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The official website of NFL | Woodson after the terrible wrath: we | football the beginning of the season, the Oakland Raiders safety Charles Woodson (Charles Woodson) are full of confidence in the team this season. However, with the team losing 14-30 to Houston Dezhou, van derson was not in a mood to continue to be optimistic. In this game, the Raiders offensive group 4 times the ball over defense in Ariane - Forster (Arian Foster) before the clueless. Woo dudson said after the game: we were awful! We are ineffective and ineffective! No matter what reason, we can never stop the opponent, especially in the first half of the game. Each opponent's attack, each first attack, can be completed until the final score. We had a chance, but we couldn't hold it. In a word, we look terrible! ????????????????????????íž2??????2????????????????????????? All this is disappointing, Mr. van derson said in an interview. Before the start of the season, I said the team was ge cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tting better and better. But now I don't know what, we can't play as a whole. Many people criticized us before, and now we can only prove that they are right. We looked incapable, it was all very difficult, and I felt really embarrassed. It was only second weeks, but the Raiders were in trouble, a seemingly impossible dilemma.Kansas City Chiefs defensive spike wave (Dontari Poe) - Don Terry will miss the team's training camp, I can catch the early season game is also in doubt. On Tuesday local time, the emirate trainer revealed that the wave had received a protrusion of the lumbar intervertebral disc. The team has confirmed that he will not take part in the training camp. chief Reed (Andy Reid) said: "I think he has a chance to return to the game in the early stage of the season. But there is no accurate conclusion, and we need to see what he has to do in the future. " In the mini training camp, the back of the wave first appeared, and as the training went deep, he had a relapse and chose to undergo surgery. Reed said that Jay Howard (Jaye Howard) would replace the position of the wave. The absence of the wave will have a certain impact on the chief's ground defense. Last season, the chief's ground defense was only twenty-eighth in the league. Last season, wave completed a career 6 capture, the team has decided to carry out his fifth year of the contract option.The inspiring story of (Keenan Reynolds) can continue in NFL. the United States Navy Secretary MeBS (Ray Mabus) Friday morning that the navy has permitted the Baltimore crow in the six round of the new season for the show. even though the Navy allowed Reynolds to fight, he had to get the final approval of the US Defense Secretary Ashe Carter (Ash Carter) to qualify for the war. According to the crow's official network, Mebus "strongly" recommends that Reynolds be allowed to qualify in his request to the defense minister. Mebus also confirmed that new England patriot kicker Joe Cardona (Joe Cardona) was once again allowed to compete in the Navy. Cardona was selected by patriots in the 2015 draft and took part in all 16 games in the last season. is from the Navy, and the athletes of the army and Air Force Academy are required to serve in the army after graduation. That's why they need to be approved in the NFL season. last year, Reynolds set up a NCAA career record (88 shots / catches, 31 passes), but he might eventually play a running or an extra role in Raven.Cleveland Brown gave up Joe harden (Joe Haden). After has been trying to find a potential deal this week, Brown has chosen to cut off their star star. Harden, a 28 year old, was selected as a professional bowl in 2013 and 2014. The 2010 first show signed a 6 - year contract renewal with Brown in 2014, but after that he was unable to offer a steady performance. Since 2014, he has only fought 18 games since 2014, and has made 3 copies of the 13 break passes in two seasons. If Brown wants to lay off, it's the right time. Harden's contract guarantee in 2017 was only $4 million. 's name has attracted little attention in the free agent market, even though Brown can't find a deal to go down. Many teams are lack of lineup in the corner guard position, and a 28 year old player who has been selected in the professional bowl and rebounded in the 2016 season will attract many interests. , as a player selected by the former management, will not always be in line with the team's new management. Brown is currently introducing young players at both ends of the attack and defence and wants to divide valuable playing time to the players who belong to their future. In the preseason some young players should be able to reduce the emergence of the impact of Harden's departure. is reported to the New Orleans saints, Dallas cowboys, Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers have expressed interest in Harden.

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