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Beijing time on Sunday, December 18th, at 9:30 early on Sunday, the Miami dolphin and New York jets descended on the fifteenth week regular season Saturday night match. The two branch of the American League East team last played in the regular season in the ninth week of the season, the dolphins in the home court 27:23 victory over the jets ended a three game losing streak the previous game against the jets. The dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Hill (Ryan Tannehill) in Tanzania due to injury, but 8 wins and 5 losses they will fight for a wild card position. On the other hand, the jet fleet, which is at the bottom of the east side of the United States, is 4 - 9, of which the home record is 1 - 5. At the start of the game, the jet fleet at home is the first attack. The young quarterback Brice Patti (Bryce Petty) started the game, the third time he played as the first quarterback this season. The jets took the lead, and running back Powell (Bilal Powell) with short run 22 yards after Brice Alan Patti found wide receiver Robbie Anderson (Robby Anderson), 40 yards passing touchdown, the jets dolphins 7:0. The dolphins quickly in this half punt, the jets got the ball in midfield, and Powell again connected short run down 18 yards, the jets leading wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) to complete the ball 16 yards. The jet went all the way to the red area. Brice Patti was killed and droppe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d by Cameron Wake (Cameron Cameron), and Damm Damm Ndamukong picked up the ball. dolphins offensive group could not very good use of this opportunity, the two teams have three out. The game in the second quarter, again after a lapse of five years for the NFL team line-up of dolphins quarterback Matt Moore (Matt Moore) to find a passing rhythm: Parke took over Dewandi outside (DeVante Parker) the ball 17 yards, Jarvis - Landry (Jarvis Landry) had 11 yards, tight end Marquez Gray (MarQueis Gray) in the red ball 19 yards, helping the team to score line. The final tranche of 1 yards, Matt Moore run fake pass, near end Duhem - Sims (Dion Sims) a 1 yard touchdown. However, the dolphin kicker Andrew Franks (Andrew Franks)'s additional split shot hit the left post post, and the dolphin 6:7 jet. jets quarterback Brice Patti found wide receiver Quincy short Yiniuwa (Quincy Enunwa), ran 27 yards into the half dolphin. This time, Patti made a mistake again in the range of the free kick. He passed the ball to the dolphin defender, Cameron Vick and Vick. He returned the ball to 12 yards. However, dolphins attack group three jet out again, they soon got the ball on the 47 yard line with three to 7 yards. The referee had found running back Powell and got the ball.with rookie running back Thomas Rawls (Thomas Rawls) for the season, the Seattle Seahawks running back into the team for this week's most troublesome problem. Pete Carroll, the manager of Pete, was frank in an interview and has not yet decided how to arrange the time for the guards. Carol said: "we need to decide how to use the runner before the start of the game, or even in the game. They have been trained very seriously this week, and everyone knows that they need to work hard to get the time. Carol stressed that the veteran Fred - Jackson (Fred Jackson) will continue to serve as the third running back, this also means that Bruce - Brown (Bryce Brown) and Christian Michael (Christine Michael) to competition from other file number. Carol stressed: "I will continue to observe the performance of the players and make a decision before the game. Anything may exist. " Derrick Coleman (Derrick Coleman) is also likely to get more opportunities to hold the ball, the people said. At present, the Seahawks will arrange players according to the backcourt candidates, the most efficient running back will get the most out of time.tiger July 11th, NFL team owners are billionaires, but they always want people to give up their land and give them permission, and pay them to create new fun. , the boss of New York jet is obviously a wealthy boss. Recently, he plans to build a private heliport, and he can fly a helicopter to the airport and training ground, so they need a parking apron near the training ground. , according to jet official information, jets are applying to the Union for permission to build a parking apron on the edge of Florham Park, but it seems that all the neighbors in the neighborhood are very opposed to it, and local residents are ready to write an objection. It is reported that the reason why the jet was written to the US air agency for the application of the apron is "the senior managers in the transport training field and the injured athletes." Once built, the apron will not be open to the public, but it will be on standby in 24 hours a day, and there will be many flights every week in the summer months.The official website of NFL |2015-16 seventeenth power list | football season despite a week's time for the regular season, most of the teams have fallen in the dust of the season. The Panther's winning streak was terminated in Atlanta, but the falcons still bid farewell to the playoffs. This week's strength list has changed a little because of a few unexpected outcomes. The Panther lost the ball, but the record was still first in the league. The strength of the list is first. A bit like the Patriots lost to the water jet, but this did not affect their ranking is still ranked in the top third after the Cardinals. The chief's 9 winning streak helped them to rise to fourth. Because the jets defeated the Patriots, and the Steelers accidentally lose and helicopter 5, occupy the fifth position. This week, the Seahawks lost and steel per capita is down two places, but the Steelers may sit on the top ten of the league's strength and in the playoffs. Mustang overtime won the tiger strength list so exchanged. Wild horse eighth, tigers ninth. The packers were Cardinals bloodbath, ranking fell to tenth. Viking, the red skin locked the playoffs in this week, still ranked eleventh and twelfth in strength. The Raiders still occupy thirteenth, but they can only fight next year. Bill, the Dezhou people each rose 1, but the Dezhou people almost locked the playoffs, Bill can only focus on next year's draft. All the other teams in East China have lost their strength on the list because they say goodbye to the playoffs. The giant fell to nineteenth, the eagle reached twenty-third, and zip - Kelly had just been fired by the team. Although the pony has a probability of about 1/1000 to get through to the playoffs, there are some rise in the strength, from 26 to twenty-second. The top Titan team signed by the champion still holds the position of the bottom of the strength list. below is a detailed list: 1. Carolina Panther 14-1 (-) 2. Arizona Cardinals 13-2 (-) 3. new England patriots 12-3 (-) 4. kkansas chief 10-5 (+3) 5. New York jet 10-5 (+5) The 6. Seattle Seahawks 9-6 (-2) 7. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-6 (-2) 8. Denver wild horse 11-4 (+1) 9. Cincinnati tigers 11-4 (-1) 10. Green Bay Packer 10-5 (-4) 〉

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