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although the title is said, but the lucky patron god also has the time to warp. The Kansas chief failed to continue their good luck last Sunday. , you can say that Andy Reed's time control skill is too dish, or the team defense is too slack, but unfortunately, in the fifteenth week, the misfortune of the chieftain 19-17 in the Titan game still had some influence. after all, the final decision of the game is a 53 - yard free kick before the end of the time. To a certain extent, your fate is no longer your own grasp. 14 weeks before the trip, the chief was 10-4 - Everything is going smoothly. results, including a Sike with area match won the victory of the light horse, this field is enough for a while blowing. Although statistical data can not show the value of this victory. Although luck many teams, but the chief may be NFL this season most favored a lucky. if the chief wants to be tougher in the American League playoffs, they can quickly recover. is it better to look back on how many of the games they won? ninth weeks VS Jacksonville Jaguar 4 Jaguar ball conversion allows the Emirates to earn pours, once one of the most astounding is the fourth day end line before the ball drop, eventually the chief hunting Jaguar 19-14. uh, embarrassment, chief of the first section with a touchdown, was never able to successfully enter the end zone. of course, the emirate used the substitutes for the quarterback, the substitute for the running guard, the injured hand... But they didn' cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t stop them from winning. The goddess of luck looked down, and the Sheikh knocked down one of the NFL's team. tenth weeks VS Carolina Panther , the chief attacking team didn't even get the touchdown. Thanks to the record of 3 free kicks and Eric Berri's 46 yards, they could score the score at the fourth quarter remaining 4:25. should the attack team take the rhythm, right? I don't, chief of the offensive team still could not enter the end. Well, the defense team comes out. Marcus - Calvin - Benjamin Peters successfully blocking, causing the latter in the 34 yards off the ball, Peters 10 return yards to the 24 yard line, although because of the foul and fined 5 yards and a touchdown to attack group. But it's enough for the chief to win the free kick. wants to know how the 5 yards are punished? Is this, Peters successfully steals after too excited, direct "punt" Bigfoot kick football to the audience failed [], had kicked the ball 15 yards should be punished, but not serious Peters punter, so there is a delay penalty game, 5 yards, really lucky! After all, less the 10 yards, winning free kick success probability is high. VS Denver Broncos twelfth weeksSan Diego announced that the team's top lightning receiver Keenan Allen on Tuesday (Keenan Allen) will be absent because of injury this week with the San Francisco 49 games. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Considering Allen's injury, he should not play again in the remaining two regular season games, but lightning will not consider putting Allen on the list of injury reserves at the moment, which means Allen is still expected to return in the playoffs (the premise is that lightning can enter the playoffs). Keenan Allen, the 77 time this season the ball scored 783 yards and 4 touchdowns, 71 receptions last season he scored 1046 yards and 8 touchdowns in the offensive rookie rankings ranked second.The official website of NFL | eighth week night race: packers Mustang 32 Super Bowls | Rugby reproduction the history of Denver Mustang is not long in all NFL teams. Even today, the Mustang is regarded as one of the traditional strong teams. Its home stadium is also known as "mile high", as the name suggests is built on the plateau. The real rise of the wild horse team was in the 80s of last century, when they met a Hall - class quarterback - John Elway. However, Elway has been down on the luck although in 1986-1989 years between four and three times in the super bowl, but nothing. After a few years of silence, Elway finally won 2 Super Bowl rings in the last 2 years of his career (1997, 1998), and was the only two Super Bowl champion in the history of the wild horse team. The history of the packers is nearly twice as long as the wild horse. They are the first, second super bowl winner and the 1996 Super Bowl champion. At that time, the quarterback of the defending champion was also a legend -- Brett Favre, who still has the most passages, the most wins and many other records. However, it failed to succeed in the super bowl. the thirty-second Super Bowl was a drag race in 1997, and finally the wild horse was at the end with a smile of 31-24. 18 years later, Favre and Elway were retiring and entering the hall of fame. Favre handed the team to Aaron Rodgers for 3 years, and Rodgers has now become the first quarterback of the league. Elway officials continue to help the team as the Mustang, now and then Manning quarterback Peyton Elway, in the old age still hit the Super Bowl career. at 9:30 a.m. on November 2, 2015, Rodgers will lead the packers of the season's full victory to the mile high, the full victory of the season. Now can the two teams get us to appreciate the wonderful performance of the Super Bowl in 1997? Let's wait and see!a U23 Asian Championship final contest, not only let the domestic fans enjoy a wonderful match, but also the domestic fans have witnessed a lot of rare events. One is the final match under the heavy snow in Changzhou, and the second is to wear different colors in Uzbekistan in the second half. Before the start of , fans could see clearly that the snow on the pitch was very serious, and no green SOD had been seen in the stadium. Such a scene could not be seen in the South football match of China. player for Vietnam is suffered, because the snow is unheard of in Vietnam, while playing in the snow field is very thick in this scene I'm afraid they never had just experienced such a. yesterday, Vietnam U23 players saw a rare snow scene in Changzhou. For Vietnamese players who could hardly see heavy snow, they seemed very excited and even played a snowball fight. has come to the competition in today's final, and I believe many Vietnamese players will not be happy with the snow. In the middle of the game, the race was temporarily suspended because of the heavy snow. It was necessary for the staff to clean up the snow to make a normal race. and in the midfield, a large number of staff went into the field to clean up the snow, and the second half of the game was affected by the delay. in addition to the snow, another interesting situation is the shirt. In the first half of the second half of the Vietnamese team in the red shirt and not changed, but the second half of the Uzbekistan team has a major adjustment. can see very clearly from the opening games. Uzbekistan wore a white shirt in the first half, but at the beginning of the second half, they changed their shirts and changed into a blue jersey. shirt is due to field snow, it affects the observation team, player referee offside, but still in China football although A thing has its cause. is very rare. It is believed that both the football fans and the Vietnamese and Uzbekistan players on the field will be impressed. special statement: This article is uploaded and published for self media authors, representing only the author's views. Oriental Sports only provide information publishing platform.

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