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(Tom Brady) - Tom Brady's father had joked, Brady might have been the new England patriots play to 70 years old, the patriot is not what good. Brady himself had also said that if the body allows, in the hope of the team until the age of 40. this week, patriot Connolly Dan Connolly was asked how long the quarterback could play for the team in the interview. He said: "if Tom still lives, trains and works in accordance with the existing way, I believe he can play longer for the team. Maybe, he can be 45 years old. He is very serious in his work and likes to compete. He has the ability to continue to lead the team. " Brady's father was laughing, Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) won't let that happen. Billy Cheik has always been "ruthless" in dealing with the team's lineup, and he will only leave a good enough player in the team. This is one of the reasons why patriots can remain competitive for a long time. The Brady, always w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ant to hit the 40 year old seems to be an impossible task. But who can completely negate the possibility? Time gives the answer.this week Dallas Cowboys will have the most important match of the season with the Indianapolis pony. What worries fans is that star run De Marco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) is injured in his left hand and the injury is unknown. It is good that the team boss is in time to make the fans feel comfortable. Jerry - Jones (Jerry Jones) believes Murray will play in this week's game. previously, Jones said the team may give more frequent use of the backup running guard Lance Dunbar (Lance Dunbar) and Joseph Randall (Joseph Randle). Since the season, two people have completed only 60 shots, and Murray has finished 351 times. Although Jones has been worried about Murray's workload, he has been full of confidence in the physical qualities of AAI. Jones revealed that he would not go to the training field to watch the training, because he was sure Murray would be in the next game. Murray himself also expressed the same view in the interview: "I'm fine, no problem." Murray plans to call the legendary runner Emmet - Smith (Emmitt Smith) to consult the injuries related to the injury, the lover revealed. Smith had suffered the same injuries in his career. Murray believes he and his cowboy can survive.According to the NFL Media reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) and Lafoluo reports, or will the defensive back ram Marcus - Joyner (Lamarcus Joyner) will use the privilege label, receiver Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) into the market. rams don't have enough salary space, leaving two people at the same time. Watkins's tag value is expected to reach 16 million 200 thousand dollars, and Joyner's value is about 11 million 100 thousand dollars. Joyner plays an important role in the ram. He played 12 games in the last season, completed 49 grappling, 9 broken passes and 3 copies. last offseason rams are also facing similar situations, they choose the diagonal Weitelumeiyin - Johnson (Trumaine Johnson) the privilege of using the label. had to deal with Watkins, he sent Bill a 2018 two round and signed cornerback E.J. Gaines (E.J. Gaines), but Watkins in the rams played 15 games only 39 receptions, 593 yards and 8 touchdowns, a bit sorry for his annual salary of $16 million.Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) served as the coach for 49 people, and no coach could succeed in replicating. Though the boss Jed - York (Jed York) and not directly expressed regret let go of Harbert, but he actually wants to develop better. York recently told the media recently, Arizona held NFL owners meeting, coach John - Harbert crow (John Harbaugh) with him about this, said the York dinner with Jim, put aside their differences. York said, "I said, 'I'm very happy to'. Time will make once friction no longer important, I just give him the excellent three years to express my heartfelt thanks. Especially in 2011, we beat the saints, only two points inferior to the Super Bowl champion. I'd be happy to talk to Harbert in private, to get rid of the camera or the interference from other people, to say "thank you" to him sincerely and wish him all well. " "I don't know whether the word 'regret' is appropriate. We have experienced a lot of success together, and we failed to continue for a variety of reasons. But Jim is also very happy now, he has done a great achievement in Michigan. " "after Jim left, we really didn't get back. I really regret my guilt over the past two years, and I regret it with a coach who has made countless contributions to the team. I didn't expect to sit here with John - Lynch (John Lynch) and Kell - Kyle Shanahan. hopes York will not waste any more opportunities and make a fool of it this time.

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