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The official website of NFL | Seahawks receiver Locket: to watch the Super Bowl last attack | football Ricardo Locket (Ricardo Lockette) is one of the most famous performance in the history of NFL. It's not a good thing for him. In this year's super bowl, Locket is the last goal of quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson), but this pass was copied by the new England patriot corner guard Barkam Butler (Malcolm Butler), and the result of the game was laid. For a moment, Butler became a patriot's saviour Locket to become universally condemned objects in Seattle and other places. In one of his own articles, talked about the career of his little people and the pass that he could not forget. I can't watch the video of the game, and the article begins. Of course I can't stand watching video. People have told me that this is a perfect copy. People have told me that from a camera angle I look like I'm going to go into the area. People have told me all about the last attack on the forty-ninth Super Bowl. No, I had no idea. Whenever this camera is replayed, I can't watch it. as a undrafted in the League results play a key role in the Seahawks offensive group Locket said earlier i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the season, the Seahawks played three times in the same attack. They finished the attack every time. Perfect. An unstoppable expression. I see the ball coming. I have never seen the ball, he wrote. I know one thing, I'm kneeling on the grass. I look around and feel like it is, okay, is it a pass? I see the sideline to patriots here, I saw Tom Brady (Tom Brady) jump. Then I look to our line, I saw our players pale, head bent. I will never forget the pain. Latter Lammas?? Locket didn't see Wilson until April when he was in the Super Bowl night, when he came to Hawaii to meet with his other teammates to participate in the training of only players. We'll go back there, and Wilson tells Locket that if we're in the same situation again, I'll pass the ball to you again. We'll fix the attack. I trust youThe Carolina Panther had an answer to the injury problem that continued for a period of time before the next national championship, but not the one that the team wanted. The Black Panther has identified the key match of the defensive end forward Jared Alan (Jared Allen) (foot injury). Alan was injured in the post quarter finals and was absent from training for most of the week before Thursday's limited training. Kony Ealy will take the place of him. Alan said he would be disappointed that he would not be allowed to play in the next game. When asked if he was able to come out, ESPN said, Alan said. "Of course." on Thursday, the Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) said Alan and running Jonathan Jonathan (Jonathan Stewart) "looks very good", and whether Alan can play will be based on his pain tolerance. Obviously, there was a lot of change in one day. Alan will not be able to play, and Stewart may play at the end of the game. from the good side, the news was not surprising for the Panther, and they did not promise that Alan would be able to play. "I don't want him to think he can play whatever happens," Rivera said on Wednesday. "Whether he's not out, I have a group of people ready to come out. ... I don't want to give any false hints, because I want these people to be concerned about preparing for the game. " scored 2 times in the 12 game of the Panther's game this season.The official website of NFL | jets Coach: Mitchell's behavior in flow | football The last time in the New York jets to 20:13 against Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers safety Mike Mitchell (Mike Mitchell) jump jets fly into victory formation, trying to seek the last hope. But the jets center Nick (Nick Mangold) manggold maintained a high enough vigilance, Mitchell will be down to the ground. later, all able-bodied players on both sides struggling together, with each other names. After the game, Mangold said that Mitchell's behavior very dirty, and their coach Lex Ryan (Rex Ryan) also talked about their feelings: I think this is not in the stream, I was very surprised, if it is to make such a leap in action but also in a short yardage situation when people understand, but we were a winner, just a kneeling can, he doesn't have a chance and be successful. then Ryan considered Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) I made the decision to throw the helve after the hatchet? I don't know. You should ask him himself, but I've played countless games with them and never saw it.The official website of NFL | lion injury report: defensive tackle difficult comeback, right guard absent | football The distance and the Dallas Cowboys wild card game is getting closer, the Detroit lions team but there are still many problems. Defensive tackle Nick Fairley concern (Nick Fairley) for two consecutive days to participate in the training, but the situation is still not optimistic. The team said after training on Friday local time that the chance of playing is only 25%. coach Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell) said: "we all see his progress, and he's getting better every day." But it's not easy to meet the demands of the game. Now I can't give the final conclusion, but if I want Nick to play, we need a miracle. The insider said, if this week lion can beat the cowboys, where will be played in the next game. at the same time, the team's right - cut forward, Larry - Larry Warford, has determined that it will be lost this week. He was absent from all training this week because of a right knee injury. The team also confirmed the news later. New rookie Travis - Swanson (Travis Swanson) will replace Walford in the first place. He had 3 first - time experiences earlier in the season. defensive end Ziggy Ansar (Ziggy Ansah) - local time Friday was exposed to toe injury, but the team said it would not affect his appearance in this week's game. Kelvin - Johnson (Calvin Johnson) was still injured in his ankle, but he could also be on the field as planned.

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