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The waiting time for running horse Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) is over. ??????????????-???????Pete Carroll???????????????|????????????????????????????3?????????????????????????????????? Lynch in the face of the Chicago bears due to a hamstring injury in a game in third weeks and missed the last two games. The rookie Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls), who took his place in the place of him, ran out 169 yards from the Cincinnati tigers. Rawls ran out of 104 yards against the bear, and it looked like his style was strong and fast. Under the , after the Lynch line in the ups and downs of the Seahawks poor performance in the first three games in the Seahawks he punches the ball only average 3.4 yards. Carol said Rawls could have 8 to 10 shots in the match against the Panther. Veteran Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) provides another reliable candidate for the Seahawks, but the Seahawks still the number one running back and attacking Lynch as their core group of no doubt.The official website of NFL | pirates consider Josh McCain to return to the starting | football in the ninth week of the game, Tampa Bay pirates lost to Cleveland Brown, this season still has only one victory. But after this defeat, pirates have begun to take into account the current starting quarterback Mike Geleinong (Mike Glennon) and veteran Josh - McKoen (Josh to McCown) to return to the starting to get out of trouble. Coach Smith levy pirates in an interview Monday that he will observe the McCain and Gray this week of training, so as to determine cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the starting quarterback for tenth weeks. Smith said in an interview: the mistakes in the game have hit us very much, and our quarterback needs to play better. I feel that we always say less than we do. We need to get points, but only push to get points is not enough. Smith also said he was going to replace Grenon in the middle of the game last week, but he still wanted to see if Grenon could adjust it by himself. He said: Brown's defense was twenty-ninth in the league, and to tell the truth it was a great opportunity for us to open the ball. at the same time, Smith also said he needed a week to evaluate and consider, so he will not know who will be the first quarterback until this weekend.In the base of | International Olympic Committee and WHO will cooperate to promote a healthy life style International Olympic Committee and WHO will cooperate to promote sports activities worldwide. In July 21st, International Olympic Committee President Jacques · Roger and the director general of the World Health Organization, Chen Fengfuzhen, signed a memorandum of understanding between the two major organizations in Lausanne. The document says that lack of exercise is one of the most important causes of non communicable diseases and points out the direction of the two major organizations in the next five years. promotes healthy life in the world , chairman of Rogge, said: International Olympic Committee and who are all eager to promote healthy life and the most basic sports in the world. This agreement is an important step for us to cooperate with each other in this field. He added: it is also our collaboration to get everyone to participate in sports and reduce the risk of non communicable diseases in all age groups. sports as an important means of healthy life style International Olympic Committee targets everyone's participation in exercise, but lack of exercise is one of the key causes of non communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. These diseases cause millions of people worldwide to die each year. As the leading body in the health field of the United Nations, the WHO is responsible for developing a global health strategy. After signing a memorandum of understanding with International Olympic Committee, Chen Fengfuzhen said that the agreement signed with International Olympic Committee strengthens our strength and can better identify the main causes of death in the world. The cure of these diseases is a major challenge for sustainable development in the twenty-first Century. Working Group on the implementation of the memorandum of understanding, International Olympic Committee - the world health organization working group will be divided into two parts to promote public support and work out the work programme for the next five years. The core content of the work will be a joint action by the members of the World Health Organization, as well as by the 205 national / regional Olympic committees. on International Olympic Committee - United Nations cooperation International Olympic Committee maintained close cooperation with many United Nations agencies and received the observer status of the United Nations in October 2009. This is the affirmation of International Olympic Committee's work for the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations. International Olympic Committee and its cooperation agencies use sports in many areas, such as promoting health, humanitarian assistance, building peace, education, gender equality, environmental protection and fighting against AIDS. Previous projects with the World Health Organization include smoking ban in the Olympic Games and the promotion of health activities for local residents in the Olympic Games. (He Huaguang)The official website of NFL | Thursday night race aspect: the Patriots and jets football | feud do you remember when the New York jets and the new England patriots played a couple of weeks before the fans began to fight? Do you know that Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) will be seen as the first and last game of the national civil war with the Patriots in the first and last game of the year? This year, the civil war is more meaningful to him, but the key is what determines the game to make the jet set up. Ryan is in urgent need of a victory to save himself and the jet team this season. Nothing else is more exciting than winning gold on Thursday. and what's the point of this game: point one, keno Smith (Geno Smith) Keno is relatively short of offensive weapons against the Patriot defense, but the problem may still be on him. He has been out of good news for several weeks, such as missing a team meeting, being placed on the bench, complaining about the media, and so on. Ryan can not accompany the occupation career keno, keno look to put in the back of a few years, especially the jet and poor performance is likely to get a high draft pick to sign a new quarterback. highlights two, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and his team The night race saw the Patriots again. At present, the team has a very strong trend, and has reached 901 yards in the total number of attacks in the last two weeks. All star team in the proximal Rob Gronkowski (rob Gelon front won 13 times') in receptions for 194 yards and 1 touchdowns, look back to the full lattice. three, James - White (James White) The running guard produced by State University of Wisconsin was picked by the Patriots in the fourth round of this year. This game may be the second field of his career. Stephen and Ledley, the most authentic runner, are reimbursed by Stevan Ridley. In Wisconsin White punches the ball more than 4000 yards and 45 touchdowns are likely to get the best running back this year. four, Darrel - ray Weiss against the old owner (Darrelle Revis) , this is a very interesting point. Although last year's Island King (ray Weiss) represented the Tampa Bay pirate team back to New York metropolitan stadium, he was not the enemy of the Patriot team. And now he was the most striking man in Ryan's eyes. But it will be once the mentor and disciple last time against? see 〉

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