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Shanghai Dingjie |2015 Bowling bowling tournament August (Golden League points race champion Yang Kang) 2015 Shanghai fairsun August (Golden League Bowling Tournament match) to end the fighting, Yang Kang won the championship, Shou Yifeng became the biggest winner of this game, with his 42 points runner up success beyond Gu Chengcai temporarily, grab the golden league standings, Li Fuqing won the runner up. champion August champion Yang Kang Ding Jie Shou Yifeng August runner up August season army Li Fuqing Ding Jie August fourth AI zhe Ding Jie, fifth Wang Jie in August sixth Ming in August seventh famous Feng Xiaobing in August eighth famous Wang Ziqi in August Ding Jie Teng Yaxiang lucky prize in August Ding Jie, th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e highest award for August single Bureau, Xiao Lu Ding Jie August oil type 18221918558612 Ren WeiThe official website of NFL | Seahawks coach Claudio Carol admits no plan | football running back position running guard Thomas (Thomas Rawls Rawls) because of injury after the season, the Seattle Seahawks running back position plan can not be determined, coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) so that until the next game before no one knows what the plan was. you will find out what we will do during the game, Carol said on Friday. People really do really work hard this week and they know they are competing for the time. It would be fun to see how they did it. Carol has made clear that the veteran running back Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) will continue to play in the third, this let the ball punching task before the two gear was by Derek Coleman who concurrently (Derrick Coleman) and two this week signed free agent running back -- Brice Brown (Bryce Brown) and Christine Michael (Christine Michael) - up. I just tried to wait for the game so we could wait and see, Carol continued. All of your ideas are right. Every idea you may think of right now is right. This may mean that the Seahawks coach group will make Brown, Michael and Coleman compete for playing time in the next game. local media predicted that Brown would be the first to get the chance. And as Carol says, we have to wait until Sunday afternoon to know if it is true.The official website of NFL | German - Steele's jersey auction reached 400 thousand US dollars | football Cincinnati tiger's defensive cutting German Steele's Jersey has reached a high price recently. This campaign is actually to support child cancer research fundraising, and raised a total of 400 thousand dollars in a week. Steele's 4 year old daughter Lal (Leah) had only a 50% chance of survival because of 4 neuroblastoma in July. , due to the tigers' defensive cutting and injuries, Till was put on the list of the 53 people in this team. This week, he can play against falcons on Sunday. Steele said on his Instagram: "no weekend I have never had to go to the stadium and leave my daughter." The tigers have helped the sales of the Jersey, including the Cincinnati children's hospital. (if not the tiger's fans have contributed $100 to the event, the team's supermarket will provide other options.) The saints' coach, Sean Payton (Sean Payton), bought 100 shirts and donated them to children at the Cincinnati children's hospital.The Green Bay Packer's defensive team is going to face huge losses. according to FOX sports news, the packing line guard Sam - Barrington (Sam Barrington) may be absent from the ankle injury for the whole 2015 season. Bahrain's ankle was injured in the pre-season match. After that, it went on for the second time in the opening match against Chicago bears, and finally left. the news came, for the next 2 weeks the packers need to face two elite running back the team challenge, respectively is the Seattle Seahawks horse - Sean Lynch (Marshwan Lynch) and Kansas chief Jamal - Charles (Jamaal Charles).

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