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Dallas cowboy legendary runner Emmet Smith (Emmitt Smith) made a live commentary on the Sunday cowboy 17 to 20 loss to Washington red skin. I put forward some suggestions: Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) should get more chance to catch, Toni Romo (Tony Romo) to be protected better. But the most interesting thing was that he had an interesting spice on Dallas's most popular Demarco Murray. after Murray finished his fifth ball drop (league ranking first), Smith said, "do you know how the trip usually ends?" At that time, his expression was very interesting. In fact, the cost of dropping the ball was expensive, and our legendary star gave Murray some advice: "don't stop" .Murray told ESPN after the game: "I go all the way in every game and do my best for every yard. But a lot of things will happen. I have locked my hands. I will go on fighting and continue to run. I will make code for the team. What I want to do next is to keep my hands locked. cowboy's coach agreed with Smith's view: "we must learn to cheap nfl jerseys free shipping deal with every situation, especially at the last minute, he needs to learn how to fall down and protect good football." Smith is right, but we must reiterate that Murray is moving towards the way to break Smith's record. He led the cowboy to the best season.The official website of NFL | Seahawks cornerback Marx, he dismissed | football broker NFL from the 2015 free agent market officially opened in less than a week's time, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) is going to change your own agent. It is reported that Marx, fired the original agent Jason (Jason Chayut), check the Iliad and the next week with another broker in hand. Maxwell the chicken change agent behavior is rare, even a few managers in the NFL League also surprised, one said: why? This makes it difficult for people in every circle to understand. , according to the regulations of the players' Union, a player must be able to sign a contract with a new broker after five days after he has cut off his agent. Therefore, Marx will not be able to sign a new broker this week. In addition, the tailor has a high reputation in the circle, but he refused to make any comment on the matter.The official website of NFL, a giant boss: quarterback Eli Manning for a few years, football can continue to nest tiger news June 23rd 2014, the New York giants owner John Mara (John Mara) said the quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) is still in the peak but also have good performance. 3 years later, Mara still thinks so. we think he will be able to play for several years, Mara said on Thursday. The difference between and 3 years ago is that Manning is now 36, and is about to enter his fourteenth NFL season. Manning, who has already completed 211 consecutive starts, has 3 years in his contract. but the giants began to plan the future of Manning's retirement, and they picked the quarterback Davies Webb (Davis Webb) in the third round of the show this year. The giant manager, Ben McAdoo, has said that the team is planning to make Webb the three quarterback, which will give him time to grow. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its is the Nerazzurri International Club of Milan's 110 birthday, in 110 years of ups and downs, inter gave birth to countless very crazy star. There is such a star, although he did not achieve what playing for inter memorable achievements, but one of his back, a goal, a celebration, a kiss, let all the Inter fans in mind, he is the melancholy Prince Robert Baggio. 1998 years after the world cup, with a season before Bologna's excellent play, and eye-catching performance of the French World Cup, Robert Baggio was president Massimo Moratti dug in the Nerazzurri, Juventus and AC Milan two Serie A giants, Baggio finally have the opportunity to join the club he supported as a boy. Put on a black shirt. , when Baggio chose the number, inadvertently made a classic that the Inter fans had to relish later. Baggio wants to wear on behalf of the core team jersey No. 10, while inter No. 10 belongs to the world player of the year, is in the occupation career peak aliens Ronaldo, Ronaldo willingly concede 10 Jersey to Baggio, but insisted on wearing the team's No. 9, No. 9, the original owner, but MORANO two big name, select number 18, to persuade the boss Moratti, proud and arrogant Chile Feng BA in the jersey of the "1" and "8" with a small "+", become "1+8", is still the No. 9 shirt, this has also become the history of the classic inter. however, dream of the combination Rolls Royce did not achieve the desired results in the injury, Ronaldo constantly, and Baggio only played one season strikes, met the enemy of life Lippi, two people relations deteriorated, stubborn Baggio refused to yield, after playing for inter two season, Baggio left Milan international that left 17 ball data in 59 games, Vieri Baggio Ronaldo - Super combination, only briefly teamed up a season dissolved.

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