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On the day, MHD received "warmly welcome the African lion, with a wave and Shu - Mo ting (Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting), Benjamin (Storck city) - Mu Kander (Benjamin Moukandjo) about (captain), ang o (Fabrice Ondoa) (the Africa Cup hero) midfielder Bastien Siani, Sé (Ostend team) and played for Marseille Ann Guiza (Frank Zambo-Anguissa) the opportunity to meet. Compared to the past, the relationship between athletes and rapper more closely, and both football and music Nanshenanfen will match culture into the street, and street culture into football. Whether it is in the dance floor, DJ, or the court, it is a fun generation everywhere, and they are also pursuing personality, freedom and trend. Roget - Mira also present to witness this important moment, he witnessed the dance hip swing classic has been redefined and the promotion at the same time the Cameroon team unveiled the New Jersey home court. And this activity also symbolizes the transition of a new and old age.The official website of NFL | the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping second grade players Sims may become pirates starting running back | football the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will create one of the league's youngest offensive team in this season, Jay Winston (Jameis Winston) - Metz served as the starting quarterback in the two rookie served as the starting line, in addition to the second grade of strong wide receiver Mike Evans (Mike Evans). don't forget to be selected in the second round draft last year running back Charles Sims (Charles Sims). , according to ESPN reporters, reported that the pirate coaching team was still very high on him. The media also said the pirates for Sims have important plans and plans to let him in this season as a starter running back. as a rookie, Simms scored only 2.8 yards in 8 games. We think that his vision, explosive force and breaking ability are all lower than the average. His video is reminiscent of slower C.J. C.J. Spiller. He lacks the lateral explosive power and speed of breaking, and doesn't show the strength of hitting the ball inside the C.J.. The pirate coaching team will point out that Sims needs to recover after missing most of the training camps and the first half of the season because of the ankle injury. He has made progress only in the season, and 75 yards for the 19 shot. You can see every week he became a little more explosive, former offensive coordinator Marcus Arroyo (Marcus Arroyo) said last year at the end of twelve: you see him now you may say, "I since the first week of training camp has never seen such a pace," or "Oh, this is a new ability," he show amazing power from the back. From the perspective of Arroyo Sims as the ball type running back is showing a clear intuition and skills, 19 times the average for a 10 yard ball. was one of his ideal roles in the passing of a pass. Unless pirates can let Doug Martin (Doug Martin) return to their 2012 season's status as the early number of strength runner, pirates may be disappointed this season's output.The official website of NFL | von Miller, the comparison between Newton and Stephen - Curitiba | Rugby (Cam Newton) - cam Newton as Lebron in NFL - James (LeBron James) or James to NBA Newton this is a few days before the news. thanked Denver wild horse's line guard Miller Miller. Recently, he changed the word. He compared Newton with the Jinzhou warrior star Stephen Stephen (Stephen Curry). , he said, "if you can think of a player who can get a score in his own way, that person must be curry, and he can always score on his own. , in fact, is a loyal fan of the Carolina panther, and he is also a good friend of Newton, apparently the two of them are willing to be compared. and Miller and Newton were both draft players in 2011. Two players exchanged players after the match. Of course, all of these friendships are different on the golf course. Miller said: "I will be myself on the scene, and nothing can stop me. I'm a fan out of the field." related news: Miller: Newton is one of my favorite quarterbackThe official website of NFL | Vikings main running back Mackinnon this week to continue due to injury | football , the Minnesota Vikings announced the main run - Mackinnon (Jerick McKinnon) Weijierlike because of back injury healed this week against the New York jets game will be played, Mackinnon this is the second consecutive week of injury. In addition to the team's main outside guard Anthony Barr (Anthony) suffered a knee injury in this game, it is likely to be unable to play. new rookie running guard Mackinnon, as the main runner of the Vikings, has taken 538 yards with a limited chance of throwing the ball this season, but it has not been reached. This week will continue to match his duties by Matt arcia tower (Matt Asiata), Joe banyard (Joe Banyard) and the Tate (Ben Tate) share. Barr is a linebacker against last month 16 Chicago bears game injured his knee, a game last week he played with the injury, but the pain only played half of the game and didn't play. As the king of the team, Barr's absence is not small for the Vikings.

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