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last season, the Oakland Raiders have remarkable effect in the ground attack on their own, including Murray (Latavius Murray, Weiesi), Jielun Richard (Jalen Richard) and Dean Del (Deandre Washington) in Washington. although Murray was the most powerful runner on the ground last season, the ground offensive of the two teams showed the same way as they did in the past. Because of the excellent performance of the two new rookie guards, there is a rumor that the Raiders may choose to send Murray away. Murray is a reliable support for the team's offensive system, but because the team needs to renew the card Lille Mike (Khalil Mack) and Derek Carle (Derek Carr) in the off-season season, so the possibility of spending money on Murray is very low. but not to renew the words of Murray, the team will be at a disadvantage in the running back of the figure, both Richard and Washington are smaller running backs, while Murray is bigger, it will help the team's 1 yard line tactics, last season on stature advantage Murray completed 12 of 1 red ball code line array.NFL official website | Dezhou victory over the Vikings reversed | football Falcon Beijing time on August 17th, the 2014 cheap nfl jerseys free shipping season NFL season ended the contest, the following is a comprehensive report. Green Bay Packer 21:7 Saint Louis ram in this game, the quarterback of the two teams made its debut in the pre - season, all of which showed good performance. Although the rams lost the game, but Bradford quarterback Sam (Sam Bradford) state is gratifying, in September last year the left knee surgery did not impact on him, he came 9 in the 12, out of 101 yards, and assists the proximal peak Lance - Kendrick (Lance Kendricks) completed a 11 yard touchdown. And the packers Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) almost perfect, he sent 13 11, 128 yards and 1 touchdowns, led the team to gain a complete victory. Buffalo Bill Pittsburgh Steelers 16:19 game, the Steelers although most of the time to stay ahead, but Bill always bite the score. The final battle the Steelers home court still won the game, which is nearly two years for the first time in the Steelers preseason win. The home star - Roethlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in the half of the half of the 11 pass 8, send out 128 yards and two array. In addition, rookie Lane - Sharzer was on the defensive side, and his first section would help the home team to push 80 yards in 46 seconds and complete the array. And Bill side, the main part of the quarterback EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel) 27 pass 17, send out 148 yards, but unfortunately not converted to array. Even worse is the rookie wide receiver Sami Watkins in the first quarter will hurt his ribs, he did not return to the game. Miami dolphin 20:14 Tampa Bay pirate The dolphin team relied on the substitutes for the quarterback Matt - Moore (Matt Moore) to beat the home - fighting pirates. This service, Moore 19 13, out of 158 yards and a touchdown. The second quarter, the Vikings had the opportunity to get a 14:3 lead, but rookie Mike - Evans (Mike Evans) in the coming across the goal line when the ball fell ruined this opportunity. And the dolphins overtook the score after the death and stayed at the end. New York jets 25:17 Cincinnati Meng tiger tiger quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) in the contract for the first time after the home court appearance is a perfect performance, he passed 8 in 8, out of 148 yards and a touchdown. The helplessness of the jet fleet, Chris Johnson (C〉Baltimore Raven runner Justin Forsythe (Justin Forsett) was included in a list of doubts about the battle against the Miami dolphin this Sunday. Fawcett this season, currently in the League all running back evaluation fourth, but the match with San Diego lightning team in the last week of the third day, he injured his knee. After a few days of training, foersett returned to training on Friday, but he did not use his strength. On Wednesday, he said he was going to play: "it's just a common pain, no big deal." crows are in good condition, and Fawcett is the only player who can't be sure to play. However, another player who can't be sure is Smith Smith Torrey.although the Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bennet Michael (Michael Bennett) seems to enjoy their own career, his contract at some time will cause discomfort. His performance is far beyond the value of the 4 year value of the $32 million contract signed in 2014, now, the Seahawks meet his wish. Bennet on Friday and the Seahawks signed. The contract is 3 years, worth $31 million 500 thousand, including $17 million 500 thousand in income. At the end of October had reported that Bennet is negotiating a contract with the seahawks. it's a wise decision. Bennet is one of the league's top defensive end, since in 2013 since joining the Seahawks his performance surprisingly stable. Join the Seahawks after he scored 29.5 sacks forced 7 off the ball. The Seahawks lucky Bennet did not strike at the start of the season. sometimes NFL players get a big contract for their past achievements rather than the potential for the future. Bennet did not have any signs of decline in performance, but the performance of players like him only a basic salary of $4 million for the Seahawks for. Perfect for the Seahawks tactics Bennet was one of the few who cannot be replaced the backbone of seven people in front of the seahawks. The Seahawks general manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) also deserve praise. Won the Super Bowl champion in 2013 after many Seahawk players become the free player, Schneider is able to manage the team salary cap and did not yield to the player request. When the general manager has so many excellent players in the array, it is easy to give everyone a big contract and damage the team. Either doing it or persuading yourself to find other excellent players. Schneider did not do that, and he succeeded in ensuring that the core members still left the team.

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