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Shaanxi Changan competitive football club and Li Ning Co jointly unveiled the team's 2018 new home, home and second stadium shirts in Xi'an. As the first Jersey launched after the two sides' cooperation, the new Changan Shaanxi sports home and field jerseys not only inherited the long history of Shaanxi football, but also showed the close ties between the team and Xi'an. Shaanxi Changan competitive 2018 season home shirt inherited the club's traditional red and blue two colors, reflecting the respect for the culture of Shaanxi fans. Join in the chest badge source wolf totem pattern, as has the perseverance, brave character of the northwest wolf, show Shaanxi football has always been to face the tough football culture. On the back side, Xi'an's landmark buildings such as the big wild goose pagoda, the bell tower and the city wall are added. It not only shows the long history of Xi'an, which is rooted in the team, but also highlights the inseparable relationship between the team and the city. Satin Jersey chest badge with eager fitting process, not only make the logo more texture, also replacing the traditional embroidery badge suture skin friction caused by discomfort, let the players more devoted to the game.NFL official website, [review] Thanksgiving event Redskins 20-10 win giants playoff football, there is sti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll hope wo Beijing time on November 24th, Thanksgiving night Washington Redskins vs. New York giants home court. The giants this season - Beckham Odell is dogged by bad luck, injured the season, wide receiver group suffered heavy losses, success is not ideal. And red skin only ranked third in East China, losing the first three divisional civil wars of the season. opening the giant initiative, third attack Ingram failed to catch the ball, the first attack failed. Red from the thirty-five yard start, a 10 yard Kirk admitted after the handover, the false Xin himself ran for 7 yards, 3 second Mapeline ran for 2 yards, and three short code run by the giant a press, only punt. The giant second attack, 8 yards, Eli Manning found Dakewana road under the first attack. Second 7 yards Manning was captured and killed in Ryan Kelly Kennedy, third pass by Josh Norman interference punt again. Red attack, the first two stalls Cousins pass failed and failure early, third 15 yards after trying to pass the screen Marshall ran out of 13 yards, but it is not the first attack. giant attack, three to 20 yards, Lewis barely scored ten yards is still not the first attack, the game seems to be a punt war. Red attack, cousins found pellan road to get 9 yards, 1 yards Claude three single catch for two yards with first attack. The new first 10 yards, koxin's short throw in the first half of the attack finally pushed to the half. Third Daokesen after receiving a pass for 15 yards, failed to win the first attack, choose red swipe four stalls, cousins ran out of pocket pass attempt failed, the ball moved again. Neither of the first two teams had been captured. The giant attack, a German ran out of 10 yards and 9 yards, 1 yards long Ingram Manning second attack to the Redskins thirty-five yard line. Three to 7 yards, Manning was again captured and killed in Kelingge, shooting distance is not the only punt. The Redskins starting from the five yard line, running the ball was suspected of manufacturing giant pellan dropped the ball, the official look back not adopted. Third the ball 2 yards, Paul failed to get the first attack. The giant attack, before the two file without the code number was also fined for a foul, third 18 yards, Manning found Lewis winger won the first attack. The next attack, Allison and Dakwah each received a second first attack. Red giants scored twenty yard line, 2 yards three giants failed to win the new first attack, the giant hit four files with the last code won the first attack. Two Dakewa 7 yards ahead of arch under 5 yards, 3 yards three, Manning throwing intent on finding wide receiver failure, arbitrary ball, 3-0, two teams finally shattered. red attack, third cousins 8 yards, 38 yards long pass found Claude entered the giant half. A size 10 cousins was almost a direct challenge to end steals, the next two gear passing attack too radical were not successful. The giant attack, an attack position too difficult, the third is directly punt. Red attack, a 10 test code 〉 Sichuan EssienFrom the head to the coach sweater jacket, Nike continues to extend coverage of products, product diversification makes people feel happy. The shirt with 35 star patterns and the double faced jacket will be the best partner when you shout at the stadium, of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the series, there are still many options to choose from. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????쨴??|????3?The official website of NFL | modern football legal formation and legal origin of | football catcher The rules of the NFL stipulate that the number of people on the offensive line must be greater than or equal to seven people, and the players on both ends of the line and one yard after the line are the legitimate catchers. And the introduction of such a rule has its background. The above is a common Strong I Formation with half black in the graph as a legitimate receiver. There are 7 players on the line. If changes slightly to Strong I, the strong side (right) outer hand moves up to the line, so the online near front is the illegal catcher. has 8 people on the line, but it is still a legal form, but it's just a legal catcher. time back to 1890s. There was no False Start/Illegal Motion/Illegal Shift for rugby at the time, and there was no demand for online numbers. There was no forward pass at the time. The 3 offense was 5 yards forward. What kind of tactics would you design if you were a coach? early rugby was played by the men of rattan school. The first is the V Trick: of Princeton in 1894 The center of to QB or FB line kick-off people march hand in hand, then the predecessor of the NCAA ban on hand in hand movements, then the team wore jersey with a handle. The real killing of V Trick is that the attack limit is changed from 3 to 3 to 10 yards. V Trick is mathematically disadvantaged each time it can drive 2-3 yards. However, the philosophy of V Trick, that is, the power of many people and the efforts of many people to work together, has not vanished, resulting in many derivative tactics, collectively called Mass Play. was inspired by V Trick (no need for everyone to be online), Harvard invented the notorious Flying Wedge: The Flying Wedge on the above is divided into two 〉

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