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Cincinnati tigers starting kicker Mike. Jane (Mike Nugent) this season, poor performance, has repeatedly missed a shot in the match last week. Jane is at the last moment Tifei shot only 36 yards, the tigers missed the opportunity to close at hand lore. after the tigers cornerback Adam Jones (Adam Jones) Nanxiao anger, in an interview with the team play watch is too bad bluntly, must as soon as possible to get rid of the downturn, do their own work. , but the tigers coach team gave full support to njat, and Malvin Lewis Marvin Lewis said in an interview on Monday that the location of nought is safe now. Lewis said: "we have a lot of confidence in Nu JIT. The kicker usually work without being noticed, when playing the ball or lore additional points but also to bear the lore, all pressure once kicked, all the blame will let him back, but in fact the competition situation is preceded by all of the offensive and defensive decision." Lewis's theory seems to have no wrong, if the tiger can limit Kam - good Newton (Cam Newton) don't let him play so well, don't send Jane special. Finally the lore ball. Newton had 284 yards out of the game and ran o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ut of the season's new height of 107 yards. Bowling |2016 Shanghai "treasure Ling commune" three team race announcement says in front of: 2015 has passed, the new year came, Chinese bowling in the efforts of the parties have been showing signs of recovery, 2016 will be a crucial year China bowling development, should be the highlight of this year's world cup for the first time in China bowling; domestic open champion bonus exceeded 100 thousand yuan; arc tournament across the four City (Shenyang, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing); into the big league series qualifying pioneer league players received more and more sought after; and various populist masses events continue to emerge; 2016 is the extraordinary year, people full of expectations for a year...... Come on?? Ladies and gentlemen, Bao Ling commune three team time: every Tuesday night biweekly 19:30 location: Ding Jie bowling hall competition cost: 105 yuan per team (including 45 yuan for fairway), 315 yuan per team rules of the competition: This event is WeChat group 1. bowling treasure Ling commune "hosted an unofficial commercial game or arena. It is purely a ball of friends. All the fun of the crowd. Therefore, it is the premise that the friends of the public are willing to participate voluntarily and abide by the system. 2. has taken into account the grass-roots nature of the event and the tone of the music. The provisions of each team can only contain a pBA player or a retired service team. Each team must have a minimum of 3 players, with a maximum of 5 players. Once the players belong to the team, they can not represent the other teams. At the same time, for the fairness of the game, hope all teams, please read the name and the team reported the organizers after approval, Party competition. 3. there are women players or players under the age of 60 and under 16 years of age to play, regardless of the individual or Beck, the game can be added 6 points, but does not accumulate. The bonus is 220. The 4. team for the first time, please make sure the team name and keep it for statistics. And hope that the team will try to maintain the uniform of the team. In addition, if the players belonging to the team exit or turn to the team, please notify the organizers 3 days before the event and disagree on the spot. I hope you understand. 5. because of the site reasons, each event is limited to 16 teams. 10 minutes before the match, and the deadline for registration. 6, in order to facilitate the golfers experience events, and each team's personnel arrangements, event organizers set up temporary teams two to no team players can participate in the events in the past. At the same time, the team has been submitted to the team.Panther official said earlier, four quarterback Newton Kamm pass side shoulder surgery was very successful, exciting results. "team chief surgeon pat Connor (Pat Connor) this morning in the Carolina Medical Center surgeon surgery, repair the torn Newton Kamm rotators." The chief sports rehabilitation division (athletic trainer) (Ryan Vermillion) - mark vermilion Ryan said, "Dr. Connor is very satisfied with the outcome of the operation, Kamm resting at home, he will start training on Monday." in the Newton occupation career Camden the worst season after the Panthers will try to improve the offensive team, to strengthen the performance of star quarterback.The official website of NFL | Raiders and punter gold contract in 5 years | football (Marquette King) - gold market has become one of the league's top punter. Now he's got a salary at this level. Oakland Raiders announced that Kim had signed a long contract with the team on Monday. NFL official Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), according to people familiar with the news, said the contract was worth $16 million 500 thousand for 5 years. According to reports at this contract, including $5 million 125 thousand in the full protection of income, which is second hands high punt. The guarantee of income will rise to $10 million 750 thousand before the start of the third year contract. gold has contributed enormously to the Raiders since he got a chance in 2013. Last season, gold abandoned 83 times, the number of abandoned kicks to 3697 yards, 40 abandoned kicks into the opponent's 20 yard line range, set a team history record. In the 40 season, the League was the second number in the league. Kim joined the Raider in 2012 as a new rookie. He missed the rookie season with injuries, but after that, he became the cornerstone of the raider's special service. He was rewarded for his excellent performance on Monday.

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