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Beijing time February 18th, NBA All-Star is in full swing, but this has nothing to do with Thomas, a small assassin. Today, he is returning to his alma mater, and ushered in his glorious moment. University of Washington retired him for No. 2 Jersey. A member of the on the season Thomas is an all star, his fame is recognized as king of the paratelum alliance, but a year later, he is the most frustrated when life, even more than the original draft despised him. The reason why Thomas was disappointed was that his career was at the top of the fall. was injured in last season's playoffs and led the Celtics to the East. Thomas was mercilessly sent to knights in the summer. Although he recovered and recovered, he lost himself in Cleveland, so that he was sent to the Lakers two times before the end of the transaction. After had been sent to the Lakers, Thomas is hoping to return to the self, but played only three games, but everyone played out role, especially in the past 2 games, he was only 3 points and 2 assists cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and 7 points and 5 assists, but also a series of mistakes, many fans in the studio to him constantly tucao.The Chicago bear team announced on Thursday that they have reached an agreement with Ryan Pace, and Perth will be the general manager of the team. Perth has been in the management of New Orleans saints for 14 seasons, and has done in-depth research on players' personal qualities. He is also the personal director of the saints team in recent two years. he replaced Phil Amery (Phil Emery) as the Sixth General Manager of the bear team history. In the three years of Phil's term, the bear team has not entered the playoffs. now the goal of the team is to continue to look for the manager. Last Saturday they visited the Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Hess (Adam Gase), on Friday with the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) were interviewed. Now they also plan with the Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowers (Todd Bowles) and marshal Mike Shanahan (Mike Shanahan) - meeting. for Perth, the top priority is to deal with the big contract and the stay of four points Jay Cutler.The official website of NFL | Beckham was tortured leg injury throughout the season! | football , if we still need to find a surprise for the New York giants to take the lead in Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) season, it is that he has suffered two thigh muscle tearing all season. Beckham said: "I have never been in a completely healthy state this season. I can only try to manage my body well, and exert the level that I can exert myself to. It is reported that two torn muscles were used to support the semitendinosus muscle and abdominal muscles, the first tear occurred last year in the camp, and second lacerations occurred immediately after just a few weeks after the two tear to some extent affect the play Beckham's early season. To this end, Beckham will have to concentrate on his season, so that at the start of next season without injury was a drag. Although has missed four games, Beckham is still the main competitor of the best attacking player this season. The award will be announced on Monday morning in Beijing.The official website of NFL |NFL card game ten classic moments | football in the NFL playoffs, even the wildcard week, every game are Shengsizhizhan, here for you to show the history of the NFL ten occurred in the week of the classic game instant card. 102002 season, 49 people 39-38 giants. This game is called the wild wild card game outcome (the wildest wild card finish) 92011 season, the Broncos 29-23 steelers. Tim Tebow - a Demariyus overtime pass to Thomas, the latter in a 80 yard touchdown directly kill the game! This is the last time the Heisman winner won the playoffs. 82009 season, the Cardinals 51-25 packers. One of the most wonderful gongzhan in NFL history, and finally the cardinals in overtime captured and killed Aaron Rodgers caused off the ball, linebacker Karlos Dansby touchdown return complete lore. game between the two sides a total of more than 1000 yards to obtain 96 points to promote the record number of records, the Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner the inspirational legend came 5 touchdowns, and only 4 passing touchdowns without success, more than the number of pass failure number feat but no one can copy! 72013 season, pony 45-44 Sheikh. In the half court behind the 28 points of the chieftain, the pony led a magical reversal under the leadership of Andrew Luck. Luck not only had 1 extremely lucky pick up teammates to drop the ball, but also T.Y.Hilton completed the fatal blow. This is the reversal of the second major differences in the history of NFL. 61998 season, 49 people 30-27 packers. In the whole game, only 3 seconds left, the Terell Owens still played the role of 49 men (the number of history catching up was only inferior to Jerry Rice). After receiving the pass from Steve Young, it completed the goal and killed the packers. T.O after the ball cried, also known as the (catch II the catch is the 1981 season in the National League Championship Series 49 Dwi〉

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