Clark did not enter the league as an election show, but was signed by the New York giants in 2002 as a rookie. In the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2003 season, Clark, who had improved obviously, had 4 first - time debut, 19 grappling and one capture. Then Clark was the Washington Redskins incurred under, in the red effect of two years, Clark with stable performance has attracted the attention of the steelers. Last season, Clark returned to the red skin, he still won 15 starting opportunities, but the red team's record is not ideal, only 4 to 12.Chicago bear's quick resolution of ray Macdonald (Ray McDonald) is not surprising, because it was his third arrest in 9 months. last December in San Francisco 49 people Macdonald because of domestic violence and treat children after he was arrested, and bears no guarantee of complete contract signing. and this time, according to the police report, "he is trying to attack a woman who is holding a baby." The bear team resolved him in a few hours. The bear team's attack line player Kell - Kyle Long responded in the first time: "get rid of this trouble at all!" After , the general manager of the Xiong team issued a statement: "we believe that the second chance is worth cherishing. But when we signed with him, I asked him to fight for the bear team. Now he doesn't have this ability, so we have to cancel him."The official website of NFL | veteran wide receiver Brandon Lloyd | retired Rugby NFL in the 11 season, wide receiver Brandon Lloyd (Brandon Lloyd) on Thursday announced his retirement. 34 year old Lloyd last season for the San Francisco 49 party, his occupation career has completed a total of 399 catches for 5989 yards and 36 touchdowns. I appreciate the years I spent at NFL, Lloyd said in a statement. I have no regrets, and I am lucky to be able to leave the game in such a healthy and happy condition. I will try my best to represent the league and the players for the rest of my life. , who led the League of 1448 yards in 2010 for Denver Mustang, made him the only chance to get a career bowl in his career. ???????????6????????49?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????142???????? He was the four round show of the 49 people in San Francisco in 2003.Tennessee Titans quarterback Zach Berg (Zach Mettenberger) - MAGOTAN game with the New York giants in today's fourth day began shortly after was injured during the game, the giants rookie linebacker German - Kennard (Devon Kennard) from the Berg MAGOTAN blind test of a collision. Today, Berg and his MAGOTAN Titan team performance is very bad, lost nearly 30 points, Berg 24 14 MAGOTAN, 125 yards and one was stole. At the same time, he also dropped the ball in a capture, which was taken and finished by giant team Marcus - Kuhn (Markus Kuhn). The team also announced, MAGOTAN Berg was diagnosed with a right shoulder injury, which is the same as the last week.

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