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Prospective NFL official website | NL wild card: packers @ Red (injuries) | Rugby Jason - Hatcher, DAngelo - Holzer was wounded in the neck of leg muscle injury, reached yet - Goodson shoulder injury, Quinton - Dunbar unit four biceps injury will Blackmon and will Compton has a calf injury... ... almost all of the first red skin defenses were injured. More troublesome is that the most important players in the whole second line defence have almost all the injuries, which are deadly in the time of packing. Although the packing season offensive is very weak, but there is still no small threat. If the wrapper's passing attack is a little red, the red skin is dangerous. On the offensive side, the red skin attack group can be said to be healthier. The only trouble is that DeShawn Jackson, his knee still has no small problem. But in the second half of the game, his play was good, and the red fans could be more comfortable. The main injury packers from their offensive striker, Cory Lindsley, Blaine Braga, T.J. Lang and Josh Winston are subject to different degrees of injuries. Especially the first two people's ankle problems, in the protection of Rodgers really need to pay great attention. The biggest threat to the red defense team came from their flush, and the battalion battalion of the wounded soldiers had to be careful to attack the frontline. Addie - Rey has been suffering a surge in injuries this season since the weight gain, and i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t is still unknown whether it is able to play a few levels in the face of red skin. While the defense group three generals Mike, Daniels B.J. and Raj Craig - Mathews will continue to play with. For the whole season, the packers did not want to fall in the first game of the playoffs.The first big wave of the NFL free agent market just ended last week. This is indeed a good thing, but if it can continue for a long time if there is any evidence that Kelly had been going to work in Philadelphia. Philadelphia eagle is reconstructed every year free agent market opening after the most remarkable one of the things -- if your name is not Sam Bradford and you once Kip and Kelly in the hallway chat it, chances are you going to get out of here. But the first day of crazy trading has passed. Some of the top players have also found the next job. The most notable contract has surfaced. Now it's time to change the direction of NFL's next development. The impact of 1. early free agent market salary explosion on 's free player market this year made us get used to one thing: a lot of eye popping contracts. When the free agent market just opened, we saw that the entire alliance had a salary of close to $1 billion. Therefore, after a period of time, we see just starting a year Malik Jackson from the Jacksonville Jaguars got 90 million contract last season; the occasional highlight quarterback Bullock Oswald vhailor there from Dezhou who got 37 million guarantee compensation; and New York giants has thrown three pen heavy pound trading, more than $100 million in guaranteed pay to upgrade their defense. , of course, gives the team a handful of qualitative leaps. But when I asked a senior executive of a team whether he would be surprised at so many huge contracts, his answer was very simple: "not surprised, because he will happen every year." because of the rising wage cap, we will not be surprised to see such a huge contract after that. Just like the collective bargaining agreement discussed by NFL Players Association five years ago. However, as the cap ceiling is flat, some people begin to worry that the players have given up too much. But now, the lucrative TV broadcast contract funds have been inflow, and the wage cap has risen rapidly. The new player began to execute in 2011, when the salary cap of each team was $120 million. This year, it became $155 million 300 thousand per team, up 12 million from last year, up $22 million over 2014. with the money becomes more and more in this part of the labor contract and the lowest consumption quota, the contract will enable the elite players premium becomes a constant, or is less than that of elite players will have a bigger contract, and the future development of the team in a rising salary cap the environment will also have a change. Is it worth the money? The value of a player is how much the market can bear, but now, the market can bear more. 2. John elvy - the next step? No matter who it is. 〉since the start of the new season, guard Jonathan - Cooper (Jonathan Cooper) of the foot so that he could not play. Now, he left the new England patriots. patriots cut the guard on Saturday. In the offseason patriots defensive end Chandler - Jones (Chandler Jones) when Cooper came to the Arizona Cardinals as a bargaining chip to patriot trading. When Cooper was a patriot to give up, Jones has made the Cardinals 4 sacks 15 tackles, according to this rhythm he will be in the two data have achieved a career high. cardinals in the 2013 NBA draft, the seventh overall pick Cooper. But he just started 11 games in the two season, and he ranked the League fiftieth in the professional rugby focus net last season. The deal could be said to be a failure for patriots after was cut off Cooper. Take one of the league's rise in the outstanding military rushed after the deal, the Patriots will return picks last into the four round of this year the show took over the Barkam Tim Mitchell (Malcolm Mitchell) and three show guard Joe Sahni (Joe Thuney). Although two people seem to be the future trump players, they don't look like Jones.In the base of | rituals throughout the funeral will be buried | Saon great Olympic Park [Photos - Samaranch funeral attended king Nadal carry the coffin of Beijing time April 23rd 00:00, Spain local time at 18:00 on April 22nd, the International Olympic Committee lifetime honorary chairman Samaranch's funeral was held in Barcelona municipal hall. The ritual of is an important part of the funeral. About 4000 people attended the mass of Mr. Samaranch in the cathedral. After the daughter and International Olympic Committee chairman Roger Samaranch eulogy, cardinal Lewis presided over the ceremony began. first cardinal bishops to praise, began to go on stage to sing song "Requiem" the holy water, the bishop was the symbol of incense pot, respect for the dead and pray. Then the bishops to junior choir, forward to bid farewell to the holy water Saon dignitaries, people holy food distribution. The distribution of the holy food means the respect for the dead, which means that the dead will be willing to sacrifice for the living. , mayor of Barcelona and son of the subsequent stage of Saon expressed gratitude to people from all walks of life to attend the funeral. The bishop then walked off the stage in Saon incense in front of the coffin, continue to chant ringing. Spanish king Juan Carlos and queen Sophia and Princess Elena and princess Christina to the Samaranch family hug. 's funeral mass in the Cathedral of Barcelona declared the end of the casket, by Nadal and other sports circles slowly out of the church, carried into a black long car. Samaranch's coffin will be buried at the Montjuit mountain in the Olympic Park of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992. (new body)

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