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though NFL alliance has agreed with the decision of Oakland Raiders to move to gambling city, the Confederation will punish several players who took part in the tour of wrestling city last week. According to ESPN reported: "there are 30 active players and former players, including Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison (James Harrison) - Lynch Sean retired running back horse (Marshawn Lynch) were involved." It is reported that the competition was named "the professional American olive player wrench wrist championship". NFL spokesman Blaine Mccarthy (Brian McCarthy) said that the participation of these players may violate the regulations of the League on gambling regulations, and may face penalties. Joe Lockhart, the president of the league's public relations, said, "we did cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n't receive the confirmation information about the project in advance, which means that this is a violation of the League regulations, so no participant is licensed." Lockhart said. though the players' careless behavior is unworthy of sympathy, the purpose of this game is for charity. The individual who wins the award will donate the reward to the charity organization, which may be the possibility of the alliance finally letting go of these players.The official website of NFL | crow hoping to become the showstopper | football again Baltimore crows are unable to play in the playoffs this season, but they have a chance to disrupt the playoff form and match in the last two rounds. Last week, they beat rival Pittsburgh Steelers, almost broke the opponent into the playoff hopes. This week, they will face the same area rivals Cincinnati tigers, which hopes to win in the first round bye. crow Jimmy - Smith (Jimmy Smith) says the team won't let the tigers get what they want: we will destroy all the things they want. Linebacker Elvis Du mervil (Elvis Dumervil) said: the spoiler? This is an interesting question. This is the first time I have met this situation, but as I said, we will end the season in the most powerful way. coach John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) said: the team has suffered a lot of injuries, which has affected the performance. We have a lot of excellent players and leaders in the dressing room. This week the tiger will continue to arrange AJ Macallan (AJ McCarron) to serve as a predate, and the crow is not the hope of no victory., the season of New York giants' top Victor Victor Cruz has already ended, and the team put the star player into a list of injuries that mean the season's reimbursement. Victor. Cruz is injured in the week of the Hawks, left in the third quarter of 9 minutes and 35 seconds, he tried in the other end flying diving catch touchdown pass but without success, after landing his sprained knee. He was in tears in his eyes as he went down. He was diagnosed with a rupture of the knee tendon and has been successfully operated on. hopes we can see him continue to play the court as he used to be the next season.Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) said in a super bowl before, I have a good friend often send e-mails to each other, that is the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady). Wilson revealed that two people were communicating through e-mail, and they had regarded each other as a good friend of their own. Wilson said on Wednesday local time: "I'm not sure if I should make it public. I knew Tom through a common good friend of the University of Wisconsin. Now we often communicate through e-mail, and we are already good friends. " Wilson revealed that two people have not been able to communicate directly in the last two weeks. Wilson said: "we have a close contact before the playoffs start. I told my friend, 'Hey, I want to meet Tom in the playoffs.' Now, I've done it and we're all looking forward to this week's game. More interestingly, the friend told me that Tom had sent him the same information at the same time. It's fun and wonderful. "

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