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in a letter to the Losangeles Lakers season ticket fans, they already hinted at, "please on December 18th (Beijing time December 19th) before the arrival of the game with your ticket, we prepared a special program." There were a lot of people thinking that the Lakers would retire Kobe's shirt on this day. Indeed, the Lakers have been confirmed in December 19th, the Lakers in the game against the warriors retired Kobe No. 8 and No. 24 shirt two. And the Lakers' decision will make Kobe the first NBA player to retire at the same time as a two - piece shirt. "I am a child growing up in Italy. I dreamed of flying my own Jersey on the roof of the Lakers arena from childhood, but I never thought it was the two Jersey." Kobe said. "This is a great honor for the Lakers to give me. I am very grateful for the enthusiasm of the fans in the basketball game. " as the Losangeles Lakers legend, Kobe's popularity is clearly the highest number of legend, this point from the Lakers as Kobe reti cheap nfl jerseys free shipping red two jerseys can be seen. Kobe and O'neal, who wore No. 8 Jersey in the same year, took three consecutive titles with the top 81 points of his career. But after losing the first round of the playoffs to the sun in 2006, Kobe decided to change the number to meet a new start. Kobe chose No. 24, which was said to be more than Jordan, because Jordan was dressed in number 23. In an interview, Kobe talked about the reason why he changed from No. 8 to No. 24, when Kobe explained that the meaning of 24 is 24 hours. I want to put all my energy into basketball. That's why I choose No. 24. I wouldn't be Kobe if I couldn't devote myself to it. 24 is my best interpretation. " anyway, today's Kobe has created a record that his predecessors never had. In today's League, no player has retired two numbers from the same team in the league. Even Jordan, he had worn the bulls through No. 45, No. 23 and No. 12, but the bulls had only retired from Jordan's No. 23 shirt. Kobe's old partner, O'neal, has also retired two numbers from No. 32 and No. 34, but has been retired from the two different teams from the Lakers and the heat. The honor Kobe enjoys today is not even Jordan, Russell and others. but such an honor is not enough for Kobe. According to the alliance, Kobe had a chance to be elected to the basketball hall of fame in 2021. It can be said that Kobe was inducted into the basketball hall of fame is That's final. things, and he'd invited who do your recommenders. "About who do this recommenders, there are two people for me: Michael · or Phil · Jordan; Jackson," Kobe said, "they are my greatest mentor, not just in me as a player but also in this regard, I as a person in this area. 〉The official website of NFL | ram in search of Nick Fowles's team to deal | football recently Losangeles rams have been looking for ways to trade their quarterback Nick Foles, but now they may choose to let him enter the training camp. Fowles, It is reported that when Fowles may be at the beginning of the season in the team lost the qualification, because this year his income is $13 million 250 thousand, it is too expensive for the team. is now the ram's first quarterback list. It should be Case Keenum. After that is Jared Goff (Jared Goff), while Fowles is behind Sean Sean (Sean Mannion) and Dylan Thompson (Dylan Thompson). 's first 11 games in the first 11 games of the season brought 4 - 7, 56.4, 7, 10, and 10. It was clear that it was hard to find his home.took over DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson) is still favored popular. according to the Washington media, patriots, cowboys, pirates and eagles have asked Jackson. wanted to use the first round pick for the Patriots saints receiver Blanding (Brandin Cooks) - Cousteau, it proves that they want a speed type receiver. Cowboy if can let such players join collocation (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez, the attack is a tiger with wings added. Jackson finished 56 hits last season, 1005 yards and 4.The official website of NFL | Pierre Paul attended the meeting of product safety publicity fireworks safety | football Jason - Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) recently helped the U.S. consumer product safety conference to do publicity, publicity is the main content of the fireworks hazards, promotional content will be released in July 4th before. learned that Pierre and Paul had told the chairman of the organization that he could be alive. He was really lucky because he lost some fingers of his right hand in the fireworks accident, but he had no worries about his life. Pierre and Paul have told good morning reporters in the us that he will keep away from all fireworks in July 4th this year, and celebrate this day in other ways. , in fact, in the past month, Pierre and Paul sent a lot of training videos and photos on social networking sites, in order to prove that they had recovered from fireworks accidents, and wished him a good performance next season.

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