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The twentieth World Men's handball handball | Youth Championships in Brazil opening | hand Association China Handball Association official website twentieth world men handball Youth Championship was launched in Brazil in July 19th. The host Brazil team defeated Japan by 31:30. there are 24 teams in this competition. It is divided into four groups, A group: Sweden, Russia, Holland, Tunisia, Belarus, Paraguay; B group: Spain, Romania, Serbia, Qatar, Angola, Portugal; C group: Denmark, France, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Algeria; D group: Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Norway, Uruguay, Japan. The remainder of the first round of will start in July 20th. the technical statistics of this competition are supported by China's handball statistics software PHMS. Chinese Handball Association sent 4 technical support team went to Brazil, before the completion of the statistician timely training and practice exams. In the first unveiling battle, successfully completed the guarantee task, ensuring the uploading of all the matc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h data and the real-time broadcast of the match score. can focus on competition progress and technical statistics through the International Association of hands: JuniorWorldChampionship2015/tabid/7100/Default.aspx can also focus on the related competition information through the domestic "my handball / handball online" website (Li Zhaomeng from Brazil)The official website of NFL | saints cornerback Blanna to the Saint | football fans say goodbye New Orleans saints cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) Friday through Twitter and Facebook fans say goodbye to the saints. in the farewell words Bronner praised the city of New Orleans, the team, coaches, teammates and fans. according to the alliance rules, the saints can't cut Blanna off until the super bowl, but from these messages, we can see Brown's end on Saint's day. Blanna in the last offseason with the saints signed a 3 year contract for $15 million. He had been in the new England patriots for a year before. He also for the Denver Broncos (2005) and (2011-2013) played for the Seattle seahawks. if the saints cut off Brown immediately, it will take up the team's $6 million 300 thousand wage cap space. Bronner originally next season will receive $2 million 750 thousand in income and a $3 million 550 thousand bonus. If the team cuts off after the new year's year in March 9th, they can save $950 thousand in salary cap space and $2 million 250 thousand in bonuses. in the 2015 season, made 76 tackles Bronner, 10 steals and 1 pass break. After 24 fouls, he became the most puned player in the single season since 2001.Tennessee Titan has agreed to sign this year's top draft to Losangeles rams. 's amazing deal changed the show's players and was almost sure that the goats could be picked up to their next first quarterback. Titan has been compensated for a lot of talent. On the other hand, the goats have paid a huge price to complete the biggest spans in the history, and they jumped from fifteenth to first. Titan has been awarded the first round pick of the draft of this year's draft. The two second round pick of the draft this year (forty-third and forty-fifth CBITS), the third round draft pick of the draft this year (seventy-sixth CIS), the first round draft and third round draft of next year's draft. won the fourth round draft and sixth round of the draft in this year's draft.The official website of NFL | pony and quarterback is negotiating contract | racke heavyweight Rugby , according to people familiar with the matter, Indianapolis Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) are making progress in the negotiation of heavyweight contract renewal. The two sides are expected to complete the contract renewal in July. Since the start of several rounds of negotiations in February, the two sides have been close to reaching a consensus on terms. The contract will undoubtedly make the highest paid quarterback in the league's history. At present, the highest paid player belongs to the Baltimore crow four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco), his annual salary up to $22 million 130 thousand after the contract. He is not likely to accept the price lower than this. , considering his age, performance and his hands, is not surprising if LAK's contract is paid up to $25 million a year. 's fifth - year contract option in the 2016 season was worth $16 million 155 thousand. If both sides failed to sign a long-term renewal, two consecutive two years of exclusive privileged label contracts could make him $25 million and $35 million, respectively. The three year 76 million dollar price tag may be based in contract negotiations. Clark said to NFL on Tuesday that he thought he could fix the contract. When the machine was right, it would be done, LAK said. To be honest, I don't spend much time worrying about it. The pony is holding a compulsory Mini training camp this week, and it is unlikely that both sides will complete the renewal before the mini training camp is over. But LAK's brokers and pony have stepped forward to overcome this obstacle before the next pony set foot on the training ground.

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