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One of the founders of Microsoft , Seattle Seahawks owner Paul - Alan (Paul Allen) announced that he will donate $9 million to the disaster area the Ebola virus, to help the local people and relevant organizations to fight against virus. These contributions will be determined by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. has revealed that these donations will be used for the construction and upgrading of medical equipment in the heavy disaster areas, and will be used to train staff. In August, the Alan family provided $2 million 800 thousand to the American Red Cross to upgrade equipment, train staff and make educational materials for disaster areas like Libya, Sierra Leone and Guinea. His foundation has also set up a $100 thousand pairing subsidy program to motivate workers who are fighting against the virus. in Seattle, for outstanding contributions to Allen, sports and cultural undertakings is known. But like his old friend, Bill - Gates (Bill Gates), Ala cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n was equally concerned and made a lot of charitable contributions to medical research and education.The official website of NFL | Staffordshire for Megatron retired is not unexpected | football was like a heavy bomb for many people when Calvin Johnson (Calvin Johnson) took over the news of retirement in the first month of this year. But not for the quarterback Matthew Staffordshire (Matthew Stafford). in an interview Friday, the Detroit lions quarterback said he was able to see Megatron in the league's days are numbered. It's not that I expected his decision, but I'm not surprised, Staffordshire said. I know Calvin for 7 years, and I know his effort and attitude towards the game, which will have a negative impact on people. He received a lot of balls and suffered a lot of impact, which would have a negative impact. From an offensive point of view he is a player with the same number of times as anyone else. So I know that NFL has made him tired. I just told him that when he told me he retired, I just told him, "if you feel happy, I will be happy for you." This is what you want. He is a man who pays for the game, and you want him to be able to leave the game in his own way and feel that he has done the right thing. Staffordshire is not surprised by his best retirement. It reminds him of his reaction in a month, when he didn't try to persuade Johnson to return. Staffordshire knows that Megatron has decided he's not going to let his teammates tangled. The lion is now the problem is that they how to replace megatron. In this offseason they signed Malvin Jones (Marvin Jones) and Jeremy Cole (Jeremy Kerley) and Gordon Tate (Golden Tate). The three are able to provide excellent ability to push after the ball. the lion's attack team's biggest problem now is that when he passes the most secure pass goal, Staffordshire will push forward to whom to pass the ball at the critical time.Adidas started designing the same neckline for their women's jerseys two years ago, such as the May 2013 women's Bayern Munich 2013-14 Jersey, a Jersey designed for Chelsea, Real Madrid and Milan. But the Germans were forced to release an official statement for their "sexy" female shirt argued: "Adidas provides a replica shirt and player version is very close," the statement said, "the investigation in fan based on the results, we also launched the female shirt as part of a lifestyle product line. The design and cutting of the shirt is slightly different from that of the ordinary fan version, and the required fan offers a richer choice. "The official website of NFL | Mustang with receiver Thomas | Rugby contract in 5 years (Dez Bryant) - Bryant Mendez and Dallas Cowboys is a 5 year, $70 million contract agreement, Denver Broncos wide receiver de Marius Thomas's (Demaryius Thomas) and the team to complete the contract. According to NFL official network reporter, Thomas's new contract is similar to Bryant, enjoying 35 million guarantees, including 17 million 500 thousand of the signing fee. this offseason, the Broncos will privilege labels for Thomas, then try their long talks about. Compared to Bryant, Thomas used a more silent attitude to correspond to his own contract problems. People said that both Thomas and the wild horse are waiting for Bryant to complete the signing of the cowboy, and will refer to their contract to make decisions. According to the rules of the alliance, Wednesday is the deadline for the players to sign the contract with the privilege tag on the local time. is the most trusted Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) relay, and Thomas will continue to assist the legendary quarterback in the new season. According to the media forecasts, next season will be the last season of Manning's career. He's going to join Thomas and hit the super bowl again. For the wild horses, even if Manning retired, they succeeded in retaining the other core of the attack group.

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