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The routine for everyone before the topic is "ready for a few day Brady punch out?" "How many points are you going to chase after a big score?" The result is in line with everyone's expectations, and the real strength gap between the two teams. said that the Patriot opening wave attack backward, with Derek Henry of the Titans must attack into the Bureau, so the Patriot front hoarding heavily guarded, let Henry chachinantao, but their defense is somewhat lax, can not completely seriously consider Mario Kobita's reading options and emergency ball forward, plus black year No. five show Cory - Davies in the hole - mark Butler, received a fairy ball touchdown, the Patriots behind some chance. and "the Empire Strikes Back", by Travis Kelsey - mad child half of last week, the game Titan smart school, with the best backcourt player Kevin - mark Sikorski de Baia glycopyrronium, the blue giant did not open; the top cornerback adori Jackson defended the Patriot long ball threat brandin Cousteau, cooks did not open. But the attack group is not patriot two key weapons locked will stall, when the Titan veteran rushed pass group almost did not bring too much pressure on Brady, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping "the old man lent" in Foxborough is like playing the game crazy rush rhythm, to slot Oman and Dora Duhem backcourt - Lewis. Almost never go empty, with every kind of fake, throwing, running, and a fake fax Brady anger bullet pass, the second section before the Patriot three wave attack all of the array, as is essential in the head of the Titan three uppercut, the basic wave current equal to one away game. defense patriot lock Henry continue to implement the strategy, let Mario Kobita face three long code number, he instantly turned Colin Capet Nick, only a reliable catch of Eric Dekker and the Patriot deal, very difficult to continue the offensive. In addition, before the game is expected to be largely blocked the Patriot group rushed from the Titans offensive front, at such a crucial game even collective arrhythmia, Matt Patricia rarely call raid circumstances, the Patriots made 19 times to a total of 6 players out of the brush recorded 8 sacks. and the patriot game if you want to win, must have the advantage line, such as the 2015 season American League finals the Broncos did, in this game, the two line of the battle, is expected to slightly advantage of Titan, are lost, that you almost don't have to win. The old man lent the game came 335 yards 3 touchdowns does not seem to make people exclaim, real terror is the second half, Brady did not relax, the 53 ball effort to defeat the Titans, finally a touchdown, Gelon Kowski with a full fix the Titans defensive fighter de Baia is without doubt. Into the final ap. phase 〉Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) did not participate in the Minnesota Vikings' Sunday 41 to 28 victory over the Atlanta falcons, but he sent information to the whole team to boost their morale. Several Vikings players and radio station KSTP-AM of Minnesota said that before the start of the game, Peterson sent a message to coach Mike simmer and simmer to read the paragraph to the players. The Vikings running back to a special (Matt Asiata) - Achillas tower didn't specify the message content of Peterson, but he said it was a pep talk. Achillas tower said: "we can feel his this text gives us inspiration and encouragement in the spirit, when we are out of the appearance of the dash." these words clearly worked, Achillas tower out of 3 touchdown in the game, the Vikings in the opponent who made a red ball data of 241 yards, and even in the last season in Peterson, the Vikings also only one game at the ball more than 241 yards. 's new rookie quarterback, teddy Bridge Voight (eddy Bridgewater) started the game for the first time, and got Peterson's inspiring message. Bridgewater said: "the most inspiring thing for me is that every attack is the last time because you don't know when to play next time." So today we have been inspired and inspired, we are going out and fighting, this is the result of the team's unity and cooperation. Bridgewater in the fourth quarter before the end of an ankle injury 317 yards of success, he also said that the injury is not very serious and look forward to attend Thursday night race packers team. Hodges, linebacker Gerald (Gerald Hodges) also revealed that some of the content of the message of Peterson: "his coach and reply to Peterson, Peterson also shared his thoughts, said he was in love with the team, if I'm going with you, but all are out of his control. So I hope everyone can play in the game, just like the last time. Peterson was placed in the committee's ban list until his legal problem was resolved to return to the Vikings. But even if he can solve these problems, he is sure he won't play in Minnesota any more.although the new England patriots are still bothered by the "release of the gas", the team will not stop the footsteps of the strong squad. Local time Wednesday, NFL official website reporter, is a free agent linebacker Brandon sparks (Brandon Spikes) plans to visit his old club this week. The first 4 spparks occupation career season has been played for the Patriots, through his efforts during the period proved to be an excellent - run type linebacker. Last season, sparks briefly joined buffalo Bill, his performance just passable in there, the final part company each going his own way with the team. Sparks is a very pure second defender, but the Patriots know how to motivate his full capacity. now, no other team expressed interest in spparks. Patriot squad, Jerrod Mayo linebacker position at present (Jerod Mayo) - Collins, Zhan Mei (Jamie Collins) and Tangta - Hajto Hua (Dont 'a Hightower). This offseason, the Patriots in the second premise weakened will shift attention to the construction of a powerful front group of 7 people. If the sparks can join, he will further deepen the team's depth.

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